Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How We Spent Our Sunday

On Sunday we headed "down the hill". That's the phrase often used by residents here in the high desert. Many commuters make this trip everyday. Here's a photo of that mountain peak I posted a few months ago. It still has snow on it. 

We went down near the Pasadena area of L.A. because my son was preaching his first sermon at the church where he's now working as the youth pastor. The congregation at this church was wonderful and really made us feel welcome. I'm so thankful for everyone there and the way they're making Ryan feel right at home. I'll share a few photos. Here's the marquee outside with the message he was sharing. 
My husband even snapped a photo of him up front. He probably shouldn't have done it, but he is a proud  dad :-) We think Ryan did a great job sharing the message. Do you think we might be a little biased? I know I'm bragging a little, so please forgive me, I'm a proud mama :-)
 Also a photo of him with the twins, in his office there at the church.
 Ryan works at the church twice a week right now, and he's also working this summer at a camp in our local mountains. He's doing quite a bit of driving each week. I'm sure hoping that his car will hold up :-)

After the service, we made a quick trip by the home my in-laws used to live in. They lived in a hilly area of Pasadena just about a mile away from the area where the Rose Parade takes place. My mother-in-law passed away in 03, and they left the area a couple of years before, but it was nice to drive by and see their old home. We have many wonderful memories in this place. It would have been nice to go peek inside, and to play in that pool out back where we spent so many summer days.
Here are a few of the other beautiful homes there in Pasadena. 
I always enjoy driving down the streets and seeing the lovely houses and yards, especially since they're so green, and we don't have alot of that here in the desert.
We really had a wonderful day. 
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  1. Thank you.:-)

    so many beautiful houses.:-) and pic you have taken :.)

    hope you have good days ..)

  2. Great pics of the twins and your older son Marcia!
    And you should be proud!
    I loved seeing the houses too. Are the prices of real estate still really high there? In Phoenix, where my son lives, they have really plummeted. When we were in Ca. I was stunned by the cost of homes. What cost 150,000 here, was 750,000 at least around Napa. Take care,


  3. Oh, how blessed you are to have a son in ministry. So glad you had the opportunity to hear him preach and then take the tour which brought back so many memories.

    Becky K.

  4. What handsome men in your life! :) You are indeed very blessed. You SHOULD be proud of your son! It's a wonderful thing he's doing...following a calling. :)

  5. oh that is so exciting!! congratulations :-) we both have sons who preached a first message with in just a weeks time. Very cool. Give us the fruit of our hands ;-) (doing something good of course their ours - he he)

    Really, a hardy congrats. you must be very proud. beautiful pics and your son is so handsome. how are we going to keep those girls away from our grown boys?! or rather just let the good ones around?!

  6. I can only imagine how awesome it was watching your son! I think I would have taken a picture, too. ;)

    I love all of the other pictures that you shared with is. Beautiful homes!

  7. You are so right to be proud of your son in the ministry and sharing God's Word! I will pray for him and his car!!lol!
    Pasadena looks like a beautiful area.


  8. You should be proud of your son, great young man! Loved your mom's home, very pretty and that whole area looks nice. :D

  9. I snap pics in church all the time- Like when my children are singing or special events, like Baptism and Confirmation or the candlelight service on Xmas Eve- I like for those memories to be in the scrapbooks too- not just the "fun" {secular/regular} stuff we do. I like the 2nd house the white one with the brick in the middle of the drive. Congrats to your son- I'm sure he was just as "proud" to have you there hearing him!

  10. Aww! I am proud right along with you!!! I think my cheeks would have hurt from smiling so much!


  11. It was great meeting you in person. We already love Ryan, and know God placed him in our church for ministry. I know he will be a blessing to us, and hopefully, we can love and nurture him too.

    I thought he did an excellent job sharing God's Word and his insights into the Scriptures.

    Love and Hugs

  12. My heart just swelled up for you all and your sons new journey in life. Isn't it just unreal to see them start to walk in their calling? I will never forget the day we stood by our son's sign...he is a custom home builder and we knew he would be a home builder one day. The joy of releasing them into what we knew the Lord has for them is just thrilling.
    Blessings...oh,the houses are beautiful also,

  13. You two should be so proud of Ryan as he steps out into the world a strong, caring, empathetic and God-loving man. That is all any parents can hope for when they raise up their children and release them into the world. So many kids don't find their way in life. He's on the right path for peace and personal meaning. Love all those houses in Pasadena. I know what you mean about he green. It's so drab here, especially with the dust back again. Our a/c went bonkers since it was running so much so had to be serviced yesterday. You know at a 120 degrees, they are working overtime. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy P.S. My cousin who started me blogging, also talked me into scrapblogging at the same time. That's where I do my headers. scrapblog.com It's a digital scrapblog site. Really nice for doing layouts for all your photos which you can then print. Just takes time so I don't do it much anymore. I'm not one to play around with Picasa and all those other digital places so I just do what I can in scrapblog and keep things simple. It's about all I can handle. Have a great day!

  14. You have every right to be proud, Marcia. Sounds like your young man has made his parents proud.
    Loved your pictures of Pasadena. I haven't been there in so many years.

  15. Marcia, thanks for the picture of Ryan as he preached. I'm proud of him. I'm proud of ALL your kids. They are a great bunch!


  16. I can feel how proud you are of him!

    That photo of the three boys together is priceless!!!!!

  17. You and Russ have every reason to be proud!

    Pasadena has a lot of good memories for me too. I drove around quite a bit that time I got lost while trying to find my way out of Pasadena after I spent the morning at the Rose Bowl, but looking at beautiful homes made me feel less frustrated!

    xo Jill

  18. Thank you for all your visits and lovely comments to Sea Cottage. You always make me smile! How proud you must be of your son. I would have been taking pictures too!!!

  19. I'll be snapping more photos if I were you, Marcia :-)

    We, parents, cannot be prouder seeing our children serving the Lord. I rejoice with you. You have surely trained Ryan in the way he should go...

    I enjoyed your photos of lovely homes. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I just caught up on all your post I have missed the past couple weeks while My Boston has been here. ~I was nice going back and reading them.
    You should be proud of your boy. I think seeing our children serve God is the best thing in the whole world. You go ahead!
    Have a great Friday!

  21. You have ever right to be a proud mama! I would have probably filmed the whole sermond LOL!

    Sounds like a lovely Sunday!


  22. Hi Marcia! Oh, I know you're so proud of your son! That's wonderful he's serving the Lord! He is such a handsome young man and look at those little guys - how cute!!
    Your inlaws house was a pretty place
    It was so nice to hear from you.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  23. Hi Marcia!
    That's so awesome that your son is a youth pastor! What a joy for your mother's heart!

    And your inlaw's former residence is soooo cool! I love the homes with that retro flair!! Just beautiful!

    Hope you have a joyful weekend!

  24. What a wonderful day you had...I love the weekends..so much joy in just enjoying life and taking time to be thankful for all of God's blessings...may this weekend bring you just as much Joy. xoxoxoox

  25. Great pictures! I do not blame you at all for being proud of your son. You have every reason to be! God bless!

  26. You have very much to be proud of! I would have taken a picture too. That's a great picture of him with his brothers. :)

  27. Hi Marcia! I have had fun with those little plant markers! I'll be posting some I embellished soon! The chalkboard paint works great and wipes perfectly clean!

    Have a joyful day!!

  28. You have ever reason to be proud of your son!! I would be snapping photos too - lol!

  29. What a lovely Sunday, thank you for sharing and so glad your husband took the photo of your son at the pulpit. ;-)
    Hugs, Katherine

  30. I don't blame your husband for taking a picture either--I would've done the same! :) Your son's message sounded like a good one! I'm sure he did an excellent job. Thank you for sharing about your Sunday. Karen

  31. oh congratulations proud mama...this is totally aloud...for this is what we pray for as we raise our babies. That they will grow to love the Lord, and go on to serve Him mightily...my Ryan just gave his testimony for the very first time a couple of weeks ago...I was a very proud mama too.
    Have a wonderful week my dear...smile on Rosie

  32. Marcia,

    What a blessing to see your children walk in truth! I know you are so proud!

    I miss the hidden beauty of So.Cal. I am spoiled by beautiful PA, though.
    Have a wonderful week!

  33. Beautiful homes indeed! Wow!
    What a special time for your son and your whole family!
    So glad that you shared some photos with us!
    The joy of your family shines!

  34. You have every reason to be proud of your son. Congratulations mom!

    We lived in Pasadena when we were first married. It's where my husband grew up. I grew up in Hollywood. Pasadena has some awesome homes, lots of Craftsman cottages. Your grandparents house is darling and I love the garage door.


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