Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Little Here...A Little There...

 The tree is already put away...the temptation to our new kitty was just a bit  too much :-)
Well, that...and the fact that the new Wii game system requires *moving about* space.
I played the bowling game yesterday with my family, and today....it seriously hurts to walk!
I definitely need to figure out the "Wii Fit" part of this system, and get "Me Fit" :-)
 Although the flowers outside are still blooming and cilantro is cropping up everywhere, 
This photo was taken today :-)
traces of wintertime and Christmas remain around my little kitchen...
 Once in awhile it does look neat and tidy,
 But more often than not we have a dose of reality :-) 
 And you're not seeing the floor, or the windows, etc. etc.  Also, the answer is  *yes*
to those who might be wondering...I do keep a clear plastic cover over my tablecloth.
 A family of eight creates a fair amount of chaos...and quite a bit of laundry. 
We call our laundry pile *Mt. Never Rest*.
This little added bit of protection keeps me from having to wash my tablecloth every day :-)
Remember, I am a *Simple* gal.

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments over the past year. 
Getting to know you has been such a blessing in my life, 
Your kindness always touches my heart!

I'm joining Kathleen for White Wednesday over at Faded Charm. 
If I don't catch you before, I'll see you in the New Year!


  1. Hi Marcia, I'm ready to put the tree and decorations up too. I must say, my dining table chaos is much worse than yours and no matter how many times I clean it up, it never, ever stays that way. :/ Cilantro! Yum! I use it in so many recipes, but have never tried growing any of my own. I have a red lantern just like yours. :) Summer before last I bought Wii fit and not once did I use it. Have a great day. Tammy

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  3. Hey.. I see my cousin Tammy beat me here:)
    I love your table.. the cloth, and the oranges with cloves. I think it is smart to put plastic over the cloth and protect it. Love those aprons.

  4. What lovely pictures! So fresh and pretty.
    I love seeing reality.
    Sometimes it seems blog homes aren't really lived in.

    Becky K.

  5. Marcia,

    Your home is lovely...reality and all! :)

    I started to take the tree down last night. I just need to remove the lights today and get it take outside. It is sooo dry! sigh. It was stunningly beautiful (to us) while it lasted!

  6. Your home looks loved and so beautiful! When we got Wii bowling last year my hubby had to go to the doctor because his wrist hurt so much from playing it ALL the time! :) It is very addicting though. I am so jealous of the pretty flowers that are blooming, I am so ready for spring!!

    Have a wonderful day and a Happy New Year my friend!!

  7. Your home always looks so peaceful...which is a lot to accomplish with eight! It is beautiful! Happy New Year!!

  8. Hi Marcia!
    I've just put away my Christmas decorations and tree and spent hours cleaning up! Your home looks great in the reality shot! I wouldn't dare show you mine!
    I remember the first time I played Wii Fit and couldn't move for days!
    It's really great fun though!
    Wishing you all a blessed 2011!

  9. We received a wii also! They've really come down in price, my parents blessed us- The children took their trees down yesterday, they wanted to do some organizing in their rooms {boys: legos, music-girls: american girl doll clothes} I'll have to blog about it, we went with rolly cart plastic drawers.

    Our main tree is not coming down yet!!! It's snowing at our house today, I guess that would be a white Wednesday thing!!! I can't wait to get out and take a pictre of the house with the Christmas lights and snow!!

  10. Our tree too is put away but not because of a tempted kitty!! Mostly tempted children! Playing with their new toys, running around with excitement since I've not sat them back down to lessons yet. It was the tree or me that had to go.

    I love the picture of the plants. We are buried in pure white and will be until April at least. It seems I haven't seen green in forever!

    Have fun with that wii.

  11. Your "Mt. Never rest" quote cracks me up- I have been thinking about that for the past few days as I have been "scaling" ours. I tried the plastic over the tablecloth trick a few months ago, but apparently my plastic was too cheap and thin and kept scooting about. I am on a hunt for a nice heavy thick one-any suggestions? Love your decor! PS Your reality looks pretty good to me;)!

  12. Love the Wii bowling. I am a pro at it now. It is so much fun. I have also done bowling and The Beatles Rock Band for Wii. That is fun too.

  13. Love the Wii bowling. I am a pro at it now. It is so much fun. I have also done bowling and The Beatles Rock Band for Wii. That is fun too.

  14. I can certainly relate to a Mt Never Rest laundry pile! I hope you had a marvellous Christmas.....and a very Happy New Year!

    Enjoy the time with your lovely family.


  15. *giggle* Very cute post, Marcia! I call our laundry Mt. Washmore.
    Our tree is down too, thanks to the new puppy- she wanted to eat the ornaments! YIKES!

  16. Those Wii games are good exercise. We played bowling and baseball last week and my arm hurt for days!

    I'm going to put my tree and Christmas decorations away tomorrow. I like the start the New Year with things tidy.


  17. Marcia- Lovely--lovely--lovely. I can't spot any children at all though...are they hiding under the table? Guess what? Even when they are all grown and gone and you are looking forward to not as much laundry? yeah...they come back...they bring babies AND laundry and the hubster seems to go into overdrive in the underwear department. I guess the outcome is...you will NEVER be caught up on laundry! Hugs- Happy New Year- Diana

  18. I have really thought about a plastic table cloth with three messy boys... I might just have to go get one now knowing I wouldn't be the only one! :)

  19. Hi Marcia,
    I love your little touches of the season here and there!

    I'm glad that you enjoyed your Christmas.

    I wish you a beautiful New Year.


  20. Hi Marcia,
    I really do love how you decorate. Your home is so lovely! I've also enjoyed knowing you; you are a very sweet lady and friend.

    I wish you all the best and many blessings for the coming year!


  21. Your kitchen looks so pretty and the plastic over the table is perfect. You do what you have to do to make things work.

    Happy New Year.

  22. What a beautiful home!!!!! And even if I could see "mess"...I'm sure it would even look lovely!
    Wii...we got one for Christmas from my son. And yes- a workout for sure:))
    Here's to the last of 2010...and may you have a wonderful celebration welcoming in 2011!

  23. Shoot, only two humans live in my house and I have oilcloth on all my tables! I love the simplicity, but certain beauty, of your home. It warms my heart to see it.

  24. What a sweet kitchen you have...I sooooo love the touches of RED!

    Thank you so much for all your sweet blessings you give me...you mean sooooo much to me.

    Sending you hope..peace..promise..contentment..and pure bliss for 2011 my sweet sweet friend. xoxoxoxoxox

  25. How nice to get another look at all of your pretty Christmas decorations, Marcia! Everything looks so charming... love your cabinet! I finally got most of our Christmas decorations down today... all but the trees (without any decorations). I think we'll keep them up until Saturday.
    LOL... loved your little dose of reality that you shared with us! You don't even want to see mine... trust me... lol!
    Happy New Year to you and your family, my friend!
    Jo :)

    p.s. I loved seeing pictures of your lovely family from the beginning 'til now in your last post... sorry I didn't make it over in time to wish you a merry Christmas... :(

  26. Oh my I did not think of a plastic cover!!! Where do you get this. Seriously, I am about to give up on tablecloths with all my little spillers, I don't say a word but my washer cringes when it sees me coming with another load. Ohhh, the Wii is fun. This year we got a tent and I am letting the kids camp in the garage tonight because it is supposed to only get down in the fifties.
    Happy New Year sweet friend!

  27. Our Wii is fun too. Try the boxing if you want your arms to hurt! Have a wonderful New Years Eve. It's been so great getting to know you too. Mimi

  28. I think I'd take your reality any day. Sooo neat a tidy and clean looking. Love the table cloth too :-)

    Thank you for visiting. Your blog is so refreshing.


  29. Hello Marcia :)

    I LOVE your home and how you decorate, reality included ;) I love Mt. Never Rest, too cute! Flowers? Oh my! We just got 2 plus feet of snow. I'm sore today but not from wii, from shoveling :)
    Have a most blessed New Years!


  30. I am your latest follower. I just found your blog and I love all the ideas! I will definitely be back to visit.


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