Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. You've inspired me in so many ways with your talent and your warm hearts, and I look forward to getting to know you all better in the coming year.

We're heading off to a party tonight with a couple of families that we try to get together with every New Year's Eve. It's become a bit of a tradition. Tomorrow it's football games and the Rose Parade (on t.v. that is). I've been to the Rose Parade twice, but it's awfully cold sitting out there all night. I know that it's not cold compared to where many of you live, but I still think I'll stick to watching from the comforts of my simple home :-)

May God Bless you all.
See you next year!
photo courtesy of The Stock Solution

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Love Song for Christmas

This is a wonderful song I heard on the beautiful blog Many Little Blessings in the original language. My daughter searched for it and found it in English. This lady has the most beautiful voice and the song speaks of Mary and her baby, the Lord Jesus. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a Glorious Christmas as we celebrate His wonderful birth!

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jest 'Fore Christmas

This was a funny little poem I had to memorize in junior high. I always loved that the little boy really started to behave "Jest 'Fore Christmas". I didn't know then that I would have 6 children someday who might try to do the same :-) Having 4 boys sure helps me understand some of his antics too. This is all of my children at Christmas in 2000. Wow, where has the time gone?

Jest 'Fore Christmas

    FATHER calls me William, sister calls me Will,
    Mother calls me Willie but the fellers call me Bill!
    Mighty glad I ain't a girl---ruther be a boy,
    Without them sashes curls an' things that's worn by Fauntleroy!
    Love to chawnk green apples an' go swimmin' in the lake--
    Hate to take the castor-ile they give for belly-ache!
    'Most all the time, the whole year round, there ain't no flies on me,
    But jest'fore Christmas I'm as good as I kin be!

    Got a yeller dog named Sport, sick him on the cat.
    First thing she knows she doesn't know where she is at!
    Got a clipper sled, an' when us kids goes out to slide,
    'Long comes the grocery cart, an' we all hook a ride!
    But sometimes when the grocery man is worrited an' cross,
    He reaches at us with his whip, an' larrups up his hoss,
    An' then I laff an' holler, "Oh, ye never teched me!"
    But jest'fore Christmas I'm as good as I kin be!

    Gran'ma says she hopes that when I git to be a man,
    I'll be a missionarer like her oldest brother, Dan,
    As was et up by the cannibals that live in Ceylon's Isle,
    Where every prospeck pleases, an' only man is vile!
    But gran'ma she has never been to see a Wild West show,
    Nor read the life of Daniel Boone, or else I guess she'd know
    That Buff'lo Bill an' cowboys is good enough for me!
    Excep' jest 'fore Christmas, when I'm as good as I kin be!

    And then old Sport he hangs around, so solemn-like an' still,
    His eyes they seem a-sayin': "What's the matter, little Bill?"
    The old cat sneaks down off her perch an' wonders what's become
    Of them two enemies of hern that used to make things hum!
    But I am so perlite an' tend so earnestly to biz,
    That mother says to father: "How improved our Willie is!"
    But father, havin' been a boy hisself, suspicions me
    When, jest 'fore Christmas, I'm as good as I kin be!

    For Christmas, with its lots an' lots of candies, cakes an' toys,
    Was made, they say, for proper kids an' not for naughty boys;
    So wash yer face an' bresh yer hair, an' mind yer p's and q's,
    And don't bust out yer pantaloons, and don't wear out yer shoes;
    Say "Yessum" to the ladies, and "Yessur" to the men,
    An' when they's company, don'a pass yer plate for pie again;
    But, thinkin' of the things yer'd like to see upon that tree,
    Jest 'fore Christmas be as good as yer kin be!
    Eugene Field

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey, I Love You!!!

This handsome guy is RussMyHoney. Today is his 52nd birthday. He doesn't look 52 does he? We've been married for over 23 years now. Russ is a wonderful husband and father. He loves his family and he loves God's word. He's pretty fond of surfing too ;-) We grew up by the beach, and he still goes out and surfs now and then. I think we have 4 surfboards stacked against the wall in our bedroom. Try decorating around that ladies! You can't store them in the garage here in the desert, the wax would melt.

Russ is a diligent worker who has worked two jobs for much of our marriage, just so I could be home with our kids. In fact, (a little more bragging here) he began working for the phone company in 1991 and has still never taken a sick day. Seriously! Russ has played the part of Jesus in quite a few church productions, and a few years ago he was asked to pose for the cover of a book. He is a also a wonderful example of what God can do with a life. I will share that story sometime, but for today I just want to say "Happy Birthday Honey, I Love You!!!"

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

This past week has flown by. We've been to a Christmas party, we've gone Christmas shopping, we've been to visit Santa, and tonight we were at at Christmas Craft Faire. Along with that, we've had school, visited grandparents, been to appointments, started decorating, etc., etc., etc.
I haven't blogged this week, or for that matter had a chance to catch up on everyone else's blogs either, but I'm going to try and do that this weekend. I thought I'd share a few photos of what we've been doing.I love old postcards, so I decorate with them when I can.My friend Angela made these trees (I have a whole grove, in various sizes), and the rustic sign too. I love them. I purchased this nativity set at a local vintage shop. It's missing the wise men, but it included the creche. It's quite large, and was very inexpensive too. I loved that!

I'm going to a quilt show tomorrow with my friend Jill at Bailiwick Designs (a wonderful blog)! It's in my favorite little mountain town of Wrightwood. I'll try and take some photos and bring them back to share.