Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beauty in the Details

Sometimes the beauty is in the details...
Even though we think we'd like to see the *big picture*
I think it's better that God sometimes gives us
only a close-up view
If we saw the *big picture*
We might close our eyes and miss
the *wonder* of His creations.
Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.
~A. A. Milne

As one grows older, one should grow more expert at finding beauty in unexpected places,
in deserts and even in towns, in ordinary human faces and among the wild weeds.
~C. C. Vyvyan
"Paws", our 14 yo kitty, thought she'd like to surround herself with some
flowering beauty too :-)

I know that some of you are covered in layers and layers of white fluffy snow,
so I thought I'd share a little color popping up around here.
As you see, it isn't always so pretty when you look at it from afar, 
although we often think this is the *better* view.
My garden is a mess, and weeds are everywhere...
there is however...
 beauty in the details :-)

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Have a wonderful weekend my friends



Jaclyn Hicks said...

I love these pictures!! We had snow all day, and so these pictures warm me from the inside out! Have a wonderful weekend!

Cinnamon said...

I love all your color!! Thank you :-)


Brandi said...

Thanks for the pictures and the beautiful message! said...

do you have all those growing NOW?!?! oh so gorgeous!! There is nothing growing here but cabin fever - lol!! been below zero past few days but warmed a little today. BLESSINGS to you!!

NanaDiana said...

Narcia- I am sooo jealous. I worked until 9pm tonight and came out into howling winds and blowing snow....not coming from the sky but blowing off the snowbanks...and then as I sat waiting for my cold car to warm up I started thinking about Spring...wishing it were here...and then realized that I was wishing my life away (remember that old saying...tonight it hit me what that meant), I will suffer through the winter and find the pleasure in it that I can..because when Spring rolls around I want to have enjoyed every moment that preceded it...cold or not.

Lovely post...and I love your kitty makes me miss my little cat. Hugs- Diana

Camille said...

Such a lovely post! Feeling a bit starved for flowers (even Dandelions) at this time of year. I like that quote from A.A. Milne ~ "Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them". :)

Many blessings,

Camille said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Camille said...

So sorry for that deleted comment...that was me. :( The comment I wrote you printed I deleted one....oops!

Tummetott said...

I love your pictures!

Meg said...

Beautiful! Such pretty pictures. I think I love pictures of "weeds" the best, because close up you never can tell they are anything but a pretty flower!

Kaybe said...

Is that top flower a frangipani of sme kind? Loved the post.

Take good care,


It's me said...

Lovely sunshining friday pretties !!! ...lovely !! happy Ria.....

Vicki said...

Marcia, this is a lovely post. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pics.

Kimberly said...

Loved the post & the pics. I've never been more ready to see pretty posies. This weather has really taken the wind outta my sails! I love the quote by A.A. Milne & after this winter I'm in total agreement. I'll be glad to see the weeds come Spring (although someone may have to remind me of that in mid-June! ;) BTW, your 'Paws' is just too cute. Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

Hi, Marcia~
These are such beautiful pictures. The colors are so pretty. I really like the two quotes...and Paws is just too cute in those flowers! :) I have two cats of my own, and sometimes they find the funniest places to take a nap!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.♥

Christine said...

That was a sunshine post in my rainy day! Beautiful... I think I could try and squeeeeeze in beside kitty and sun bathe???lol!

Astridbears said...

Hi Marcia,
I love the photos! Wonderful flowers!!
have a nice day

Auntie Bliss said...

So very true! This is a nice post Marcia :)

Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

Great reminder, Marcia!

As we were driving the other day and the snow flakes were falling yet again, one of my kids noticed the pattern of a big snowflake that landed on the window. Then, they started looking for patterns in all of them

It was a nice moment!

Mrs.Rabe said...


You have me longing for spring! Beautiful flowers.

Did you know you can eat the flower heads of dandelions? As long as they have never been sprayed with week killer of course! Just flour them and lightly saute them. They are pretty bland, but I bet the twins would think it was cool!

Shelia said...

Hi Marcia! What a lovely message and it really does speak to me. I love your blooms!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Elizabeth said...

thank you for sharing God's beauty,I love it ! We do not have snow,but a cold rain today

Shirley said...

Beautiful post and pictures! I love how you shared the pictures ... great visual for what you are saying! :)

Farm Girl said...

I love your thoughts today as well as the pictures. I am so thankful that day I said "I Do." I didn't know the details. I just saw the path. I know I went down roads I might not have even saw, and I am so thankful that God knew all of the details to get me where I needed to be. Thanks for such a sweet post.

Colleen said...

So beautiful! Thank you!

Gloria said...

Hi Marcia,

Beautiful words and photos!!! Very sweet reminders of how God cares for us! Thank you for that!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Gloria xoxo

Claire said...

Fab foto's-lol- Just found your blog and now I'm your newest follower-what a beautiful family-stop over to visit-Claire

Karen said...

Such beautiful, colorful pictures. I love seeing things up close and in detail. Hope you have a great weekend! Karen

michelle said...

Marcia what a wonderful post! The beauty can lie in the simplest of details and if we don't look closely we will miss what God has hidden for us to discover! Your pictures are gorgeous and thank you so much for the color of spring to bring a smile to my face! :)

Blessing to you!

Mimi Sue said...

So true! I like to call it the eternal perspective. What we see, or want may not be what's best for us, and can only be seen when we look at the big picture. Congrats on the win of that cute book. Mimi

Janet said...

This is such a great post! I think I need to look for some color popping up here in the desert!

Burlap Luxe said...

The best post, God indeed shows us the big picture we just fail to pay attention.

This was a perfect way to spread the word.

PS. Thank you dear one for visiting and leaving that beautiful comment,
Dore said...

Hi Marcia, what a sweet post. Love what it says as well as pretty pictures to look at. Hope you have a blessed weekend.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

What a fantastic post, Marcia. The close-up photos are fantastic. Especially the first one. Like something out of a magazine.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

Will you be linking this post up to my English Garden Party on Wednesday? I'd love you to be there.


Susan B said...

Hi Marcia,
A beautiful post! And you are so right, beauty is in the details. I'm trying not to overlook the details, and enjoy them in my life.

Have a lovely weekend with your sweet family. xo

birdie blue said...

love all of your pretty, pretty pics, marcia.

beauty is definitely in the details, and i'm all about the details.

have the loveliest weekend.

Denise said...

Thanks for the sweet pictures. It's wonderful to see something other than snow and slush.

Tanya said...

Hi Marcia,
My yard is covered in 12" (or more) of white fluffy cold snow. Although very is cold and hard to deal with. Your post today was thoughtful and very much needed by me! Your words were so true. If I see an "ugly" dying plant, I forget to look at the beautiful blooms on one single flower. Thank you for reminding me of DETAILS....I will notice more individual snowflakes! ;0)
From my snowflakes to your blooms,

Stacey said...

Hi there! I'm blog hopping tonight and landed here. I love your blog and will be back soon. :)

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This is great...this has been on my heart lately, so thanks so much for sharing. I was also thinking we can zoom in with our lens for a blogs and make sure we miss the mess that is all around us isn't showed both the large and the details.

Oh now you have given me spring fever, the snow and ice just melted yesterday...yes in time for the Super Bowl and the sun is back out. I think I will go to the nursery today and look at plants!

Love the picture of the twins with precious!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and getting the whole message on paradigm shifts!

PBKISSES said...

Oh my- the photos are beautiful. Makes me long for Spring. We had a foot of snow here last week and more to come this week they say. Your beautiful pictures are just what I needed to see- you always manage to do just that!

Sue said...

Marcia, your photos are making me long for spring, new life, and sunshine! Sometimes, the smallest of details is what makes the most impact... Glad you shared such pretties.
hugs, Sue

Secret Garden Cottage said...

I love this post, Marcia! It's so true... sometimes we just can't see things for the beauty that they truly are until we take a closer look. :) Your close-ups are gorgeous... great pics!
Have a great day ♥

Anne Marie... said...

Hi Marcia! that looks wonderful right now....smelling anything green and fresh! beautiful photography!!!

Anne Marie
(and yes, you are right: they are truly blessings from God)

koralee said...

I can not believe all your flowers...can't wait for my to pop open. oxoxxo Hugs my sweet your words today.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

♥ the touch of spring and God's beautiful creations! Tender thoughts, Marcia!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Oh, how I always ENJOY my visits here so very much. Thank you!

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Wonderful photos, Marcia - thank you for the bit of Springtime!

I'm dropping by from BC Good Life Wednesday and am a new follower of your wonderful blog.

Would love for you to come visit me sometime :O)

Mary said...

This is a really awesome post! I would like to invite you to link it up to my link party, Masterpiece Monday, at my blog, Boogieboard Cottage. The link will be up all week. I hope you can join in the fun! Mary :O)

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

This post makes me so happy! I am so tired of seeing Snow, Snow, Snow. It also makes me very jealous because you are seeing color pop out around your yard. And, there are some weeds that are just Pretty!
Thanks for sharing this color,

Helen said...

What, beautiful, beautiful photos you have taken here !

And, yes, you are right, som eof us are in countries with snow, just now. So I am longing backt to spring time in Italy.....

Take care ;)

Paula said...

This was so beautiful, Marcia... and I really needed the reassurance today that even though we try but can't see the big picture, God does.

Jenni said...

Hi Marcia~

This is such a beautiful post! What you said is so true, too, even if sometimes you are right that we'd rather see more of the picture than we can!

Your flowers look gorgeous...and call me strange, but I think dandelions are pretty! I get them as little gifts from my youngest two when the spring comes, and they go in a nice vase! :) I love their bright yellow color!

I hope you are having a beautiful week!


Custom Comforts said...

What beautiful pictures and words to live by!!! So impressive and insightful. Love your blog ~ newest follower.

Sherri Cassara said...

BEAUTIFUL! Both the photos and your words ;)

Shelley said...

Warms up my heart to see all these pretty flower photos! loved that photo especially of your cute kitty cuddling in that box. I'm ready for Michigan's snow to go away!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Marica,

I know I've commented before on this post but I just had to do it again to tell you how much I LOVE that first photo. The light is just PERFECT! So warm and mellow. Lovely!

Thank you so much for linking up.

Sarahx said...

i will be looking for beauty in weeds this week :-)

Tara said...

thanks for stopping by my little blog. i just hopped over to yours and it is beautiful!
i am trying to increase my followers any ideas you can share?
have a great day,