Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lazy...um..Busy Summer Days :)

It's been a busy month here in So.Cal. so I just thought I'd share this calming 
sunset shot for the first photo...you know me and the beach ;)

Thank  you all for the sweet comments on the wedding and well wishes for
the newlyweds. You are all so kind!
The twins headed to camp the week after the wedding.
I'm not sure if he's hiding or trying to sleep...but evidence of them 
having fun showed up on my oldest son's Facebook page :) 
(He works at the camp)

They arrived home and a couple of days later, Micaela left for Hawaii
to once again spend a week working with the homeless and 

Then we attended a wedding in Long Beach and got to see my cousins
and their families. 

We celebrated Randy and Sarah's birthdays the night before they left for
So. Korea. Sarah's was the next day, and Randy's was a week later.

Micaela returned from Hawaii on the redeye flight, arriving at LAX
around 6 am. The whole group arrived back here in the desert around
8 am, and after picking her up at the church, we headed BACK
down to LAX to see Randy and Sarah off to So. Korea. 
Yep, same day :)
Micaela was a trooper...she could've stayed home, but wanted to
go with us.
Waiting for their flight at LAX International Airport.
That's Sarah's parents with us.
There were hugs...

Lots of hugs...

Smiles :)

And even a few tears, lol... Mom's are allowed to cry, aren't we? :)

My hubby and I have been walking...alot. He's lost 20 pounds :)
I've been able to keep off the weight I lost last year, 
and we're enjoying spending our evenings together,
walking around the neighborhood.

We get to see alot of these too :)
desert sunsets are beautiful...

This was the sunset we saw recently as we turned back onto our little street.
Aren't we blessed?

We've had another birthday too...my twins turned 12!
How can that be?

Life is busy in our household, lol.

I hope you're all enjoying your summer too my blogging friends!
I'm starting to visit all of you again. I think things have finally slowed down.
Glad to be back in blogland. Say 'hi' if you get a chance :)