Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 I'll bet you can't guess my favorite color ;)
I think the *blues* of summer are the best *blues* around.
My girls are home. They had a wonderful time in Hawaii.  
It's a busy summer, but we're enjoying it around here. I hope you are too.
Thank you so much for all of the anniversary wishes for my parents.
They were touched by your thoughtfulness.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Balboa Pier

Every time I look through a viewfinder,
  it takes me back to my childhood.
Such happy memories of peering through these :)

If you visit Balboa Pier, be sure to visit Ruby's 
 and have a giant *ice cream*
 Messy, but fun.

I just have to add that today is
my parents 63rd wedding anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.
We love you both. 
(Aren't they cute?)

Enjoy your weekend everyone :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

*Flowers + Bike = Joy*

I hope you're enjoying your summer
and finding the *silver lining* in everything you do :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Surfing The Nations...

a non-profit, humanitarian organization delivering the message of love and hope 
through the sport of surfing and acts of selfless service.
My girls are on their way to Hawaii right now with HDC Students to spend 
a week working with Surfing The Nations. Check out their website :)
We are excited to see how God uses this team of young people 
to impact their world for Christ while serving others.
They will be helping to feed the homeless, and working with inner city kids. 
I'm so excited for them!! Can you tell? :)

My older two boys came down from the camp their working at this summer
to see the girls off today.
Thanks guys! 
Have a wonderful weekend my friends :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Simple Computer Chair Redo

Yes, I did, I took a little blogging break.
It wasn't intentional, just caught up in the busyness of family life. 
My girls are leaving for Hawaii next week, 
(I'll tell you a little more about that in my next post). 
Anyway, between getting ready for their trip, holiday fun, cleaning out some closets
and the simple joys of summer, I've missed out on visiting my favorite blogs. 
I'll try to get by soon :-)
 Now what does any of that have to do with this funky blue chair?

Last night this was a typical black computer chair, kind of torn in spots 
from so much use. It's been bugging me, but we don't often 
go out and replace a chair that is still pretty useful. 
My daughter brought in some fabric a friend had given to us a while back,
and wondered what she should do with it? (Cleaning out closets, remember)
I looked at it, looked at my chair, and started playing. 

I do have a staple gun too :)
I wish I'd painted it first, but when you're playing, sometimes things 
are completed before you even think about it. 
 My husband came to my rescue and started stapling 
when my hand got too sore to staple anymore.
This stretchy fabric was perfect for covering the chair, and I can go back 
and do some whip stitching if I decide I want to get rid of the "staple" look.

While I'm showing you this, I guess I'll show you the little hutch in the background.
 Only it isn't a hutch.
It's actually a small bookcase on top of a chest of drawers. 

You probably figured that out already :)
The little crochet runner kind of hides the gap :)
  Lastly, I picked up this little picture at a yard sale this past weekend.
It reminds me of my hubby with our twins, and the two boys 
in the background look like my older boys when they were younger.
The lady selling it was actually the artist, so she told me that she'd 
seen a man down at the beach with his twin boys and it inspired her.
I love it!! Maybe it really is my hubby and our boys :)

Kerrie from the beautiful blog Sea Cottage,
 is having a wonderful giveaway over at her new blog and etsy shop Seawashed.
 Go by and enter today :)

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. I'll be around to visit soon!
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