Friday, July 9, 2010

A Sweet Bounty

"It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato."
Lewis Grizzard
For all things produced in a garden, whether of salads or
fruits, a poor man will eat better that has one of his own,
than a rich man that has none.
-   J. C. Loudoun

"A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins.”
Laurie Colwin, 'Home Cooking'

I'd love to share some of my tomatoes with you; they're really sweet and tasty. I found that one strawberry hiding under the leaves. I thought they were all gone. 
Well actually, now they are :-)

On the sweet blog,  The Farm Chicks, I read a recent post where Serena wondered about who was reading her blog.  It made me start wondering the same thing.
Who's reading this and where are you from?
I'd really love to know.

Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends.


  1. good morning to you.
    I love you tomato,and I like to eat them to,very tasty picture,
    I wish you all nice summer days.
    hug from sylvia

  2. I love tomatoes!
    There's nothing quite like a ripe, warm tomato straight from the garden.

    Have a great weekend, Marcia. :)

  3. Hi Marcia, I'm reading it and I always do.
    I love tomato's from the garden especially the heirloom verity with lots of acid.

  4. Well, you know me...I always like to see your posts. I love new tomatoes too, nothing like that first tomatoe sandwich on whole wheat bread! I sopped visiting her blog because she never came to say hi, but I do like her blog a lot! :D

  5. Hi Marcia!
    I love tomatoes. They are so good in so many ways. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. Hi Marcia!
    I am reading your blog this afternoon and enjoying it. I am from NC.

  7. Hi Marcia,
    Your tomatoes look very yummy. We aren't getting very many from our garden so far this summer. I'm from Northern CA.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. marcia, my honey is a tomato fan...straight from the garden...all warm...rubbed off on the denim...yep, that's the way he likes to eat them. your tomatoes look great.

  9. Hi Marcia! Oh, I love your big ole pretty bowl of tomatoes! Nothing tastes better. Well, maybe homemade ice cream! :)
    Now you know who I am and I'm from Texas. Love to come to your blog and visit and you have a beautiful family!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. No, tom's here yet, but we are finally getting a blossom or two. I'm in WA state.

  11. Love your bowl of fresh tomatoes. How inviting. We planted 2 little tomato plants from Rite Aid (6 inches tall) and I cannot believe those plants now. We call them Jack in the Bean Stalk, as they have reached over the tall fence, and are full of tomatoes that will be ripe in a few weeks. I must post a bowl of ours when they do.

    Our grandson Nick (age 11) is going to Jr. High Camp with Ryan...He is so excited.

  12. We always grew tomatoes and the past two years I have not. New home, new husband and a new life. Things change and after reading this year I will have my little garden plot. I will!! *stamping foot here*
    Cute little strawberry there...lucky to have lasted so long, I think! :)

  13. Psssst! Marcia! Hey, Marcia! Shhh! I'm reading your blog and I'm from Delaware...about 5 miles from the shore.

  14. Hi Marcia! I love tomatoes and often have tomatoes on toast for tea when I'm feeling lazy. Or I love eating cherry tomatoes by themselves!! Thanks for visiting my blog today. I'm reading you from the far north east coast of Australia in a little town called Cairns. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  15. I love summer with all the fresh fruits and vegetables! Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking out my art! Have a great day!Jennifer:)

  16. Hey Gal! Nothing like fresh veggies from your own garden!! What joy! And they taste sooo much better don't they??

    Well I am a Florida sunshine girl...I think you already new that!! Have a delightful day!!

  17. Yumm! Homegrown tomatoes! I made a pesto pizza last night with some of our homegrown tomatoes - sooo good! What a nice surprise to find that strawberry!

    I live in a small town right outside Atlanta or Hotlanta which is what it's been for a few weeks now!


  18. Hi Marcia,
    What a great picture!
    And a yummy tomato is, well, YUMMY! : )
    I think you know, but I am in Michigan, as far east as you get from Detroit.


  19. You know I am reading you my dear....nothing is better than a fresh tomato..oh how I love toasted tomato sandwiches with mayo..yummmmm!

  20. Your tomatoes look lovely! I love to make bruschetta w/ mine - well actually this year it'll be w/ my mom's tomatoes since I didn't grown any this year.
    Warm hugs from Michigan!

  21. Hi Marcia :-) i'm from NW Montana. I LOVE the quotes!! gonna forward your post to my friend who loves to garden...

  22. Home grown tomatoes! Yummy! Have a sweet day!

  23. Yum... I LOVE tomatoes, especially from the garden!!

    I'm always reading and currently live in Oklahoma.

  24. I love homegrown tomatoes almost more than anything...then why don't I grow them?
    I love them with salt an pepper shaker in hand leaning over the sink eating them like an apple. Messy, but oh so yummy.
    Yours looks so good right now. Love the bowl they are in too.
    You know me, I check your blog almost daily. I'm a CA girl too.

  25. Hi Marcia, nothing better than a homegrown tomato. I love tomato sandwiches. Your July vintage items were wonderful -- especially those sweet little books. We just got back this evening from our trip to NC -- lots of catching up to do, sorting, washing clothes, etc. Our next road trip is to Upstate NY on the 18th. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  26. I love tomatoes...and strawberries!! Great picture.
    I am from VA.

  27. I've visited a few times and am saving you to my sidebar to have a gander more often. Hope that's all right. :o)



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