Monday, December 5, 2011

Snowflakes and Starfish

My little homemade hutch (really a dresser with bookshelf on top)
got a Christmas makeover :)

I'm continuing with the blue and white theme but I was determined to 
*Not* spend any money for any decorations this year. 
Along with a few blue bits and pieces;
snowflakes, starfish and twinkly lights add a touch of white

This little tree fit in with the color scheme, and a snowflake 
seemed to be all it needed. It sits on top of a candle holder.

This shelf didn't change much, just added a few painted pine cones 
and some older blue bulbs.

I've used this little tray for decorations before,
only changing the scrapbook paper to go with the theme.

This time I used some I had leftover from my school cabinet.
It's in the same room, and is where my kids keep their books and supplies.
The inside is always a mess, so hiding it with pretty paper 
helps keep things looking neat and tidy,
(if they remember to close the doors!)

I also added some of my snowflakes to the insides of this lantern. 

It's been fun going with a different color combo this year.

My kitchen is still red and green though. 
My family said they needed to see those colors somewhere in our house :)

It was 25 degrees at our house this morning.
It's sure feeling like Winter here in Southern California.
I hope you're all keeping *warm* :)



  1. Looks beautiful Marcia. I love the script paper that you've used and the cabinet looks wonderful with the hutch top. Love the twinkle lights and all the pretties.


  2. Hi Marcia

    What a beautiful Christmas display
    so pretty and delicate!

    Take care


  3. Gorgeous Marcia!
    Love your Christmas look here!
    I love the lantern with the snowflakes!!

    Deborah xoxoxo

  4. It looks gorgeous!! The blue and white is really pretty with the lights!! Your hutch is just genious too!!!

  5. It is so beautiful and peaceful, Marcia!

    I'm glad your family got a bit of traditional color in the kitchen!


  6. Beautiful! I love your color scheme!

  7. I love the colors you chose. It is fun to do something different, isn't it? Love the script paper that you used on the cabinet doors and tray. It all looks so pretty.

  8. WOW Marcia, simply gorgeous! I love it all BUT my favorite is that tray with the script paper and the snowflake:) SOOOOO pretty! Enjoy this lovely day my friend, HUGS!

  9. Beautiful, Marcia! I love the blue and white.
    It's been snowing here in MO this morning. It's looking like Christmas!

  10. This beautiful love the blue jug I adore old script paper even on top of photos thanks for sharing my friend. Enjoy your day.

    Always Wendy

  11. So wintry and peaceful looking. Very pretty! Love the blue touches.


  12. That is pretty cold for southern Cali! It's super cold here, 7 below this morning. Love your hutch..everything on it is so creative and just beautiful! :D

  13. Resplendent and festive.

    Have a wonderful time ahead.

  14. I love your festive lights. So pretty and vintage.

  15. It is beautiful Marcia, I love the aquas and whites and sparkle.
    Thank you so much for checking in on me, I have missed you and I hope that all is going well and you are enjoying the holiday season with your family.

  16. Looks like beautiful, wintery magic to me!


  17. The blue and white is beautiful, Marcia! So is your hutch! I especially love the white lanterns...SO pretty!!!♥

  18. Stunning....just stunning!!!!

  19. So beautiful! I love the white and blue color scheme, it's so fresh and wintry!
    And I can't believe it's actually colder in California than it is here in Canada right now! It's 37 here though, not that much warmer. :)

  20. I love this look ~ like a winter wonderland!

  21. It's beautiful! Blue and white is so classic. And beachy!

    With this cold snap, all the leaves fell off the trees in 2 days! It's ankle deep out there. I'm hoping a wind comes through to take them all away! ::Jill

  22. Just lovely! Makes me want to sit and sip chamomile tea and watch the tide come in! :)

  23. How beautiful decorated! The lanterns are amazing!

    I'm glad I found your wonderful blog over at The Beach Cottage. I'm now one of your followers.

    In Norway we have just got snow, quite later than normal winters. I love the white snow, getting everything looks so much brighter outside.

    You are welcome to visit my blog. My post today is actually about blue Christmas decoration. ;)

    Wishing you a wonderful new day!

    Anette Willemine

  24. I love all your color schemes. They are so soft and pretty.

    I'd love to see your *red* and *green* kitchen :-)

    25* Wow! That is cold.

    We're expecting snow here tomorrow and the kids can hardly wait :-)


  25. Your display looks great, I love the paper on the doors of your cabinet!

  26. I love the blue and white decorations Marcia. Everything looks so pretty!

    It is getting colder least for our area. Trying to stay warm. We keep our house pretty cool, so we have to wear layers inside.

    Enjoy a lovely evening! :)

  27. Oh goodness! I LOVE the blue and white color scheme! I will have to do that next year! I did white and gold this year! Here's our first Christmas as husband and wife:

    Love you and your blog!
    Love, Aurora

  28. Hi Marcia,

    Your Christmas decorations look fabulous. I really like the blue! So pretty!



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