Friday, March 18, 2011

Yummy Goodness :-)

Sometimes you just have to quit taking photos....
 and dig in!!
 Another temptation from our Betty Crocker calendar 
has added some weight gain around here, I'm sure :-)
Last month it was *cupcakes*,
and this month it is ♥Grasshopper Fudge Cake♥.
Yes, those are Andes Mints on top :-)
My daughter made this one, and it's delicious!
You can find the recipe *here*.
Have a wonderful weekend!!


Sunny Simple Life said...

See what happens when we teach our girls to bake. It looks wonderfully yummy. You inspired me. I planted Cilantro seeds this week. We love it.

A multi-dimensional life said...
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A multi-dimensional life said...

This cake looks heavenly! It's definitely photogenic, but I'm sure it tastes even better! :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I agree...dig in! Yum♥

T's Daily Treasures said...

Yum! Sounds and looks delish! We can't even get Andes mints over here. I recently bought a bag of mixed mint candies at Marks & Spencers -- there were caramel mints inside. Oh yum! Were those good. And butter mint hard candies. I can't tell you how many I ate ... in a row. :) Sending sweet wishes your way. Tammy

Ⓙ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Oh my gosh - the absolute heaven of it all!

Christine said...

Do you supply shovels, please?!!! LOL!
D E L I C I O U S!!!
BEst wishes

Ma ~ said...


Brandi said...

Mmm good! Marcia this looks delicious! I love mint-chocolate flavored anything! LOL!

Kaybe said...

t you love it when they get old enough to cook! Looks like the perfect St. Patty's Day pie.

Take good care,


Mrs.Rabe said...

Our church has fellowship meals twice a month, and we are always looking for new recipes. This one looks very good!
We'll have to try is soon!

Farm Girl said...

It isn't even 9:00 am and I am wanting a piece of that cake. Oh my gosh I am going to have to make that.
How yummy, thank you for the recipe.

Julie Harward said...

YUMMY...a perfect treat..looks so delicious! ;D

Sharon said...

That looks wonderful Marcia! Your daughter did a great job and your photos make me want cake so bad! :)

Have a blessed weekend!

Becky K. said...

I do so love chocolate and mint together. This looks amazing. I read Mrs. Rabe's comment and I hope she does make this for one of our Fellowship Meals. Yummy.

Magia da Inês said...

•♫♫ Amiga, ♫º
♥º♫º Seu blog é lindo.
Um fim de semana lindo.
Luz, paz e alegrias.
•*• ♫° ·.

NanaDiana said...

And where were you last week when I was looking for this recipe??? LOL I had it saved from an old magazine somewhere and do you think I could find it ANYWHERE? I even googled it and couldn't find this exact one. Thank I promise you I am NOT waiting for St. Paddy's Day next year to make this! xxoo Diana

Melissa said...

the name is just heavenly....and does it come with those gorgeous plates??

just a thought!!

melissa x

dutchbritishlove said...

It looks so delicious! My husband would love this, mint and chocolate together are his favorite!

Jacob14 said...

that looks yummy

Burlap Luxe said...

Awww! Marcia,
Thank you for letting me know you went into the shop.

I have had a hard time latley keeping it stalked, My post is what it looked like the past two weeks and now it has emptied itself out. So I have been creating this week sick and all and today I am in bed coughing my head off with my daughter Hannah.

Thank you girl for the shout out about seeing my shop!!


PS. Love the desert I wish I could have some right now yummy!!

Anne Marie... said...

I'm sorry Marcia...but where is the disclaimer that is for overdue pregnant women who want a slice of that

shame on you....

that looks too good.....maybe just thinking of it will send me into labor! (I'll certainly be dreaming of having a slice!!!)

your comment was so sweet today -
you are always SO nice coming to the farm - i love it -

Anne Marie

koralee said...

Oh my goodness...this looks to see more about it. Hugs my friend. xxoo

Susan B said...

This looks fabulous! And I love Andes Mints. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Happy Spring to you!! :)

Lisa said...

Oh yum! Mint desserts are my favourites
Lisa x

Debbie said...

I am bookmarking that recipe right now! My kids would love this. Thanks!

BECKY said...

Sure looks delish, gal!! Love the photos!!
Have a lovely week, Marcia!

Carole said...

Oh how I would love to make and eat that. I was a bad girl and eat the whole jar of Marshmellow fluff in two days. uggh good thing Spring is here and maybe I'll burn it off.


michelle said...

Oh I love these, they are yummy goodness!!! I hope you had a fabulous weekend!!

Hugs and blessings to you!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh I want at least one big slice right now, Marcia. It looks heavnely!!

Have a wonderful start into SPring xxxxx

Mimi Sue said...

Looks delicious but NOT very good for the diet! I do love minty desserts though. Mimi

Keri On said...

Just found your blog! That dessert looks beautiful, but the thing that caught my eye was the dishes! Are those hydrangeas on the plates? I think they are lovely - probably fewer calories too, eh?
I look forward to looking around your blog!
God Bless you and your family!

Helene said...

Yes, I would probably have focused on the eating in this case, looks yummy!!

A Rosy Note said...

Mmmm, doesn't that look good! I have had a terrible sweet tooth lately!

~Tricia said...

oh my goodness YUM!!

Linda said...

That looks wonderful!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Marcia, not only are you blessed to have a daughter who loves to bake, but your photos are gorgeous! The cake looks wonderful!! LOVE Andes Mints!


Auntie Bliss said...

I love how fresh it looks! My kids love mint flavored things.
I'm so jealous of all your readers! I had only four hits yesterday LOL.

Terri said...

I am sooooo making this for Mackenzie - thank you!!!