Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

My youngest daughter, Micaela, turned 15 today so I'm taking a little pictorial trip down memory lane.

Did any of you have a baby that seemed to get into everything? That was my Micaela. I guess it didn't help that we took photos of her in the midst of her capers. It mght have encouraged her a little :-) 
She does look so innocent too, doesn't she?
Well, maybe not here :-) 
Micaela is a talented young lady. She loves playing the piano and is very creative in the kitchen. 
She's turning into a wonderful young woman who loves God and wants to honor Him.
We're very proud of our nearly grown "baby girl"!
Happy Birthday Micaela!
   I love you!


  1. She is a beauty! I don't know how you could ever get mad at a little child that looks so angelic! LOL :D

  2. Happy Birthday to her!! What a lovely young woman and adorable little girl :-)

  3. The pictures are so very fun. I'll bet she and Chelsea could have some fun. Chels will be 15 in July. She can't wait!

    Happy Birthday to Micaela.

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

    Gosh, you and your hubby have the best genetic pools!!!

  5. Such fun seeing Micaela through the years.
    Happy Birthday Micaela, you are beautiful.

  6. Happy Birthday to your little girl!! She was such a cutie pie when she was little, and now she is so beautiful.

    My Emilee was just like that! She got into EVERYTHING, and dumped it or squeezed it out if possible. haha!

  7. So fun seeing all the growing up photos. What a beauty and that smile is just gorgeous.

  8. Happy Birthday Micaela!

    I have 15 year old twin daughters and one of them constantly was getting into EVERYTHING! I couldn't turn my back for a second! So, I do know what you mean.

    I love the picture where Micaela's hair was standing up from static electricity in her car. :0)

  9. Happy Birthday, Micaela! Yes, twin #2; got into everything, I have several incriminating pictures of him! He just wants to know how everything works. Have a great time celebrating your girl!

  10. Hi Marcia!
    Micaela is a beautiful young woman. I hope she has a blessed birthday!


  11. What sweet pictures! Happy Birthday!! :)

  12. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! I loved the photo of her playing w/ the toilet paper - cute!!

  13. She's a beauty for sure. Happy Birthday Micaela! 15 was one of my best years ever. Mimi

  14. What a lovely daughter you have! My daughter Katie got into everything, and I mean everything. She literally scaled walls at the age of 2. Boy, did she wear me out. Lucky there cute when they're like that! hehe.
    Happy Birthday to Micaela!

  15. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Time goes so quickly doesn't it? I can't believe my "baby" is 18 now and out of high school!


  16. Hi Marcia,
    Happy Birthday to Micaela! She's a beautiful young lady, with a lovely name. I love all the pictures of her, especially the first one! Too cute! I hope she has been enjoying her special day. :)

  17. Happy Birthday to your sweet youngest will be 15 in the Summer. Blessings for a wonderful week. xo

  18. Happy birthday, to a wonderful young lady!
    Thanks for sharing such fun pics!

  19. Aww! Happy Birthday, Micaela!
    : )
    I loved seeing all the pictures! Fun and pretty!

  20. Happy Birthday to Micaela. You are a beautiful young lady. It's so lovely to hear you love the Lord too.
    You must be so proud, Marcia. What wonderful children you are raising.
    To look at that sleeping baby, you could never tell she was always getting into things. Loved the static electricity hair.
    I love hearing about and seeing your family.

  21. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. She sounds like an amazing young woman. I loved all of the pictures you posted.

  22. Hi Marcia...We painted our shed the color of our house. Our siding came that yellow color so I don't really have a name of a color. We took some of the siding down to the paint store and had it matched. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I could possibly find the can and see if there was a recipe on it if you like. Mimi

  23. Oh Micaela was a cutie then and she still is! She was just curious....that's not a bad quality at all when steered in the right direction! :)

    Happy birthday (belated) birthday to Micaela! Hope it was a good one!


  24. I'm a little late . . . . but Happy Birthday!

    Love the hairdo in the first pic *s*

  25. Oh my! I got a giggle from the static hair photo and the toilet paper. What a little cutie who has turned into a lovely young lady. My son will be 15 in October. How time flies! Blessings to you and yours and happy belated to your sweet daughter, :) Tammy

  26. Awwww... that was so sweet, Marcia! She was such a cute little girl and is now a very pretty young lady... tell her Happy Belated Birthday from me- hope she had a wonderful day! (The first picture cracked me up- thanks for the chuckle today!)

  27. Dear Marcia,
    I'm a little late but congratulations to your beutiful daughter! I was a wonderful cavalcade over her growing up to become a lovely young woman! I wish her all the best! The pictures of your sons graduation was lovely as well!

    I wish you a nice Whit weekend!


  28. Happy Birthday, that first photo really cracked me up, still laughing.

  29. I am so glad to meet you. I'm Wanda and your son Ryan is our new Youth Pastor at Light on the Corner Church.

    He has already been such a blessing to all of us. I love to bake cookies, so Ryan is now on my Cookie List.

    I will be coming back to read your previous posts... I've been blogging since 2007 and love it!

    Drop by anytime!

  30. Congrats on a lovely young lady! 15 is a great age! Happy birthday!

  31. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. What an adorable family with beautiful children. I agree--you are blessed!

    Warmly, Michelle


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