Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mums in May and a wonderful photo of Jordan :-)

Can anyone tell me why we're getting Mums in May? 
Okay, I know that by the time you read this it will be June 1st, 
but they've been blooming all week, and "Mums in May" was a catchier title :-)
 I took a few quick photos this afternoon, and they didn't turn out too well,
but you can see their early show of color.
 I don't remember ever having them bloom this early before. 
Any ideas? 

 And for anyone who's been following to keep up with Jordan, 
this is the best photo of all :-)
Jordan and his beautiful family!! 
He's continuing to improve. He just has a few more areas that need to heal,
and then he'll be getting his prosthetic legs. Jenn told me I could share this
wonderful photo with all of you, and she said thank you for everything :-)


  1. Hi Marcia, your flower photos are beautiful! And what a terrific photo of Jordan and his family. I pray that his injuries continue to heal and that his new legs will be easy to adjust to. He's come a long way, hasn't he? Praise the Lord!

  2. he is so blessed by The Lord! (She is an Angel!!!) Why do i always cry reading about this family?! Let God bless them.....

  3. Nice to see this lucky familly...oh so beautiful to see.....!!..thanks for share....love and blessings from me darling...xxx...

  4. How wonderful to see Jordan and his family and that great big smile on his son's face. :) It's a wonder the bougainvillea are still blooming over here. We got up to 122 yesterday and today. The heat is on! Have a happy day. Tammy

  5. Hi Marcia,
    That pic of Jordan and his family really touches my heart. I am so glad to hear he is healing and I hope his heart and soul are healing too.
    Mums in May?
    Hmmm. We don't see them until September!
    Hugs friend,

  6. Love the mums and mine are budding too! I am sure it is the weird weather we have had causing them to bloom early:)

    Jordan looks great! I love seeing him with his sweet family! I pray that he receives blessings to fill his heart to the brim! God, please watch over, care for and heal this HERO! Amen


  7. Mine flowered over the summer last year too. I'm not sure why.

    Jordan's healing is a miracle. It is thrilling to see how far he has come.

  8. Jordan's family is beautiful! He looks good!

    Mums in May? I don't know why they are blooming but they are very pretty!

    Have a lovely week, friend.


  9. Jordan looks fantastic! I'm so pleased that he is healing so well. He has been through so much; his strength and perseverance is inspiring.

  10. Jordan does look amazing.

    Mums in MAY...how lovely they are my friend. oxoxxo Hugs.

  11. I am so glad he is improving each day. He is an amazing person and I can see that his family is so happy to have him.

  12. Great picture! What a lovely family!
    He is our hero!

  13. Your Mum's are beautiful and Jordan is just a miracle. I just can't even imagine all he has gone through and he is up.
    God be praised.

  14. That is a great pic of Jordan and his family. Glad they are home. As for the mums maybe the cool spring fooled them into thinking it was fall. Mine are blooming too but if you cut them back once they are done and feed them they should bloom again in the fall.

  15. What a wonderful photo. His family must be rejoicing. So glad he is on the mend.

    Love the flowers, they look beautiful.

  16. Those mums are beautiful!!
    What a great picture of Jordan and his family. I'm so glad to hear he's improving. His little boy is just so cute.♥

  17. Marcia,

    Such gorgeous flowers, but even better picture of Jordan. I have been praying for him and his family as they come through this trial. May God to continue to bless him.

  18. So glad to see that Jordan is doing better. I had my whole extended family add them to their prayers.

    I have mums blooming too...I had just mentioned to my hubby that it was weird that they are blooming...he thinks it's the cool weather...and cold nights we've been having!

  19. That's wonderful to see Jordan looking so well. And he looks determined, too.

    I will pray for fast healing and comfortable, well-fitted prosthetics.


  20. I loved seeing the beautiful mums and flowers...but seeing Jordan is the best...give him our love! :D

  21. Oh my that IS the best photo! He looks wonderful. If that were my husband I think I'd be sitting on him not ever letting go :-) hee hee

    SO glad to see all their happy faces. I pray for his next phase of life and his dear family.

    Beautiful Mums in May :-)


  22. Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful photo of Jordan and his family!! I am so happy!!

    Thank you Jordan!

  23. Amazing to see him outside with his beautiful family. I hope he feels blessed and is healing emotionally too. xoxo

  24. It's really nice seeing Jordan and his family together. I pray for Jordan every day that he continues to improve physically and emotionally. He's a real hero.

    Your flowers are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. JB

  25. Beautiful Mums.....I notice mine are about to pop out....but not in May!! :) Not sure why they are so early this year!!

    Jordan and his family look great...please let them know that they continue to be in my prayers for a speedy recovery, and support during what has to be a difficult time for them all! Would love to see a day when he can stop with all the surgeries (sp?). Love the beautiful smiles on his family's faces!! ...and thanks so much for keeping us posted on his progress!!

  26. Your mums are almost as pretty as the picture of Jordan and family.
    So happy to see him out of the hospital. I am concerned my gift to him is lost between second hospital(San Diego) and his move out of the hospital. But just to know he is progressing is wonderful.

  27. I've had mums bloom in the spring before but I always cut them back so they'll bloom again in the fall!

    Boy, that picture of Jordan and his family brought tears to my eyes. I'm so very appreciative and humbled by their sacrifice.

    Hope your week is going well, Marcia!

  28. Marcia- Your Mums are beautiful but the most beautiful part of your post is the one of Jordan at the end. I had faith that God would bring him through this...and he has...and now to start that long, lonely journey of recovery. No matter HOW much people will want to help he is the only one that can do the work that will allow him to recover all the functions he can. God bless him on the rest of this battle. I think he's got a lotta fight in him! Hugs-Diana

  29. What an amazing and beautiful photo of Jordan and his family! I am so happy that he is doing so well Marcia.
    Your mums are so pretty but I have no idea why they are blooming now, everything is so crazy weather-wise, maybe they are confused too. :)

  30. Great photos, love the colors of the flowers. We had hail today, so I really appreciate the bright mums. And thanks for sharing the photo of Jordan, I pray he will continue to heal, cute family.

  31. Hi Marcia,
    So thankful to read that Jordan is doing well, and improving. A lovely photo of his family. His son is adorable!

    Your flowers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :)

  32. By any chance has Jordon, his wife and son been into any of the San Diego Wal-Marts within the previous month? My husband saw his photo and is very sure Jordon is the one he helped. My husband had thanked him for his service, and Jordon? stated many don't appreciate what they have done.

    If it was Jordon, wow what a small world.


  33. The mums are beautiful, Marcia. And Jordan looks GREAT!!

  34. amazing flowers :)
    and a great photo of Jordan. I hope everything turns out all right for him and his family :)))

  35. Jordan...one of God's miracles. Lovely family. I'm glad he is healing so well.
    Your Mum's are beautiful. I think plants are as confused about the weather as we are.

  36. Marcia,

    I was so blessed to see the picture of Jordan and his family. How awesome that the Lord is healing him and encouraging him and his family. Prayers are continued for Jordan :)

    The flowers are beautiful too!

    have a blessed day!

  37. Hi Marcia,
    I truly enjoyed reading your last posts, you have a wonderful family, and I see you even won Melissa'a give away, lucky you! She is one of the sweet friends I met here in blogland. I hope you enjoy the long weekend,
    bye, Maureen x

  38. It's wonderful to see that photo of Jordan!

    My mums all started to bloom and I had to cut them down to the ground otherwise they'd be done by fall and that's when I want them!

  39. Praise be to God for dear, brave Jordan. He has just touched my heart. I am weeping!!!! We here in the Gunn house take our military VERY seriously. What a sacrifice he has given so that we can remain the "Land of the Free".
    Blessings to him and his family.

  40. My mums are doing awesome, too. It is the cooler weather, fer sure, fer sure! Good ol' Cali, man!

    Jordan looks so handsome here. So proud of him, Marcia! Jordan, if you read your aunt's blog:

    So happy you are doing better. You look wonderful. (((hugs)))


  41. Beautiful mums! And a nice update on your nephew. We pray God continues to give strength to him, and his sweet family. Thanks for sharing, dear Marcia.

    Blessings to you,

  42. He looks really good!
    Can I mail a card?


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