Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lessons on Love

Happy New Year! In 2016, be the one to jump in, feet first!!
Thank you Matt, Laura, and Daddy, for teaching me so much in 2015 about living life to it's fullest, to jumping in, even when it scares you...and reminding me that giving love to others is the only way to really live. You've taken pieces of our hearts to heaven, but I know that we will see you all again.
(The quote above is from my daughter-in-law's brother Matt, 
who went to heaven on August 30th, at the age of 22. He loved others very well!)

Another wonderful quote comes from Lissa Whitlock at

"As we stand at the beginning of a new year, I am continually inspired to live out loud, to get lost in the moment, and surrender the thoughts of what I thought things were supposed to be like and just appreciate life for how it IS. I'm so excited to see what crazy and unexpected memories that this new year will provide. I just want to get lost in life and soak it in.
And most of all I want to live this way with my Lord. I want to relax, let go, TRUST, and then just RUN; run after Jesus, run after joy, run after complete healing, run after love, run after life.
Walk with Jesus. Live in trust. Surrender it all to him. Let's let go of all of our preconceived notions and watch him blow our minds!" 

May you be blessed beyond measure in 2016!


  1. Wishing you and your family a year of abundant blessings. Tammy

  2. So true! I am jumping in along with you:) Have a blessed and beautiful New Year ahead! HUGS!

  3. May you always be a woman after God's OWN heart, who chases God, catches God and then gives Him away to others so they might also live and fully live.

  4. I intent to jump in feet first in 2016 too my friend! Happy New Year!

  5. ... and roll with whatever comes in your path, knowing HE is your strength and joy forever!! :) {i'm holding on to that one big time.}

  6. Hope you are having a blessed year also. I was thinking about when I first started my blog the other day and you came to mind. I hope all is well with you and your sweet family. I just recently started posting again as I had taken about a year off. Glad I checked and found a post from you.


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