Saturday, April 16, 2011

♥ A Daddy's Love --- Happy Birthday Jordan ♥

Siblings and son arriving to see Jordan...
A Daddy's Love
 The best medicine :-)

 Thank you to everyone who has sent cards to Jordan this week.
He's started receiving them, and has been greatly encouraged by your 
outpouring of love. If you'd still like to write a note to him, you can find the address here.
He received a Purple Heart earlier this week.

copied from Jordan's facebook page today:
"Jordan's son, Jay, and brother's, Nate and Levi, and sister, Chelsea, arrived in Maryland last night. Jordan was nervous and anxious to see them.  We were all a little nervous about how Jay would receive his Dad, but he was warm, gentle and just a little shy. Today Jay was at his Dad's bedside all day, standing on a chair next to the bed or laying on the bed. His wife, brothers and sister went shopping for Jordan's birthday that they will gratefully be celebrating tomorrow. Jordan will be turning 27."

He has had more surgery this week, and his pain is severe.
Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers.
His birthday is a day of rejoicing!

We're so proud of you dear Jordan! We're praying for quick healing, peace for the pain,
and that you are comforted by all the cards and well wishes expressly for you.
You are our family's hero!
Happy Birthday Jordan!!! We love you :-)


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  2. Oh bless him and his family Marcia!
    I have been busy with a sick baby but I have not forgotten.
    What an amazing young man he is, I hope so much his pain goes away soon.

  3. What a difference a loving family makes - truly wonderful!
    "Adelaide amd Beyond"

  4. Beautiful pictures......from a close familly......oh my tears in my eyes again when i see this...i will pray for him this week.....hope the pain will gone......happy sunday love

  5. Thank you for the update on Jordan.
    I'm so glad to hear things went well with Jay. I'm sure there must be a lot of questions in his mind. What a cute little guy. :)
    I'm sure this will be a birthday Jordan will never forget. I'm so glad he's here to celebrate it.

    We're still praying!♥

  6. I can only imagine the joy in that little boys heart to be with his dad! He warmed up pretty quick there. You can sure see the love on his dad's face for his son and vice versa. Bless their hearts! I'm so sorry Jordan has paid such a high price for his service to our country. We know so little about what our service people go through because they don't have blogging aunts like you to help us see. THank you so much for allowing us to be a praying, hoping audience for Jordan and his family.

  7. What a blessing. I am so happy his family is reunited. I can't help but think how young he is but maybe his youth will give him the strength to heal faster and stronger.

  8. that photo of jordan with his son is priceless, marcia. i hope he continues to heal and that his pain lessens day by day. the purple heart, absolutely well deserved.

    he continues to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  9. What an amazing post. Thanks for updating us. The pictures are worth a thousand words. I pray he will recover quickly and his pain can be managed.

  10. I'm so happy for Jordan that his family is now with him to give him the love and support he needs. Happy birthday Jordan!!! We wish you all the best with your recovery. You are a hero in the true sense of the word!
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear Marcia! :-)

  11. I wished Jordan a happy birthday on Facebook today. I hope he gets relief from the severe pain soon.

    Sending hugs your way, too. La

  12. Marcia, I can see the pain in Jordan's eyes that is deeper than the physical pain. I hope and pray for total healing of his mental and physical anguish and I wish him a blessed birthday. I want him to know that I think of him as a BRAVE HERO and although so much has been taken away from him in the prime of his life, he remains whole in the eye of God and in my eyes.

    I ask for an outpouring of God's grace and blessings on Jordan and his family.. JB

  13. I sent him a card and all my love and respect. These pictures are very precious...God bless him.

  14. Praise God for his healing hand and continued healing for Jordan!

    I have been out of town BUT will have a card in the mail to Jordan tomorrow!

    I am so happy that Jay got to visit and I am sure that Jordan loved having him there!

    I'll keep praying!!! Have a blessed Sunday! HUGS!

  15. Beautiful!

    Happy Birthday Jordan!

    Thanks for keeping us updated, Marcia!

  16. I saw the pictures on facebook, but I am even more touched seeing them here. He is an extraordinary hero and he has all of my thanks and respect. My birthday card has been mailed, but I will be keeping the cards going out to him.

  17. Family is THE best medicine!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    That little smiling face just made my day!

  18. More tears, Marcia. I am so thankful for the blessings being bestowed on Jordan, and will continue to uplift him in prayer. I will get his card out tomorrow!

    Thanking God for His goodness in all of this!

  19. That hug I see is absolutely priceless!

  20. Tears of joy as I read this tonight. I know his pain is physical and mental. We will not forget that and lift him in prayer. So glad he is surrounded by family.

  21. Hello Marcia!
    First, I am so happy for Jordan that his family has come to be with him! Just warms my heart to look at the picuters of Jordan and his son together! We are praying for him, and I will relate to our prayer group to pray for his pain.
    Next, I'd like to thank-you for leaving me a comment on my blog, it's soo good to hear from you!
    I pray you and your family are doing well!
    Many Blessings to you Marcia!

  22. Thanks for the update and the images of a precious reunion. Continued prayers for Jordan!

    Happy belated anniversary - I haven't been able to read blogs lately as much as I'd like.

    I guess that's a good thing since my etsy orders have kept me busy, but I do miss my blog buds!

  23. I can see the pain in his eyes. When they DO get it under control he needs to keep his meds leveled so that the pain does not get "out of the box" again. When that happens it is almost impossible to get it under control again without heavy,heavy sedation.

    God bless him and I am so happy that the cards, etc. are reaching him. I hope it gives him strenght to know that there are so many people that are blessed by what he has done and the pain he has suffered for them....for us...for me! I am free because of men like him! xxoo Diana

  24. What beautiful photos of a dear brave young man and his family. I'm so sorry Jordan is in so much pain. I pray that it will lessen with every day. Blessings to him, his family and to you and yours!

  25. Thank you for listing his address. I wrote down a letter to him today. I will mail it next week.

    I really appreciate the pictures and updates. I keep updating our children on Jordan's progress.

    I agree, Praise the Lord he can celebrate his 27th birthday!

    We will keep praying for his entire family ♥


  26. Happy Birthday to Jordan! The bond between father and son is a beautiful thing. Prayers to you all. Mimi

  27. Thank you Marcia for your comment. It could definitely be a post. And a great one too. Maybe you should consider it!! You have a very wise friend who gave you great advice. Because that is what homeschooling is about. Life. Period. And sometimes we will have those bad years but despite that the children are still learning amazing things. Things our book work will not teach them. And it all adds up to lessons in the end anyway.

  28. there is a blog award awaiting you on my blog :-)

  29. Glad he's enjoying the cards. I'll keep sending prayers, too.


  30. Marcia, I shared this post with my husband and we are sending our love and respects to Jordan on his birthday. Jordan: God Bless you and continue to get better. You are in our prayers.

    Beautiful post, my friend. Jordan will only continue to improve with all of the love and support of his family.



  31. What beautiful photos Marcia and I am so glad that is family is there with him celebrating his life. Congrats to him on receiving the Purple Heart as well, what an honor.
    He is in my continued prayers.

  32. Thank you for the updates, you and your family are in my prayers.He is lucky to have you as his aunt! I had a cousin who lost his arm the same way, I'm so sorry :(

  33. Thank you for the update on Jordan. Happy Birthday to him! The photos are wonderful, especially the ones with his son. I'm so glad they are able to be together. God bless him!

  34. There is nothing better than family. Continuing to keep him in my prayers.

  35. Those are SUCH happy pictures. And congratulations to Jordan for the purple heart. I'm thrilled to bits to see him looking a bit better.


  36. I have been MIA here for a while, but not my prayers. I am soooo glad to see these pictures!!! wonderful wonderful!! God has many plans laid out for this sweet family.

  37. What a special moment to have documented. They look so sweet together. Praying that there is pain relief and that Jordan's progress continues.


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