Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic fever

Our family has gotten caught up with Olympic fever. I've been missing from blog land because my evenings have been filled with skiing, skating and all of the other amazing winter sports, and watching athletes from so many lands come together to compete. 

I have a reason to be interested too. I'm a former Olympian.

You're laughing, aren't you? 

I know some of you might have read here about my first skiing experience, and think that I couldn't possibly be an Olympian, but you'd be wrong. 

I even have Olympian Silver! Do you want to see it? Here it is. See the torch? See the Olympic rings? It's a silver Olympian ring.

I know what your thinking. They give medals, not rings. Well, here's another hint. See the Olympic rings on the bottom?

Yes, you might be figuring it out right now. At the high school I went to and graduated from, we were called the Olympians. In fact, there are only a couple of schools in the country that are able to use that name, and ours was supposedly the first. Before each football game we even had a runner that carried a torch around the field. That was our mascot.

During the mid 70's, the Olympic committee decided that these schools shouldn't be using their name, and tried to stop it.  Our school was the only one at the time that was able to produce a letter from the Olympic committee (dated in 1932) stating that we could legally use the name. They were obligated to let us continue :-) I believe they later negotiated and the other schools were able to keep the name too.

So you see, I really am a former Olympian. Or at least an Olympian alumni! I hope you're enjoying the Olympics and cheering for your favorite athletes.


  1. Marcia, I miss you when you don't post, but I'm glad you're spending time with the family, supporting our fellow countrymen!!!

    I enjoyed today's post and the distinction your high school had of being "The Olympian."

    You're full of interesting stories.

    Hurry back....

    PS....stop by my place and enter.....

  2. You are so sneaky.

    That is an interesting mascot to have. Ours was a bulldog!

  3. What a great story. It's nice to know an Olympian :-)
    I've been wrapped up in watching the Olympics too. I never follow skiing, speed skating, etc. but when the Olympics are on I'm a big fan of all of it.

  4. What a great story - glad your school was able to keep the name. Our school's mascot was The Brave. At every event that opened with the National Anthem everyone would go wild with singing that last line, "the home of the brave."
    We are watching as much of the Olympics as we possibly can, too. Just love them and looking forward to the next ones already *s*

  5. I have an update for Amden on arise 2 write.
    Thanks for your prayers,

  6. I have missed you! That is so cool...and we are enjoying them too, such awesome young people! I'm having a ...GIVE A WAY...:D

  7. Hi,
    What a cute story! That's so interesting that the school had a letter from the Olympic committee stating they could use the name. We have been watching the Olympics too most nights...it's always fun, and exciting! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Great story Marcia. But I was ready to believe you were in the Olympics. You have suprised me several times with stories of what you have done.
    We have enjoyed the Olympics too.
    It great you can enjoy it as a family.

  9. I'm impressed that you're an Olympian! You aren't from Olympia Washington are you? I wonder if their high school uses that name? Mimi

  10. Hubby and I have been the same way, Marcia... every night we've been glued to the TV!! Once we lock the animals up, we've been plopping sown on the couch the rest of the night, I don't know what we'll do when the Olympics are over.
    I LOVE the skiing and the ski jumping best. My nerves can't hardly stand the speed skating- I almost hyperventilated the other night it was such a close race. LOL

  11. I have enjoyed the Olympics a lot! I have my laptop and write at the same time! Love your header picture! Enjoyed your post too!

  12. What a cool tale! We've been somewhat caught up in the Olympics...part of it anyway. I'm an Apolo Ohno fan and I really liked watching Shaun White, too.

  13. Interesting story!! :)

    Yes, the baby booties are so cute, love them! Soon she is to big for them, she grow so fast!! She wake us up in the morning by "talking" now, so beatiful noises!! :)

    have a nice weekend.
    Love from Norway!

  14. Marcia,
    You nearly fooled me, bacause I've learnt never to underestimate anyone, and you never know who is behind a blog, you know! Still I can not complaint, because you have been visiting my blog, so I'm happy about that! I do hope that you enter my Give Away, celebrating the 1st blog anniversery! Have a nice weekend and enjoy the OG!

    Cathrine :-)

  15. I just found that you visited my blog and wanted to say thank you for posting. I really liked your post on your sons 22nd birthday it was very sentimental :)

  16. Now that's a great story about your school! I was wonder what you were getting at while I was reading it!
    I love it! I never would of guessed it!


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