Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

I'm not the biggest T.V. or movie fan in the family, but at this time of year...things change.
I love Christmas movies! I have my favorites and I'm sure you do too. Here are some of mine:
  Little Women...I've seen 3 versions of this movie, but this one is my favorite. When I was
growing up they would show it on T.V. every year at Christmas time. No videos back then, so I
would scour the T.V. guide to see when it was on :-)
Everybody's favorite...It's a Wonderful Life...
need I say more about this one?
 The Bishop's Wife...we don't own this one, but it seems to be on every year
and I love watching it.
 Miracle On 34th Street...and Meet Me in St. Louis,
along with Christmas in Connecticut...
Are you seeing a pattern here?
Yes, I love old movies :-)
Here's a newer one I really like though.
A Christmas Romance...I know it's mushy, but I like mushy :-)
I wish I could find a dvd copy of this one!

Here are a few my family loves to watch:
Elf...we laugh every time we watch it!
 The Home Alone Series...

and The Santa Clause series..."ditto" to the laughing on these too!
 The Grinch...My husband's personal favorite...
no, he isn't one, but I think he has this movie memorized! 

I also love all of the Hallmark movies shown at this time of year.
You can click on the link to get their schedule here.
No list would be complete though, without including this one:
The Nativity Story...
The real reason for the season!
I hope you find time to snuggle up with your family and watch a few too.
What's your favorite Christmas movie?
I'd love to know :-)


  1. don't forget "the greatest christmas pagent ever" have you seen that one ? :-) Great post Marcia!!

  2. Oh dear one, these are ALL great little pieces of the season...oh to snuggle up on a Sunday afternoon for a good movie...and maybe a hot cuppa...ahhhhh....

  3. Hi Marcia,
    I love Christmasfilms like I love everything about Chistmas. My favourite film is about the little Tomte Tummetott from Sweden.,Oetinger-Kinderkino-Tomte-Tummetott-und-der-Fuchs.html

    And I love your babycat.
    So sweet! Is it a Maincoone?

    Have a nice time

  4. Great list of them! I'll have to admit, too, that I love me some (alot) of Lifetime Christmas movies......

  5. We've started our holiday movie watching, too. There's just no other way to say it - it's the most wonderful time of the year *s*

  6. I can not choose Marcia... i really like all christmas movies !! really ...thats my tome of the movie year !! ...lovely Ria...

  7. I love that version of the Bishop's Wife!

    I haven't seen Meet Me In St. Louis in years - didn't remember it being a Christmas movie - I'll need to check it out!

    I like a lot of the movies on your list - especially "The Nativity Story" - it is excellent!

  8. Love all these and all three versions of Miracle on 34th Street, but one of my favorites is Scrooged with Bill Murray. I adore it!

  9. Well I posted on one of my top 10 this morning...must of mine aren't what I would call Christmas movies but I enjoy them during Christmas.
    My that a word? She plays in the we always watch that...and my four year old loves "Grand mom got run over by a reindeer!"
    Of course...all the classic Christmas cartoons...we don't miss one!

  10. I seem to love or at least enjoy every Christmas movie. I always feel like I get to celebrate Christmas again and again by just watching the movies.

  11. Well you have most of the ones I love but I also watch While you were Sleeping and Sleepless in Seattle. I also watch the one with Tom Hanks wife and our soon to be X governor. I can't remember that. You about covered. :)

  12. HI Marcia! I'm with you girl I love Christmas movies. They are the best. I've been pulling mine out to watch! I just love the sound of Bing Crosby's voice singing White Christmas while I'm decorating! Woohoo.

  13. Oh my goodness I just love Christmas movies! White Christmas, love Elf and all The Santa Claus movies! Another one of my favorite movies is The Family Stone, brings tears to my eyes every time I watch!

  14. I am not a big movie fan...I never go...but I do love It's A Wonderful Life...and I also love Falling In Love which is set at Christmas time. Diana

  15. We have a whole shelf full of Christmas DVD's... My favourite is "Prancer" we even visited Three Oaks, MI on our trip across the country a couple years ago. We've actually eliminated the all the Home Alone movies but #4- the other 3 have such profanity and pictures of scantily clad women that we found inappropriate. We too enjoy the "Santa Clause" series, fun post. I've got to watch Little Women now!!

  16. All great choices... Meet Me in St. Louis, Judy singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" at the window... cinema doesn't get any better than that. My youngest sister is such a Tootie (Margaret O'Brien's character)... that's a movie full of moments for me.

    Peaceful week to you.

  17. "A Christmas Story" is a favorite around our home, but "The Bishop's Wife" is probably the one I most enjoy!

  18. You've listed some wonderful movies! I love all of the versions of Little Women...and have seen most of those you listed! I'll have to make a little list of the ones I need to see! Hugs! ♥

  19. I also LOVE Christmas movies! I get so excited every year becaue Hallmark always has the cutest ones! And I also love the classics!
    Have a pretty day!

  20. I think I like The Family Man with Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni the best. Or maybe Sleepless in Seattle. Does that count as a christmas movie? I think it was over christmas.

  21. Hi, Marcia~
    Those are great movies!
    I also like "A Christmas Story" and "A Christmas Carol". :)

  22. Oh Marcia..
    You hit all my favorites and then some I didn't know so thanks for sharing...
    Our family favorite...Christmas Vacation...
    But have just in the past few years become crazy about Holiday Inn and White Christmas!!
    Thanks for a great blog...
    Movies are one of my favorite parts of Christmas!

  23. I love the oldies but nothing say Christmas movie like the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story. Ralphie & his family crack me up. I watched The Navity Story for the 1st time last year and it was very well done. Wise men still seek Him.

    Take good care,


  24. I love Christmas movies and have already started to watch them. My faves are: The Family Stone, A Christmas Carol and White Christmas. I must see these every year, I have already seen The Family Stone, twice.
    I am having a give away, please come have a look.

  25. You left off my favorite - White Christmas. My mom and I used to watch it together every year when it came on tv. When I grew up my husband bought me the video cassette, and now I have the DVD. It's still a must every year!

  26. Great selection of movies! I have never seen the Bishop's Wife, or the Christmas in Conneticut? They look good though!

    We love most of these same ones that you do! Another I would add to this list as one of my very favorite ones is: PRANCER!!! ,,,and White Christmas with Bing Crosby...:) We usually watch these RIGHT before Christmas. One or the other on "Christmas EVE" ...Prancer is a great one for that! :)
    Blessings to you,
    xoxo Gloria

  27. Always loved all the Christmas movies every year growing up. Sadly, on this side of the world, muy kids haven't had that same benefit. They have asked when I will start playing Christmas music. I thought I would wait until tomorrow, the first of December. Yikes! I cannot believe it is the last month of the year. And this morning on our local radio station, they actually played Jingle Bell Rock. Love that song. Time is just flying ...

    have a great rest of the week. :) Tammy

  28. I love all of those wonderful Christmas movies, Marcia- but I don't think I've ever seen the one with Olivia Newton John in it... I may have to see if I can find it.
    I'm not much a a movie watcher either... but a few nights ago I heard my Hubby in the living room laughing his head off and I went in to see what it was and he had put in Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase- I walked in just in time to see him trying to hang the lights. (all 1 million of them! haha)

  29. Hi Marcia, I LOVE old movies the best too. I totally get that. I do have a newer movie that's fun too's Christmas with the Krank's...kind of goofy and silly, but the end has a sentimental touch to it and reminds us of what Christmas is really all about. We have it on DVD and now it's a yearly tradition.

  30. Wow - such great films & a few that I haven't seen, so thank you! Our traditional family favorites are Charlie Brown's Christmas, Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, all animated classics ... and my most favorite is The Family Stone. I've seen this film approximately 25x since September, as it is my muse when I paint :) Love, love, love it. Also, The Holiday with Kate Winslet & Jack Black - another goodie!!

    Great post, Marcia!

  31. also like many of these and will watch them this year too....they're just so stinkin' cute.

  32. Marcia,

    I love It's a Wonderful very favorite! I do love the newer ones you mentioned with Olivia Newton John too! My next favorite though is A Holiday for Love (on DVD) or the name of it when it was on TV was Christmas in My Hometown with Melissa Gilbert! That's usually the first one I watch when Christmas holidays come around! We also love Prancer (the first one)!

    Happy Christmas Movie Watching! :)


  33. Well for me as an European, I would have to say Love Actually with Hugh Grant. I LOVE it! We have this tradition, to watch it with a couple of friends every Christmas:-) You should check it out:-) Love your blog, Marcia, its beautiful.

  34. Do you know, I've written all these suggestions down to watch with our family!!

    I've not seen many of the Christmas classics yet.

    We watched the Polar Express last Christmas Eve and loved that. So Christmassy!!...but it has got slightly scary bits on the train roof. Not too bad but thought I'd mention it!

    I love your blog. I've had a lovely look around. I'm your new follower!


  35. Hi Marica! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments on my laundry room. I love Sarah to pieces. She was my first follower so she will always have a special place in my heart. Not to mention she cracks me up! Her humor is the best!!!

    I enjoyed reading over your list of movies. I promised myself this year I would finally watch...Sshh being careful not to say it to loud, It's a Wonderful Life. Can you believe I haven't seen it yet?!?! Another great movie to add to your list would be my all time fave Life with Father.

    It's a very old movie, but one I enjoy over and over again. Happy Holidays and have a wonderful night!

  36. Beautiful post and blog, I lake it!!!
    Kisses and regards from Croatia,Zondra Art


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