Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Woo Hoo! Wednesday Passion Flower and Garden Mystery

I'm linking with Marla at Always Nesting for her Woo Hoo Wednesday blog party. I hope you will all visit her beautiful and fun blog. If you don't know Marla yet, you're going to love her. She's a sweetie. This plant was started last year from a clipping from my brother's garden. It's really a vine, and it's finally bloomed! My kids call it the "Bubble Gum" plant because the flowers have a slight scent of bubble gum. It's actually a Passion Flower. Isn't it a beautiful flower? I'm Woo Hooing because this is the first flower it's produced.
Now, I'd like to know a little more about this plant. 
 We planted it in our garden last year and the tag said "Garlic Chive". The leaf does taste like garlic and it was a nice little herb last year, but over the winter it started to grow and this is what it looks like now. 
 Those bulbs sprouting up are indeed in the shape of garlic, but since garlic is a root crop, I'm expecting those bulbs will eventually flower. I can't find any photo on the internet that shows garlic chive growing to this size, so I'm a bit stumped. At one point I wanted to pull it out of my garden as it had gotten so big, but curiosity has gotten the best of me and I've kept it there. I really want to see what pops out. It kind of looks like the Space Needle standing there doesn't it?

We have been competing with the birds for our strawberries the past few weeks. My mom mentioned putting some type of screen over them. She didn't mean a screen door, but it seems to have helped :-) 
 Our garden is just starting to sprout as we were a little late in our planting. I can't wait for our tomatoes to ripen up. I hope we get to them before the tomato worms do!
I hope you all have a wonderful week :-) Woo Hoo!


sylvia said...

good morning to you.
Aaahh Ilove that flower.I had one in my vindow.
so beautiful.
wish you a nice day my friend.
big hug from sylvia

outdoor.mom said...

oh my goodness that is so neat!! I have never seen anything like that before!

Beverly said...

I've never seen a flower like that. It is so pretty and delicate. First blooms are always worth a little woohooing. I don't know what to think of your garlic chive. We have somekind of garlic that has little purple flowers on it, but the leaves are a lot more delicate than yours.
I would love to have home grown tomatoes, don't know why I never plant them.

Granny Annie said...

I was enjoying your blog post but kept catching glimpses of your side bar and your beautiful family. A bunch of kids for sure but a bunch to be proud of.

Natacha said...

Hi Marcia,

Could this be it?


(I think you have to cut/paste the link).

We use it a lot over here in Northern Europe. There is a summer and a winter version.

Natacha said...

....and if you scroll down the page you can also find the English Wikipedia page on the left side.

Melanie said...

That flower is so pretty. I've never seen one like that before.
I'm looking forward to my tomatoes too. :)

Becky K. said...

There is nothing like a fresh, ripe tomato straight from the garden.
The screen door on your strawberries is cute. But, you know, if it works!

Have a great day!

Becky K.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! That passion flower is woo hoo as it is so unique. Can't wait to see what sprouts out of those bulbs -- very interesting! Have a wonderful day. Tammy

Heidi said...

Hi Marcia! There is no place like a garden. Your passion flower is so beautiful. I love them but never noticed they have a bubble gum scent. I have to check that out. We do not have them in this garden but I would like one in our new garden. Funny, but I was just talking to my neighbor this morning and she told me her passion flower died. I think it was our very cold winter this year.

I think this will help you over your plant...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garlic. It shows it very well.

Hugs from Holland ~

Kimberly said...

The flower is beautiful! I have a peoney that is just about to pop, it will be the first in 5 years of living here, I'm excitedly waiting for that! Looks to me like just plain garlic, have you looked under the ground? You might have heads forming. The "bulb" on the top is just a seed head- if you break them off it sends more energy down to the "fruit" and you'll get bigger garlic buds.

Natacha said...

I asked the specialist in the house (my husband comes from a farm and studied agriculture) and he says it is too late now because the plant is already in bloom. It doesn't taste good anymore. We plant new plants every year. But I'm sure your tomatoes will taste better than ours! Not enough sun over here. Good luck!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Those are amazing looking flowers! I love your little garden, it looks so neat and tidy!
Have a great day!

koralee said...

Your garden is delightful..thank you for sharing the joy..love and hugs.

My name is PJ. said...

The passion flower is beautiful, Marcia! And if it smells like bubblegum, why, all the better!

Chives flower; I expect the garlic will too.

How great that you have a garden in the desert!!

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

I have never seen a flower like that! It's amazing, wow!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Your Passion Flower is gorgeous! There was a little urban farm in Atlanta called Passion Flower Farm and she had lots of them - gorgeous!

I put netting over my strawberries but I've read you can also use tulle (that stuff that they use for tutus).



I dont think I have seen a passion flower before...it is lovely and who wouldn't love a flower that smells like bubble gum1

Janean said...

everything is looking great and that passion flower is amazing with caps!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh, Marcia- the passion flower is gorgeous! Never saw anything like that around here... must be something that grows best in your climate. (Shucks...)
We are going to have to battle for our strawberries, too- but our thieves are RABBITS! There are so many around here our berries don't stand a chance, and mine are just now starting to bloom so I'm going to have to take action fast!

Jenny said...

Hi Marcia. I used window screens in my garden this year and I loved them. The netting always lets the birds in but I even have a corn crop this year which is about unheard of in my garden!

Great post!