Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting Away From It All

 photos by Michelle Halemeier
Sometimes we just want to get away from it all, don't we? Wouldn't you just love to jump into this photo?

It was taken in Tanzania by a friend of my kids. She's working as a missionary in Malawi Africa, and went to Zanzibar to visit, and sent back several photos.  Isn't it beautiful?

Anyway, back to getting away from it all. Some of you might remember that back in February I posted about the IRS auditing us, asking us to prove that our kids were indeed our kids. We'd finally received the "all clear" that they did agree with us, they were our kids......for the year 2007. 

Well, the joke was on me. A couple of weeks ago, they sent us another notice, and this time it's for the year 2008. Yes, they are examining us again, for our "exemptions". That's IRS talk for children. I explained that we'd just received an all clear from them, dated January 22, of this year. They told me that it was for 2007, and this one is for 2008. 

After which, I burst into tears (yes, I really did), and told them I would call them back when I could compose myself. I'm such a girl when I'm frustrated :-) The people that I've dealt with at the IRS have been very nice, and I mean that. However, I found out that they don't have access to my records...the ones I sent them last Fall. They don't have access to their records either. That file is closed, so I'm now in the process of sending them copies of the letters they sent me on my last audit. That would be the letters that say we owe nothing, that they agree with us, they are our kids, etc., etc. Yes, THEIR letters to me. 
I'm so glad I kept everything.

As I said, the people are very nice, but I'm a little concerned about the IRS being responsible for this National Insurance thing congress has passed. I mean, if they can't access their own info from 4 months ago...well, I'm not holding my breath that they'll do any better with medical insurance.

That's just my 2 cents though, and if by chance someone who works for the IRS is reading this, please don't hold it against me. I really don't want another audit. 
I did say you were nice :-)
Anyway, some days it would really be nice to get away. On those days when things don't go quite our way, it's nice to know Who's really in control. I have to remember to keep my focus on God and not on my silly circumstances. And who knows, maybe He just wants me to show kindness to some IRS worker along the way. I hope I can do that. It's alot better than bursting into tears :-) I have much to be thankful for...and I truly am a Blessedmom! 
They really are my kids :-)


  1. I'm so sorry for all the emotional stress you've had to go through!
    I'll be praying that everything will work out soon.
    Yes, it is nice to know Who is really in control!! :)

  2. Oh, you are such a sweetie to be talking nice about them....the most frustrating thing ever! Maybe you should take all the kids into their office! LOL Come say hi :D

  3. Good grief- that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!
    So sorry you have to go through this again, Marcia... sure am glad you saved all the paperwork.

    Yes, I love those pictures too... I would love to jump through my computer screen and spend the day there!!

  4. That is so ridiculous Marsha!
    And I hope you can get this all straightened out soon.... They just don't like that you have so many deductions.
    Good Luck with that girlfriend,

  5. I think bursting into tears is so much better than yelling at them. Your tears were an honest reaction to this frustrating situtation. I'm sorry you're having to go thru this again. Hang in there! And when you're done, I think a little R&R is in order!


  6. Marcia, I understand your feelings. We have been dealing with a mortgage company for months. One letter says we are late in payments, another that we aren't. We aren't but it's hard to convince them and it takes a lot
    of time. It is so frustrating that, as they say, "The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Sounds the IRS. I pray both our problems will be solved soon!


  7. So sorry...we have had trouble with them accepting our kids also....I wonder what the problem is. They kept saying problems with their SS numbers. It took over two years to get back our tax rebate on our kids!!
    I too loved the pictures...I so want to go to the beach when things get tough...the other day as I was walking with the wind blowing on my face I let myself imagine I was on the beach...but I also stopped and thanked God for touching me with the breeze.

  8. Wow, that is crazy! I hope things get resolved fast.

  9. What a stressful time for you! :( I'm sorry you've had that to deal with and glad that you kept all your records. The Hubster is great about filing papers that I wouldn't think were very important and then knowing just exactly where to find them when we need them. Sounds like you're as organized as he is. Wish you'd both share the gift! ;)

    And I'd LOVE to get away from it all! Just a couple of days and I could recharge myself and be good to go.

  10. Oh Good Grief.
    Sometimes you just have to wonder how in the world anything ever gets accomplished that the government is in control of.

    Sending you happy thoughts that the paperwork you provide answers all of their questions.

    Again, I have to shake my head and say....GOOD GRIEF!


    Becky K.

  11. I feel the same way, Marcia...I am so blessed. God is good. Thanks so much for your visit today. You put a huge smile on my face!

    Hugs, carrie

  12. Sounds like a lot to deal with - I can see why you want to escape to that beautiful photo. I will join ya' there :-)

  13. I can't believe this...What a mess. I'm glad you keep all your records. Too bad the IRS doesn't.

    Hoping it will all work out! Keep us posted.

  14. Hugs and prayers for you and your family Marcia. What an unbelievable situation.
    It's good to lean on God's wisdom and He will direct your path.
    Best wishes

  15. Zoiks, Marcia!

    I burst into tears when I get overwhelmed too.

    Some day you will laugh at this.

    In the meantime, don't throw anything away until your last one has been gone from the nest for a decade or more. :)

  16. Hi Marcia! Don't feel badly gal! We all have our days, and being audited 2 years in a row by the IRS would certainly raise the hair on anybody's neck, including mine! :o)

    I think you're so right in seeing this as an opportunity to glorify God! I've been trying to do that in some trying circumstances in my life, too, and refocusing is a HUGE part of it!

    I'll be praying for you, sweet hearted lady, and know you will come through this just fine once again!

    Blessings and hugs,

  17. Oh! No! I just can't believe it! How extremely frustrating! I don't get it! You are so NICE! I would have cried too!
    You really are a blessedmom!
    I am glad to have you for a friend! Wish it was not just over the blogosphere.

  18. You're not alone. I would cry too! For goodness sake ... don't they have anything better to do? I mean if they figured it out for 2007, surely they can figure it out for the rest of those years. What a joke! They don't even have a record of what they already did. ???? Hope it's all worked out soon. We were supposed to go to Tanzania last year but it never panned out. Best wishes to you! Let Calgon take you away. :) Tammy

  19. Wow! I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this. AGAIN! :(

    I admire how kind you are trying to be about it all. I would have been crying, too.

    Yes, I wish that I could jump right into that picture!!!


  20. Oh my gosh that's just sooooo insane! I'm so sorry you have to go through this all again - it's just hard to fathom why? What do you have to do so you don't get audited for 2009?


  21. ps, I am with Shirley and I want to jump into the picture too! : )
    & I do want to get away from it all too!

  22. I would love to jump into that pic! It is so HUMID here, it's killing me. Sorry about your having to deal with the IRS. What a pain!

  23. oh you poor thing - i'd cry too!! what beautiful pics :-) dealing with the irs or any other gov entity can be extremely frustrating. Godspeed to it getting cleared up!!!

  24. Hilarious...oh I know, not for you but you just have to shake your head and wonder who is running things?? Good luck getting those kids of yours claimed for 2009...mercy, you have a lot of years to keep any labor videos you could send them..I'm just saying!!!

  25. Oh my goodness you poor thing! I would burst into tears too..and then call my hubby to rescue me. I'm a girl too:)

    I learned long ago that when things like this happen to tell myself..."it's going to be okay, there is a reason for this, yes even this, that I may not understand BUT HE does. He knows everything and it's all in His hands." Then I can go forward in peace and do what needs to be done. I hope that helps you. ox


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