Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simple ♥Spring♥ Joys

  It's been a beautiful week here in the high desert,
so I've started prepping my veggie garden...
 and planting ♥spring♥ flowers :-)
It's hard to stay inside when the weather is this nice.
We have very hot summers, so we really enjoy our mild and sunny spring days.
 The little walkway up to my front door is bursting with cilantro.
We just love this in fresh salsa :-)
♥Spring♥  is definitely in the air around here.
I'm joining Sarah at *Modern Country Style* for her Inspiration Journey Party,
and Joyce at *I Love Pretty Little Things* for  Friday Pretties.
Sending you all some sunshine this weekend!
P.S. Right after I finished this post tonight, I heard the news
about the huge earthquake in Japan and the tsunami that followed.
I've lived in California all of my life and experienced several
strong earthquakes, but nothing like this.
Please keep the people of Japan in your prayers.  


  1. They have announced spring weather for tomorrow here too. We hope to get some work done in the garden as well. This year I won't be planting any vegetables, just too much work now that we are renovating the house.
    Have a nice evening Marcia!

  2. ...patiently we wait for spring here!...Thank you for these sweet images!

  3. Lovely spring post !! bad news from Japan !!..i will keep the peoples in my prayers....of course i will !! lovely day

  4. I love your photos as always, Marcia!
    Joy is found in taking time to wonder at God's beautiful handiwork!
    Enjoy your lovely spring days!

  5. Oh, Marcia, I'm so glad you're enjoying springtime at your place!
    I would love to start planting some things, but around here, we will have two or three more cold snaps before warm weather comes to stay, so for now, I'm still waiting... *sigh*..
    I didn't hear about the tsunami until just a few minutes ago... so terribly sad. They definitely need our prayers.

  6. Wow yes Spring is in the air and I would love to have a picnic out on a soft quilt!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I heard about the earthquake and tsunami this morning - just terrible.

    We have sunshine today for the first time in over a week! It's still in the 30's right now but we're going into the upper 50's today!

    Enjoy your planting!

  8. I'm so happy somebody is getting to enjoy some Spring weather. It's 'spitting' snow again this morning in WV! :( Praying for the people of Japan - so tragic. Thank you for sharing your pics -- warms my heart!

  9. ahhh spring...
    your garden bath is like a beautiful salad bowl!

    can you bottle some of the sunshine in your photos and send it over to us in ol' blighty england!!??

    we are expecting snow coming down from scotland!!

    yes- the devastation in japan and the south pacific is very close to our hearts...i lived in tokyo for a year and as australians we have visited so many of the beautiful islands that make up the south pacific and south east asia....
    just terrible....

    melissa x

  10. OOOhhh I'm itching to go outside right now! It's finally starting to warm up again here. I would love a veggie garden, I have to say I'm a bit jealous! Thanks for dropping by alittlepaint!

  11. Your garden is beautiful. It looks like you are getting it ready before summer hits.
    It is all beautiful.

  12. What a wonderful Spring post, Marcia. Love your collages. :-)
    The weather has been so nice all week, but it's overcast and a bit foggy today... come back sunshine!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo

    p.s. Thanks for the vote! :-)

  13. Wow, spring looks vibrant at your place! Here, it's only a hint - but it's coming! Lovely pictures Marcia! I was so sad hearing about this horrible earthquake. Will hold this in my prayers too!

  14. Your photos are amazing, and so is your garden...:) Very pretty!! We love cilantro too. There is nothing quite like it in salsa...YUM!!!

    One of our daughter's very best friends is serving in the Navy in Japan (she was one of her bridesmaids in her wedding). Thankfully she is ok right now! Japan is in our prayers. We have family in Crescent City, CA who also have tsunami warnings right now. It sounds like much of the Pacific coast does...:/ Thank you for remembering to pray! :)

    xoxo Gloria

  15. This is so...well...Springy!! I love it. Our daffodils are out in full force now and I'm loving them so much.

    Thank you for letting us know about the disaster in Japan.


  16. Hi Marcia, your garden is lovely. I use cilantro in so many dishes but have never tried to grow any of my own. The weather this "winter" for us has been strange. My tomato plants totally died off and a lot of plants are on their way out. We've had rain off and on for the past several days but for today just hazy and a quick little shower this evening. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I don't watch the news or read the newspaper so today when I finally heard about the earthquake in Japan, I was shocked. 8.9 - wow! And the fact that so many countries can be affected by it truly leaves you gobsmacked. We have a good friend from Japan who lives in Dubai. Although Japan is used to earthquakes, it is still quite distressing. Hope you have a great weekend. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  17. I'm so thankful for the warm weather, too! I still have a lot of weeding to do and hopefully will plant some tomatoes! Your flowers look so pretty!

  18. love all of the pretty spring flowers, marcia. so, so, sweet. we're still a ways away from spring...

    today the sun was shining, and i was so happy to see it once again.

  19. Such a beautiful spring post! I wish I had your luck growing cilantro.

  20. Beautiful inspiring pictures. We're in Autumn here which along with Spring is my favourite.

    Lisa x

  21. What a beautiful garden you have, I better get mine going! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Lovely post. I am so ready for Spring. Your photos are simply wonderful.

  23. Such lovely springtime pics!
    I can't what for spring weather!
    We have been going from warm sunny back to cold rainy.
    Very sad about the news in Japan, defintely keeping them in our prayers.

  24. Hi Marcia,
    Beautiful spring photos and I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog.
    Thank you for your kind words on mine.

    Take care,


  25. Such beautiful pictures, Marcia! I especially like pansies.
    I agree that cilantro is so good in fresh salsa! Yum!
    My daffodils should be blooming soon and my forsythia bush is just starting to turn yellow. I just love those first spring flowers. They're so bright and cheerful.
    The news about Japan is very sad indeed...I'm sending up prayers for them too.
    Take care.♥

  26. Beautiful photos. And yes - Spring is in the air. Isn't that wonderful??

  27. ohhhhhhhhhhhh my...what lovely spring time photos...

  28. Your spring flowers are very pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you are enjoying the day.


  29. Beautiful!! It gets so hot and humid here in the Summer months that I only really enjoy Spring and Fall. I, too, am looking forward to planting and prepping the yard for the next few months.

  30. I've been working in the veggie garden too. Love your pansies.

  31. Love your spring touches!! Lovely flowers, too! I can hardly believe it is finally here!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  32. Thank you for those lovely photos! So pretty Marcia!

    I woke up Friday morning very early, like around 3:00 am and turned on the rv - it's always on the Fox News and they were showing the earthquake and tsunami. I lived through lots of earthquakes in Cali too, but 8.9! Wow.

    Praying for them.

  33. Your pictures are so pretty Marcia. I love all of their bright springy colors. It is still very dreary here, but it's supposed to warm a bit this week...yay!

    That really is so sad about the disasters in Japan. I keep thinking about it and all of those poor people.

  34. I love cilantro too. Gets too hot here in the summer for it but in the spring it's wonderful. The weather here will be in the 50's this week with a little rain. Hope to get out in my garden too. Mimi

  35. Found your blog today and wanted to say hi!

    I love the pictures on your blog and your garden is looking great :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  36. Such beautiful photos! They just make me smile:)

  37. Such lovely photos. I'm anxiously awaiting spring to arrive here!

  38. Oh my sweet friend...what joy your images bring favourite flower are Sweet Williams...and look yours are blooming!!!

    Sending you many blessings and I will join in with prayer to our sweet friends of heart is so sad..but our God is so big and he will send his Love their way...xoxox

    What a blessing you are...your sweet comments you leave me are always so kind...thank you. xoxoxo

  39. Ohhhhhh!!! SPRING! Come soon! We have another couple of months, up here in the frozen tundra- Ha Ha- before we can plant. I will just have to live vicariously through you.
    Thanks for joining Friday Pretties again. It is always a Delight to visit you!

  40. Your photos are so gorgeous! Spring is certainly in there air by you! Love all your inspirations and have fun gardening! :)

  41. Your blog is lovely, I'm so happy I found you! I'm following you now. Wishing you happiness, Katherine


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