Sunday, June 7, 2015

Simple Homemade Gifts

 This is a repost...because baby love is in full bloom around here :)
I have made so many of these in the last couple of years!

I love homemade gifts and I also love *Simple*...
 so when I discovered these sweet gift ideas, I wanted to try them.

 I'm not one to take on anything too complicated at this point in my life;
the busyness of a large family means I might not complete it,
but these were very quick and easy.

 You've probably seen different versions of this diaper burp cloth in blog land,
but there is a wonderful tutorial over at Chickpea Sewing Studio, (thanks so much!).
 You can visit the link and get the complete tutorial there.

The stitching is just a simple zig-zag.

She also has a free download for a cute little reversible bib pattern
that takes just minutes to sew up.

I've made several sets of these over the last few months...
it seems a few of my friends are becoming grandmothers :-)

I like to use flannel, but you could use a pretty cotton fabric too.
If you know of anyone having a new baby, these make great little gifts.

*Have a wonderful weekend my friends*

(I've been doing a little blog cleaning, so bear with me as I redo photos to
some old posts, and do some editing too)


  1. Thanks Marcia, such cute ideas!
    I will check out the tutorial.
    How did you make a blog button?
    I have never figured that one out.

  2. I am jealous that you figured out the blog button...that one eludes me.

    Your baby gifts are so cute. It has struck me lately how many of our friends are becoming grandparents. A little unsettling if I think about it too much. Exciting too, in some ways.

  3. Oh, Marcia- these are adorable!! I will definitely have to bookmark this and keep it in mind the next time a baby shower pops up!

  4. Hi Marcia,
    These are so cute. Love the fabrics that you used.


  5. Hi, Marcia~
    Those are so cute! I will have to keep that in mind!
    Your blog button is very pretty too!
    I'm looking forward to the giveaway.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. WOW you made those!! the fabric you chose is adorable! Well done!

  7. So wonderful! Who wouldn't love to get that gift!

  8. Hello Marcia....what a cute things today in your post !! love it....happy weekend......warm hugs from me Ria....xxxx

  9. These are adorable. When I became a grandma this summer a sweet blogging friend who happened to come visit, brought me a lovely soft flannel blanket and three of these delightful burp cloths! They are so sweet and she make them all to match...they are a lovely gift.

    I love the fabric you used! I am going to check out the tutorials on them and the bibs!


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  11. Look at you first in line for my party! These are precious, Marcia. Love the patterns and prints that you used. These bibs and burps really do make the best gifts. In fact, I need more. Have you ever seen the upcycled denim & linen ones that I made? (It was like the second project I ever posted.) I haven't made any since but seeing yours inspires me to make some more! Thanks so much for the link to the tutorial as well. Always helpful! I really appreciate you linking up this week, sweetie! Also, I posted the color of that gray yesterday afternoon.

    Hugs to you!

  12. ...and congrats on learning how to make your cute lil' button!

  13. so pretty, marcia. my favorite kind of gift, beautifully handmade, sweet and practical.

    have a lovely weekend.

  14. Oh Marcia those are adorable!! I bet you can have so much fun with those and all the cute fabric out there! I love the ones that you chose!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. So soft and sweet! Love the colors.

    I agree that simple is a must in a homeschooling family!

  16. Wow, Marcia... I'm sooo impressed! You did a great job... they're sooo cute! It looks like something you would buy in a store! I am surprised you find any spare time for yourself with six kids... impressed again! :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend, and thanks for your support over at The Growers Daughter!
    Jo :-)

  17. Those baby burpie and bibs are adorable!! So soft and sweet looking.

    I like simple too. I laughed when I read "and with a large family I might not complete it"...too true, too true.


  18. VERY cute! Sewing is #1 on my list of NEW year resolutions. I would LOVE to learn how this year, just got a sewing machine, now I need to figure out how to actually use it :)

    ~ Happy weekend to you!

  19. Hi Marcia,
    What a cute idea! Thank you for the link for the tutorials. I don't sew very much, but maybe my youngest daughter (who does) can help me sew some of these for the new grandbaby coming soon. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Hi Marcia, this looks easy and great. And we all need to give baby gifts along the way so this is a great tip! Glad to see you post...I've missed visiting with you! Blessings my friend.

  21. These are very sweet gifts! You did such a wonderful sewing job on them, they are adorable.

    Our middle daughter is expecting her first baby in July. She wants to do the baby's nursery in a jungle pastel colors. She has always loved monkies!! :)

    Have a beautiful weekend, and enjoy that precious family of yours!

    xoxo Gloria

  22. Dearest Marcia,

    Wow, I'm feeling like being 'home' being the eldest of seven! Thanks for you comment and I am following you. Simple Home is also my recipe and that's why I call my business and my blog: Mariette's Back to Basics.
    Glad we're past that commercial (crazy time of WANT; not NEED...) Christmas time.
    Why don't you follow and leave me a comment on the blog of January 3, Worldwide Giveaway of a Silver Angel 925/000. You can need a guardian angel and who knows?

    Lots of love and enjoy your weekend!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  23. Thanks for the links. I've been wanting to make a little handmade cute thing for baby gifts too. Love the fabrics you chose. Mimi

  24. Hi Marcia.
    Che belli questi colori, direi che qui, la primavera è quasi arrivata...è bello ricevere notizie dall'altra parte del mondo!!
    Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

  25. Keep it simple is a needs must with me too Marcia!
    I love these and the fabric used is too cute - does it not make you a wee bit broody?!!LOL!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  26. i adore how the colors all go together to make more of an impact...not to mention how darned cute they are!!!

  27. Coming over and linking up from Janette's blog.
    Love the bibs and burb clothes. Can't wait read more.
    Hope you have a blessed day.

  28. I have 6 children. With my current baby, I'm making more bibs! You can't have too many; they eventually wear out! I make bibs and burp cloths,, too, though I use different petterns. I like what you did for boys; my last 4 children have been girls, and I've been making embroidered bibs.

    Where did you get your polka dot flannel? I like that! I also love the red and white floral print in the bag in your header. If that is still available, that would be beautiful for bibs, too--and several other things!

  29. oh my goodness....I wish I could sew like is a skill I'd like to practice and become more skillful in....practice, practice right? I will definitely practice using your stuff for the next baby presents I get to make! Love it

  30. I have a new grandbaby on the way, I will now make him/her some homemade burp clothes. Thanks to you! Blessings~

  31. You're ahead of me! I haven't made a blog button yet. I love simple things to sew. I don't like to read patterns. And most importantly, I never really learned how to. These are great for gifts.

  32. Such a cute pattern, love these!! You are so talented!!

  33. Those are all just wonderful, Marcia! So cute! And buys finished them!

  34. These are so cute, love the material! I love to make simple things like this. :D

  35. Hi Marcia, I love your creations. Happy New Year to you!

  36. I love these sweet little things you have sewn! The blue fabric with brown polka-dots is adorable, and everything you made looks so professional and perfect. :)

    I saw your question about the scrolling blog buttons we have on our sidebar, and am going to ask my sister to email you regarding this. She figured this out, and I don't know how she did it!

    I hope you had a good weekend!


  37. Those are so cute, Marcia. Great gifts for Grandmas to be. Grandmas need those things to keep at their house too. I will check out the tutorial blog. Hope you are having a blessed New Year. I'm excited to have your button to put on my sidebar.

  38. They are so very sweet! You did a great job, too!

  39. I am with you! I am also looking so anything to simplify my life as well.
    These are darling!
    Have a pretty day!

  40. Hey Marcia,
    I love those! Where did you get your adorable material? So cute!

  41. Hi Marcia,
    these were wonderful things, and I will save the links for later! I'm in the same situation that friends are starting to get grandparents as well, so this will be good to have when the next baby comes along! Lovely patterns and fabirc! I love flanel as well, and think that is the best fabric ever and is just made for babies!

    Hope you're having a great week, and that everyone is happy and healthy!

    Cathrine :-)

  42. These are all oh so sweet, Marcia. I love love the color palette!
    Have a happy Tuesday xxx

  43. Me too. I love the palette! I think I'll go check out how to make those. I have a few grandkids of my own that are at the perfect stage for burp rags. Hmm.

    I haven't mastered the blog button yet and because of some way early on messing with my html, I can't even update my blog. I'm going to have to find a designer to help me out if I ever get it together to find one. Let me know if you know any good ones that have mastered, simple.

    Your blog looks fantastic. Love the header. Everything looks clean and well organized. Good job girl!

  44. Totally precious...only makes me want that grand baby button is precious...I just deleted mine, oh well, I am going backwards

    Now I want to get my grandmother quilt started...for my future grandchildren! Thanks for the inspiration.

  45. You creativly talent girl you! I love these beauties you stiched up.

    Hugs and joy my friend.xoxo

  46. These are so adorable! I don't know anyone with a baby right this minute, but I'll bookmark these links!

  47. Freckled favorite tonight, Marcia! :)

  48. My absolute favorite burp cloths were the flannel ones my MIL made! They are soft and absorbent and WONDERFUL! Love the fabric patterns you chose. :)

  49. I love that "African" print! I have always regretted that I never learned how to use a sewing machine. The only one in our family how knew how to sew was my dad!
    But my daughter has asked for a sewing machine for ages and now that she is almost 12 I think I'm going to buy her one. A basic one, not too complicated and not too expensive.
    Have a wonderful day Marcia.

  50. These are too cute! My daughter and my soon to be daughter-in-law each have pregnant friends right now so I think I need to make a few sets.


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