Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

On February 17, 1988 I gave birth to my firstborn child. Ryan is turning 22 today, so I hope you indulge me a little, this post is especially for him :-)
 I didn't mean to blink,
I didn't mean to close my eyes,
 But life just has a way,
Of taking your todays,
And making them your past.
Why does it change so fast?
I didn't mean to blink.
 But blink I did, and you grew up. Way too fast for me.
Your quick wit keeps us all laughing. Your love for your family shows in everything you do. I know that you're called to serve God and that has already taken you around the world, so I realize you may not always live close by, but in my heart you are always with firstborn child, 
the first to call me Mommy.
I love you Ryan, and I am so very proud of you.
Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

    Marcia, the photos are all wonderful, but the first photo of the three of you? So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Rayan!
    He is such a good looking young man
    and I am so glad that he has found his path in life. I know you are a proud Mother.


  3. Ahhh, what a sweet tribute to your firstborn. What wonderful pictures and love the first one. You and your hubby look like babies yourselves. Handsome couple, beautiful baby.
    Happy Birthday, Ryan.

  4. Happy Birthday Ryan!
    He looks like a carbon copy of his Dad! What a lovely tribute! So much fun to see all the pics and I know his Momma is proud!!! Hugs, Cindy

  5. That brought tears to my eyes! Happy birthday to your Ryan!


  6. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

    What a special young man; you must be so proud, and rightfully so. Blessings to him and your entire family on this special day!


  7. It brought tears to my eyes too. Your love for your first born shines through in your tribute. Ryan certainly knows his mommy loves him.


  8. Happy birhtday to Ryan,so beautiful son you got,very nice picture of Ryan`s life.
    I wish you all a very beautiful day,
    big hug and many blessing from sylvia

  9. Well... that just made me cry. What a sweet post for your son.

    I am an emotional mess these days about how quickly my kids are growing up. It truly feels like "just yesterday...."

  10. God bless you and your son, not just on his birthday, but every day!

  11. Wow, what a beautiful post from a mom's heart.

    Happy birthday, Ryan.

  12. Heart warming tribute to your son
    I wish Ryan a Happy Birthday.
    You are a blessed MOM.


  13. Happy Birthday to Ryan! What a handsome young man!


  14. Awwww... Happy Birthday to your firstborn, Marcia... he was an adorable little boy and is now a very handsome young man- I know you must be proud of him!

  15. Happy Birthday to your is amazing how fast they grow. It really is a blink! Enjoy the day...xoxoxo

  16. Lovely blog. What a nice tribute to your firstborn.

    I have one daughter. She is five. I am a SAHM. I send her to a wonderful Christian Pre-K. Thought about homeschooling, but she is too social and active. Plus being just one, I think I found a good fit for us.

    Have a blessed day.

  17. OK, now I'm crying as I'm sitting here watching my two kids do their school work in the living room!

    My oldest will be 12 in May - unbelievable!

    Happy Birthday to Ryan!

  18. I know this is for him but it made me cry. I can so relate to this,,my first son holds that place in my heart too...a very dear first mommie time. He is so handsome...God bless him! Come say hi :D

  19. Okay, it's possible I'm hormonal, but I am in tears now. This is the most beautiful heartfelt post. Happy birthday to Ryan! He is a handsome young man -- and definitely resembles his father. Oh no! I'm afraid to blink. HA! I know that soon my Yusef will change right before my eyes. Just waiting for that growth spurt. My friend Melissa has 6 kids with a set of twins too. Her oldest will be 21 next month. Hope you are having a fantastic day. Blessings, Tammy

  20. Happy Birthday, to Ryan

    You have a beautiful (big)family.:-)

  21. I sat and cried like a baby and he's not even my child! But, I do love him like he was one of my grandkids!

    Happy Birthday, Ryan. You are special!!!

  22. Hang on--I'm wiping tears... {{sniff}}
    Happy Birthday to Ryan! May he have many, many more.

    The time really does fly by, doesn't it?!

  23. Wow Ryan is soooo handsome! Is he at CBU? I saw the sign....a lot of our kids friends ended up at CBU while our kids all went out of state! Boy he is good lookin'. Happy Birthday Ryan!

  24. Hi Marcia! Happy Birthday to Ryan. Isn't he so handsome? I loved seeing him grow up before my eyes. Time really does fly doesn't it? I know you're so proud of him and it sounds like he is one wonderful son.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. urgent prayer request and prayer button on arise 2 write.

  26. Congratulations with your sons birthday - 22years goes by fast but slow....
    Hope the nex 50 will be just as good!

  27. Happy Birthday, Ryan! Hope you're having a great day. :)

  28. That was a lovely post!! Happy Birthday to Ryan. He sounds like an amazing young man.

  29. Tis a handsome boy! Looks just like his dad.

  30. Wow! Happy Birthday to Ryan! He sure must make your momma heart swell to overflowing! I hope this is a great day for you too as you go down memory lane.
    : )
    P.S. You were such a cute young couple with your precious newborn baby in your arms!

  31. Yes, they do grow up way too fast! My daughter is 35!! I swear, the last time I looked, I was that age. Your have good looking kids. Just like their proud parents.

  32. Happy Birthday to him!! What a handsome young man!

  33. Happy Birthday, Ryan! I love big brown eyes and he sure has some great ones. I keep telling my daughters to enjoy their little kids cause before you know it they're grown and gone. I don't think they believe me but it's so true.

  34. CONGRATULATION, Marcia! The pictures of him growing up, together with the words, was really wonderful! Where did all the years go, every mother wonders I think! Looking back you know time has passed, but it feel like yesterday since he was born, does it not!

    On my blog I have a framed embroidery (light blue background and white stitches) that says "Livet er ikke dagene som går, men dagene du husker" which means something like this: "Life is not the days that passes by, but the moments you remember!"

    Cathrine :-)

  35. Happy Birthday Ryan!

    What a touching post for your son Marcia. He has turned out to be a handsome young man and looks like he enjoys life. I cannot imagine what it must feel like looking back at your firstborn having no children myself but I am sure it is a day full of love and pride at seeing him as a young man in the world.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  36. Happy Birthday to your son! Very sweet pictures, and post.

  37. Happy birthday to your handsome son! I loved that photo w/ the mickey mouse ears - adorable!

  38. If we kept our eyes open would time stand still? lol

    Happy birthday to Ryan! The photos are marvelous, and so is he!


  39. Happy Birthday Ryan, how luck you are to have a mom like this!

  40. A very lovely post! A VERY Happy birthday to your son! :) Karen

  41. Happy Birthday Ryan!!!
    Such a sweet post Marcia!!!

  42. Happy belated birthday to your son. Me and my husband's birthday was Wednesday also. I have heard of a lot of people born on that day. Hope he had a good one.

  43. Oh you are so right ~ In the blink of an eye they are grown! Happy Birthday Ryan! Judi

  44. Happy Birthday Ryan! Such a sweet post Marcia!

  45. such a beautiful post Marcia and beautifully written as well! Happy birthday Ryan! Blessings!

  46. Your post brought tears to my eyes! My babies are still little, but I know the years will pass quickly, You've reminded me to hold them tight just a little bit longer and to love on them more TODAY... What a beautiful family you have. Blessings to you all, Miki

  47. Happy Birthday Ryan. Thanks for sharing all of those precious pics of your baby with us! How proud you are and should be.

    Susan and Bentley

  48. Precious post!!!

    They do grow up so quickly!

    Becky K.


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