Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Visiting with Jordan

Several blogging friends have asked about Jordan and I wanted to give you all an 
update. A little less than 2 weeks ago, he hit a rough patch of grass in his wheelchair, 
and fell, breaking his already injured arm. 
He was scheduled for another surgery on his leg the following Monday,
so they did the surgery on his arm at that time too. 
That was on Monday, August 22. 
Jordan, Jenn and Jay
On Friday, my brother called to say that Jordan would be visiting our area on Saturday.
Yes, less than a week after his surgery he was out traveling with his wonderful family!
I wish you all could know what an humble and gracious young man he is, 
and his wife Jenn is equally incredible. Their mutual love and respect 
for each other is inspiring, as is their devotion to their son. They're a young family 
that has faced far more than most of us can imagine, and yet they both express 
their thankfulness for the blessings in their lives, and for each other. 

4 generations of Maynard men :)
There are so many things we take for granted, and feel a sense of injustice
when those things are taken from us. As I watched Jordan very adeptly 
eating soup with his left hand (I'm left handed, so I tend to notice others that are)
I realized he'd had to learn this since the accident. 
I marveled at how well he was doing this 
(as I can not imagine having to relearn everything with my right hand)
and he just smiled, shrugged, and said 
"Yeah, I had to learn to shave too, so I've kind of gotten used to it." 
No sense of injustice. Just his kind and gentle nature. 
That's Jordan :)

Also, about a month ago, Semper Fi donated this brand new van equipped with
automatic doors, ramp, and hydraulics to Jordan and his family.  It has made it so
much easier for them to get around :)
I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Jordan.
Jordan and his family are very thankful too. 
Please continue to remember him, as he still has a long way to go in his recovery.
He's amazing!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ferris Wheel Fun

"I see nothing in space
 as promising
 as the view
 from a Ferris wheel. "
E.B. White

I know I've been absent from blog land this summer. 
I'd like to give you a good excuse, but I really don't have any. 
Just trying to keep a better balance in my life, I guess. 
Summer is winding down, so I'll be visiting all of you more often. 

Thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes for my boys :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Growning Up

It's our "birthday rush" time of year again. 
My babies turned 11 today. Happy Birthday boys!
(and yes, I know, they aren't babies anymore) :) 

I hope you're all enjoying your summer :)