Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Randy!

 The summer is a busy time of celebrating in our family. Along with my parents anniversary, we have 5 birthdays in the next 6 weeks. Lots of cake and ice cream around here! Today is my son Randy's 21st birthday, and so again, I'm taking a trip down memory lane :-)
Randy was my easiest birth, he was in such a hurry to get into the world.
 He's been in a hurry ever since :-)

His sweet smile and pleasant disposition have always made him a joy to be around.
 A busy boy, and never one to sit still long,
 Unless he was recharging ;-)
 He was frequently recharging!
He loved to get dirty,
 He got dirty alot!
Always a help with his younger siblings,
Teaching them to recharge :-)...
And learning new things from his older brother too :-)
He was quick to obey...
(no skateboards in the house son!)
 If he was paying attention :-)
 He made a couple commercials,
 And went through a "surfer look" stage :-)
He has served God near and far... 
 Oh wait, recharging again :-)
He graduated from college at the age of 20...
And danced with his great aunt at the wedding last week.
 He is just an all around great guy.
 Can you tell I'm a proud mom?
Randy, we love you so much and we are very proud of you.
You are always climbing higher...
 We can't wait to see what you do next, but we know whatever it is, you'll do it well.
Happy Birthday my dear son!


  1. What a neat son...I love how he recharges with his leg crossed too! Happy Birthday to him! :D

  2. How precious...don't they grow so fast? Sounds more like my second born, who is now 24! My 21 year old is our almost "too laid back" one.
    Enjoy all the birthdays...enjoy the celebration...I know you probably had to wipe your eyes doing this post like I do watching mine become Men!
    Oh congrads on college graduation at age 20...that is what I heard through all the home school conferences...well didn't happen here! I do have two more left. LOL

  3. Those were wonderful pictures, Marcia!! He looks like he's a very happy guy. You have every right to be a proud mom.
    Happy Birthday, Randy! :)

  4. Happy 21st Birthday RANDY! Love you.

    Love your little sis:

  5. Oh my. Where does the time go? I bet you're asking the same thing. What great photos of an obviously great son. Happy birthday to your boy.

  6. awww... happy birthday to him!!

  7. What a wonderful post Marcia!
    He was an adorable little boy and he has grown into a handsome young man. Happy Birthday Randy!

  8. Dear Marcia,
    congratulations with your son's 21st birthday - he is a wonderful boy! Great pictures, I loved to watch them!

    Thanks for the comments on my blog! We've just arrived back home, and I try to setle in and land! Sweden was great, and we was very lucky to have good weather!

    About the photo mix, frames and text I make on my blog, I use the free photo program called PhotoScape. You can download it here: Good luck and ask if you need any help!

    Hugs Cathrine :-)

  9. Hi Marcia,
    Happy Birthday to your son!! Thanks for sharing all the sweet have every right to be a proud mom! :)

  10. Congrats! It sure is a blessing to raise children that love the Lord!

  11. Hi Marcia, I just read Randy's birthday tribute (thanks to Ryan's FB post) and I've got to state the obvious... you did a spectacular job darlin'!! You have six glorious reasons to be proud don't you- awesome isn't it and what blessings they are!!
    My love to all of you,
    Aunt Susie

  12. You should be proud! If I had kids I'd want one just like him.
    Great post!

  13. Marcia, it was wonderful to see the pictures of Randy. He really is a great guy!! We've been blessed to know him.


  14. Ahhh..sweet memories..Happy Birthday to your Randy. Your family looks filled with love. xoxoox

  15. Happy Birthday to your handsome son! He's a keeper! :-)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  16. Awesome!
    Happy Birthday, Randy!

    I loved reading this post, Marcia! Your heart must just be so full!

    I loved that picture on the couch with his foot up! haha! : )


  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wow what a day for you! Such sweet memories too. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog last friday. Hugs. Simone xx

  18. What a beautiful, beautiful, boy. Then and now. Pictures are the best for reliving great memories. I especially like the one of the boys shaving in the tub and the one of Randy dancing with his great aunt is precious. You have every right to be proud. Children are life's greatest blessing.

  19. Hi Marcia, Randy sounds just like my 2nd son. He is always getting dirty, always into something, always on the go, and it seems like he never needs recharging.

    Congrats to your parents for such a long and loving marriage.

    Best wishes to you and yours for the week ahead. :) Tammy

  20. He's a good guy, a great family member and handsome as all get out!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  21. What great pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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