Wednesday, April 6, 2011

♥ Young Love ♥

I asked my twins to help me gather rocks to surround our
newest little tree in our backyard.
This is what I came out to ♥ find ♥
 With all of the trouble 10yo twin boys can seem to get into,
they still know how to melt my heart :-)

We also have a bit of young love forming around here:
well actually, they're really bird watching :-)
It's just wishful thinking though...they're both big chickens outside :-)

I have good news about Jordan :-)  My brother sent me an email today:
He's doing really good, they gave him an epidural last night & it's taking care 
of his pain now. They did surgery on him this morning & started closing his 
right leg. The left leg is a little worse. They do surgery mon, wed & Friday  to 
wash his wounds. I'll get you the address tomorrow.
He shared an address on Jordan's facebook page today, 
but my brother thinks they may move him again
so I'll wait to get a more permanent one.

Special thanks to everyone who has posted Jordan's photo
on your sidebar, and thank you to Serena at The Farm Chicks
for helping to spread the word about Jordan both on facebook
and in blog land. 
You're prayers are all helping so much!!


  1. Oh I am so glad to hear more positive news.
    Our thoughts and prayers continue.

    Love the Lovin' going on in the window...and what a blessing...the heart of rocks!:)

  2. Dear Marcia,
    how lovely! :-) It made me smile and I'll keep smiling!

    I'm so sorry to read about your brother! I have not been able to look around much after my surgery, so I have not seen this before. How terrable but also wonderful that they saved his life, and that he is back in the US recovering! I've written to him at FB, and I will add his story to my blog!

    Keep up the good faith and know that I'm thinking about you!

    Love, Cathrine :-)

  3. How cute are you boys!? Sending more prayers.

  4. Just to let you know ~ I am praying.

  5. Hi Marcia, your boys are so sweet! And those kitties adorable! So glad to hear that things continue to move forward positively for Jordan. Wishing all the best for him and his family. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  6. Hi, Marcia,

    Oh, what sweet boys you have!! I just love their little heart of rocks!♥

    The pictures of the cats are so cute!! I'm glad they get along!

    I'm so glad to hear the good news about Jordan!
    Thanks for mentioning his picture. I was going to ask if I could put it in my sidebar. :)

    Take care, my friend! ♥

  7. Sweet what little ones can do to our hearts:) Loving the kitties sitting in the window!

    Praying for Jordan always! He is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  8. Your boys are sweet!

    Such good news about Jordan. Still praying!

  9. Those sweet boys of yours.
    Happy to hear Jordan is making progress.
    I am continuing to pray for Jordan and all the family.

  10. My goodness Marcia your boys are adorable! They know just what to do to make mom smile! Thank you for sharing Jordan's progress. I will continue to pray for him and your family.

  11. Thank you for sharing the positive/updated news about Jordan. I'm continuing to pray for him and all of our heroes:)

    So sweet, the heart around the tree ~ made me smile:)


  12. Wow. Rocks are so often used as weapons, hurled in anger and hatred. The world could learn a lesson or two from your children! I am crying as I write this.
    Jordan is an amazing, brave man. A Marine's Marine. I took his photo to the local VFW where it was placed on the wall. We are all praying for this brave soul.


  13. Sweet pictures!

    Good to hear that Jordan is doing so well. I will continue to pray!

  14. Oh little boys...don't they just warm a mother's heart? I know mine do.
    The news on Jordan is wonderful...still coating everyone in prayer..for peace that passes all understanding and His totally hand of healing on the physical body and on his spirit.

  15. Those boys of yours know just how to make your heart joyful. How so very, very sweet, Marcia!

    The cats are precious and look like they are best friends.

    Thank you so much for letting us know how Jordan is doing. Sending all of you a BIG HUG and a prayer for a quick and safe return home. How sweet of Serena to spread the love. She is just so sweet!

    My thoughts are with you every day......


  16. What a daily blessing it is to hear good news about one of our own precious servicemen. I'm so thankful for Jordan. His sacrifice for his country has been enormous. Praying for him, his wife (we often forget the stress on the spouse) and his family. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of Jordan's story.

  17. How sweet your boys are, Marcia! Precious!
    Love the pics of your cats... sweet! We really do have young love at our house, with two mamma cats expecting kittens any time now... hehe!
    So glad to hear Jordan continues to do well... continuing to wish him and your family much strength and love.

  18. Marcia...just wanted to let you know that I am still praying for Jordan....God's Blessings...Sheila

  19. Boys are such a mystery to me, my twins just awe me daily- the love they have for me, is something... When the two of them think together, watch out! You'll end up with a heart around a tree!!! So sweet!

    I'm always telling my boys that there are two teenage girls out there somewhere, that don't know yet, that they are going to be blown out of the water blessed by each of my boys!

    So glad to hear that Jordan is continually healing, and still praying for he and the family.

  20. It's so wonderful to hear Jordan's improving. PLT!! Your boys are sweeties and I love the photo of the kitties. Cute! Have a great day.

  21. AAhhh, that is just so sweet. Those little boys do have their sweet side don't they.

  22. Prayers do make a difference, don't they?
    We will keep ours coming.


  23. Thanks for the update, good to hear the news. Lots of love going on here. :D

  24. Thanks for the update. My prayers are with your family today.

    The heart rocks, and cat love are both so adorable! I can see why both of these scenes melted your heart...:)

    I hope your day is a sweet one!

    xoxo Gloria

  25. Spring is in the Air! A time to appreciate all that is around us. I LOVE the rock "heart"...and I love your two chickens-er-I mean kitties...and I am thrilled to hear about the recovery process so far! hugs- Diana

  26. So glad to hear Jordan is on the long road to mending. I know though it can take years to overcome such trials. Those kitties in your window are so sweet. I just love that photo.

  27. That is the sweetest rock heart ever ♥ My Bible Study ladies are lifting Jordan in prayer...just wanted to let you know! And believe me...they are prayer warriors!

  28. Hi Marcia,
    Great news about Jordan. So thankful he is continuing to improve. Still praying...

    Your boys are just too sweet!

    I love the kitty photos...very cute!

    Have a lovely weekend. :)

  29. Looks like good news all round, rockheart, love cats and sounds positive on Jordan. Great news - there is not much around.

  30. Yay for Jordan!!!

    Yay for young love!

    Yay for the twins giving you their heart!

    You gotta love a happy post!

  31. I am so happy to hear there is some good news about your nephew Marcia!
    Your twins are sooo cute and soo sweet!
    I saw a cute poem once about how only a Mother could love 10 year old boys. I wish I could remember it all. My son was 10 at the time and it just really stuck with me.

  32. What sweet boys you have (not to mention adorable kitties!;) So pleased with your good news on Jordan. Praying for his recovery that all will be well in Jesus name. :)

  33. The rocks your twins placed beneath your new little tree kind of says it all. Love and prayers for Jordan.

  34. Hi Marcia! Your blog is wonderful. I've been able to catch up with Kevin on facebook. Maybe one day you will be on there too. Elaine, Mom and I are all on there now.


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