Wednesday, December 14, 2011

* Hark *

Glory to the newborn King :)

Don't you just love Christmas Angels? 
I found a few of these about 10 years ago. I wish I'd picked up a few more.
They're only about 1. 5 inches tall, but oh so sweet
I hope she makes you smile too :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Missing the obvious :)

Do you ever feel like you're oblivious to the things around you, or is it just me?
I'd hardly even noticed the flowers in our walkway a week or so ago,
but my youngest daughter was paying attention.
She took the camera out there and snapped a photo. 
Unretouched, btw :) Isn't it beautiful?  

Last month my oldest son and some friends went to see a new singer perform.
They'd discovered her on YouTube. Her name is Jayme Dee,
and she has an absolutely beautiful voice. If you haven't heard of her yet, you will :) 

So last week, when an old friend that I'd reconnected with on FB mentioned her too, 
I was a bit surprised....until I suddenly realized that Jayme Dee
was her daughter!!
We'd messaged back and forth and she'd mentioned that her daughter sang.
I'd looked at my friend's FB photos of her family,
and I'd viewed Jayme Dee's video with my son.
Somehow I hadn't put two and two together though.

I may be oblivious at times, but I've definitely got my kids convinced 
that I have connections to everyone :)
(Btw, her daddy was my college youth pastor, 
and her sweet mama has an equally beautiful voice).


Monday, December 5, 2011

Snowflakes and Starfish

My little homemade hutch (really a dresser with bookshelf on top)
got a Christmas makeover :)

I'm continuing with the blue and white theme but I was determined to 
*Not* spend any money for any decorations this year. 
Along with a few blue bits and pieces;
snowflakes, starfish and twinkly lights add a touch of white

This little tree fit in with the color scheme, and a snowflake 
seemed to be all it needed. It sits on top of a candle holder.

This shelf didn't change much, just added a few painted pine cones 
and some older blue bulbs.

I've used this little tray for decorations before,
only changing the scrapbook paper to go with the theme.

This time I used some I had leftover from my school cabinet.
It's in the same room, and is where my kids keep their books and supplies.
The inside is always a mess, so hiding it with pretty paper 
helps keep things looking neat and tidy,
(if they remember to close the doors!)

I also added some of my snowflakes to the insides of this lantern. 

It's been fun going with a different color combo this year.

My kitchen is still red and green though. 
My family said they needed to see those colors somewhere in our house :)

It was 25 degrees at our house this morning.
It's sure feeling like Winter here in Southern California.
I hope you're all keeping *warm* :)


Saturday, December 3, 2011

All Hearts....

Come home for Christmas....
so it's time to prepare,
I need to remember to make room.... 
for the most important part :)

  The true Heart of Christmas

Have a Joyous day my friends :)