Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Writing on the Wall (Shelf) :)

Sometimes it just takes a little frame and a few words to share they way you feel :)
The words in the frame above were just some I typed up and printed. 
The Beach Boys kind of hold a special place in our hearts around here. 
They were the first band I ever saw in concert. 
They were on a come-back tour, and were considered local boys,
having grown up in the same area I did. 
In fact my friend's mom had gone to school with them 
and used to tell us stories about them before they were "known". 

I found the Subway Art on a featured post over at Coastal Blue Ocean.

It was designed by Linda over at Seaside Style.
Thank you both for sharing this project. It was simple and fun,
and fits well in my home. I always have a little touch of the beach around here.
Our weather is still saying "Summer" although we had a little rain today, 
and it cooled down a bit. I haven't been motivated to get out the Fall things though,
since I'm still running the A/C :)
We're back at school now, and that does make our schedule a little more "normal", 
if there is such a thing. We aren't too normal around here most of the time :)
Wishing you all a lovely week!


  1. Both of the framed artwork are lovely! I love the Beach Boys, too, and that is a great song! That and the subway art do fit in well with all of your other decor. :) Your blog is so beautiful and calming, just perfect after a crazy day running around! :)

    I hope you are having a wonderful week so far, and that you have a great night! :)


  2. Dear Marcia,

    Thank you for the kind note and for mentioning my blog and Linda's great tutorial (and inspiring Subway Art).

    You are such a kind hearted person.

    Many blessings to you my friend!



  3. I have a feeling I could be completely 'refreshed' just taking a walk through your home! Thank you for sharing your beauty.

  4. love your artwork, Marcia. all those bright colors remind me of fun times at the beach.

  5. Such an easy way to add artwork to your decor. I love the beachy theme you have going on in your home. Growing up on the beach, I loved the Beach Boys too. If you attended their comeback tour, they must have just started out when I was a teen. Glad you are getting into the school routine. Now that we are back home for awhile, I am working at a routine.

  6. Love your little touch of the beach projects. And the Beach Boys were favorites of mine back in the day! Have a wonderful week. ~Cheryl

  7. Hi Marcia,
    how wonderful artwork, and lovely words! I really feel the sea close by, and how it feels like to be running at the beach! I'm hearing The Beach Boys in my ears as well! :-)

    But the summer is definatly over, and we've been catched up by the autumn, but you reminded me of what to come and what has been, and I love it!!!

    Cathrine :-)

  8. Hi Marcia!
    Missed your lovely posts and glad to see you're creating lovely pieces as usual - simple and stunning at the same time!
    Blessings to you all!

  9. I always listened to the Beach Boys!

    It brings back a lot of memories!


  10. Looks so pretty...love the family art up there too!!

  11. Those prints look so nice. I love the beachy vibe since it makes me think of summer :)

  12. I love all your decor. You really have such a talent for it.

  13. Nice to see you back and I always feel more normal when I am doing school. I also get more accomplished in a day during school than when I am not. All of your blue and white looks so pretty.
    Alas yes, air conditioning, at least until Halloween? I am tired of it but hey, I think it is better than snow.
    I always enjoy looking at your pictures.
    Have a wonderful week!

  14. Hello, Marcia! It was so good to hear from you, dear!
    I love your framed words... now I have the Beach Boys stuck in my head... *grin*
    Thanks for the update on Jordan in your last post... so thankful he is still doing good. (Except for that nasty fall, bless his heart...)

  15. Cute beachy stuff! I keep shells in my home year round.

    Makes me happy.


  16. Great prints...I love the Beach Boys! My first concert was The Carpenters...loved them too!!

  17. We've been back to school for two weeks now and I am finding it hard to get creative, or to do the cleaning that is required around here. :/ Love your framed pieces. I can't think about Fall either with temps around 110 most days. Still just trying to stay cool. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  18. Such a HAPPY post and beautifully done!!! LOVE the framed subway words. So fresh!


  19. Hi stranger! I'm back at home too, and trying to find "normal"!

    Love your new prints. I remember the Beach Boys playing volleyball at Rosecrans beach.


  20. What a coinkydink the Beach Boys were my first concert too. I was 16 and it would have been in 1976. boy I'm old!


  21. Love those so much! Cute little frames. Have you seen the Thanksgiving subway art? Really cute too. Mimi

  22. Hey sweet Marcia,
    I've been so busy and it's been so hectic lately and I've missed visiting with you!! School has started and we have had such sadness with the start of school losing my father in law. We are finally I think in the "school" routine (not necessarily saying that with a smile!) We are adjusting to loss....
    Your post was such a bright spot for me! I loved those frames and I'm always so happy to see all your BLUE! I'm getting ready to redo my bedroom and am going to use those blue mason jars for my "accent color". Your posts lately have been inspiring me. OH how I wish I lived so close to the ocean as you! I might beg you to take a few photos for me and email them so I can frame them!!!
    Just wanted to stop in and say HI and I've missed chatting with you!
    I did get my fall decor out but am already missing summer!
    Blessings to your home,

  23. They both look perfect Marcia! I love the words that you chose, your shelf looks beautiful.

  24. Awesome prints and your shelf totally rocks! Wow. Love it.

  25. i miss the summer - hurrumph :-) Glad all is well there!! Blessings....

  26. it's been eons since i visited. so much going on in both our lives, looks like. settling for a wee bit of time here...


  27. I love your beachy artwork. Very cool and surfery!

  28. Oh that goes so well in your home and your life style.

    Blessings on a new school year...have fun and enjoy!


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