Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seeing hearts

It's hard to believe it's been nearly a week since I've posted. We share one computer around here when my older boys aren't home with their laptops. I need one of my own! This past week I picked up a new version of an old computer game, one my older kids played when they were young. It's called The Oregon Trail... and I've been fighting for computer time ever since. It's a great learning game, and my twins like it because they get to hunt. I've been seeing hearts everywhere. It's that time of year. I've always loved them, so I'm starting to get them out around here too. This heart is from Michaels. I bought it last year, but I've noticed they have them again this year.
The other side of the little heart pictured at the top of the post. I stitched it up this week. I've seen lots of beautiful hearts out there, and they've been inspiring me to get busy sewing.Here's a pillow that was a gift from my friend Angela. It's not a heart, but it does speak of something close to mine :-)I have a small collection of old Valentines. Here's a little one I think is cute. Feel free to copy it and use it. I'll share a few more over the next few weeks.We've had rainy weather on and off since Sunday. This afternoon it turned to snow. My parents live 12 miles away and didn't get any. That's the desert for you. We didn't get alot, and it was quite wet because of all of the rain, but it was pretty! Here's the little bench outside my front door.Have a wonderful day!


Julie Harward said...


oh goodness its all sooo pretty!

Cathrines Kreative Hjørne said...

every one need their own computer, do they not! I I'm lucky to have my computer to myself, and that I do not have to wait in line! That's the case when you have grown up children that do not live at home anymore and a husband with his OWN laptop, is it not!

Your different hearts are wonderful, and I liked the words on the pillow very much! So true, so true!

Have a wonderful day!


Time: 7 a.m. in Norway!

Cottage Cozy said...

What beautiful hearts...and I just love L~O~V~E vintage valentines!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh,I love your new header Marcia and the pics of snow. Love the little hearts you made and the one from Michaels, so pretty. Have a great week and sneak onto that computer when you can. Hugs, Cindy

T's Daily Treasures said...

Love all the hearts. I used to collect them -- still have many. That Valentine card is so cute. What fun to have a light dusting of snow. That's about all I could handle. Heard on the news today that this "winter" we will not get colder than what we've already had which probably is the 50's (and people around here think that is freezing or you would think so the way they send their children out like little Eskimoes! HA!) Have a great day! Tammy

Christine said...

Glad you found time to sew up those little hearts - really adorable!
I am so amazed that you get snow in the desert at all - how fantastic! Bet the kids loved it!
It was lovely to hear from you Mon.
Thanks for that - I'm thinking about doing some post on N. Ireland...
Best wishes

katie said...

I love all the hearts in your post, but the pillow says it all doesn't it.
No snow here, in fact we have been in the 50's and everything has thawed out.

Shirley... said...

I LOVE the pillow!!! I feel the EXACT same way!

I also love the vintage Valentine! :)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Your snow is so pretty! It's just raining here (of course). :)

I had forgotten all about the computer game, The Oregon Trail. Colt used to love to play that game and I bet Joy would love it too and she has a birthday coming up. Thanks for jogging my memory on a fun and educational game!

I love all of your hearts...everyone of them. Everything looks cozy!

Have a great upcoming weekend! :)


Trish said...

Love all your sweet little hearts!
I have been so tempted by the one form Michaels as it would be lovely all year in our master bedroom. Maybe it will go on clearance after Valentine's. If it does, it's mine!
I REALLY love the little canning jar with buttons. Makes me feel warm and cozy.

Andrea said...

Beautiful posts and beautiful hearts..human and stuffed! We missed you.
Hugs, andrea

Marla at Always Nesting said...

That pillow is absolutely priceless! Love it. I have got to get going on some Valentine's Day decor. I'm just lacking creativity.

Thanks for sharing. Maybe I can sew some hearts??? Oh, and we have to share computers around here also. One daughter has her own and then 3 of us share the family computer. It is what it is till the money fairy drops computer dollars on my keyboard.

Kimberly said...

The other night I saw a cute little sign at the store for Valentines; which I would have bought --- Then I realized I could make one, so last night I started it, I'm planning today to post about it on my crafts sewing blog- I like the heart you sewed up and a few years ago a scrapbook paper co. Daisy D's printed some vintage valentines, I have never done anything with them, I don't want to give them away as they are so sweet, maybe a project will jump out at me this year! Your decorating skills are an inspiration to me!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

It sure is a cute little Valentine. One that I haven't seen before. Is that snow in California???? Yikes.

Beverly said...

I'm just starting to get out my Valentines stuff too. Love the sweet little heart you made. More special because of the buttons.
And that pillow...I should do one for my DIL that is due to have her 6th soon.
No snow here, but plenty of rain and wind.
Loved the Stawberry Vintage Valentine, thanks, I did copy it.

Shelia said...

Hi Marcia! I love that little heart you've made. I saw some in Southern Living just today made out of vintage fabric and they were $45 each! Can you believe it! And your little heart is much prettier!
You snowfall is pretty but keep your tiny toes warm.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Jeni said...

So cute...I savor my snowmen until end Jan. But Feb. 1st. I'm getting out my "hearts"! I love the jar of buttons so cute...and your sewing is so darling!! fun!

Libby said...

Oh my - Oregon Trail! We used to play that on my father-in-law's AppleIIe back when The Princess was so little. I don't suppose you have to load the DOS disc before you begin playing anymore *lol*

Susan B said...

I love the hearts, and the jar with the buttons...very sweeet! I'm looking for a couple of hearts to hang here at home. Maybe I should check out Michaels.

We've been having rain, rain and rain! I think it is supposed to be clear by this weekend. Stay warm!

Kelli said...

Hearts! Gotta love 'em!!! :) That little valentine is precious! Makes me smile. :) I need to pull out some of my heart things and get ready for Valentine's day.
And we have RAIN. I'd much rather have snow.

Cathrines Kreative Hjørne said...

and thanks for the comment at my blog! About the pillows with the blue angles on them, I have made them myself! Read about it and find the free patterns here:

Have a nice weekend!

Cathrine :-) said...

The video clip will play now. All of the video clips on blogger were down.

Surprise!! There is an award for you on my blog!

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

Hearts are my favorite theme or shape. I'm always on the lookout for them even though I don't really collect heart shaped things.

My name is PJ. said...

So very pretty, Marcia! My absolute favorite is the jar of red and white buttons! I adore it!

The pillow is pretty cool too!

Debbie @ said...

Hi Marcia, I love your post, love all the hearts. But most of all i just love that pillow about the children...that would make a great sign...with all the kids pictures underneath or on a shelf above it.
Have a blessed day!
Thanks again for your sweet email!

Cozy Little House said...

I love your hearts! Especially the stitched ones.

Miki said...

Your decor is scrumptious! I wanted to share with you my shelf makeover inspired by your mantel, and I linked back to your post, FYI. I would still like to create one just like yours but most of my treasures are packed away right now. Here's my post.
Keep up the great work! MIKI

BailiwickStudio said...

Personally, I'm crazy about hearts! I have that same heart wreath from Michael's, and have it up all year long. ::Jill

lagirl said...

Loved seeing your Valentine things and they serve to remind me that I need to get my "things" out now. I especially enjoyed seeing your "old" Valentine!!...BTW, your Posts remind me a lot of an Okla. friend of mine and HER name is Marsha!

Diane said...

Marcia, I can understand how frustrating it must be to get to the computer, I am an empty nester here, so that has some good things that go with that but man it sure does get quit around here! The macs are a great way to go try to get use to using one while your kids are there to teach you LOL, oxox, Diane

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

Love all your sweet hearts, but I REALLY love your pillow! Such a wonderful sentiment. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Cathrines Kreative Hjørne said...

thank you for visiting me again and for clearing up a bit about the US health system! We tend to think we are the best, but I'm sure you have shorter waiting lists than we have for planned surgery!

About the blue angles - I'm pleased that I came across the free patterns! Will you show us what you make out of them?

Have a nice weekend!

Cathrine :-)

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Have a wonderful weekend!
I enjoyed my visit this morning!