Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Simple Little Pearls--Overheard at My House :-)

 A little "Overheard at My House" dialogue...
just to let you know...we are a very real family :-)

Said by one of my twins: "Mom, I want to go to Miagna Falls."
Me: (laughing a bit) "Oh really, Miagna Falls?"
Twin: "Why are you smiling?"
Me: "Well, you're not saying it quite right."
Twin: "Miagana? Miagna? Miagra?, What is it?"
Me: "Oh honey, you're close enough...I like the way you say it; it sounds cute."
(Never say cute to a 10yo boy!)
He takes off, but is back in a minute.
Twin: "I asked "unnamed older brother" (although I'm not sure why I'm protecting his identity) and he told me how to say it right."
Me: "Oh really?" 
Twin: "He said it started with a V!"
I had a moment of realization before he blurted out...
 "It's Viagra Falls!"

Oh no...that will teach me to try and keep them little and cute :-)
(Not when there are older siblings around!) 
Sometimes it's the "simple little pearls" that bring us the greatest joy,
especially when they're said by our children :-)

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I'm linking to Sarah's new Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays,
because this little story is part of my "good life".
Thanks so much Sarah for starting this blog hop...I hope everyone can take a peek!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. That is the part I miss when they grow up the cute little words they come up with. That is so funny. This is a great story.

  2. This is great. I still have kids who talk that way and I love it. So precious to hear some of the things that come out of their mouth.

  3. That is so cute and really funny! They ought to have him make a commercial! ;D

  4. Very funny story. One to remember...for sure!

  5. Cute! Do you ever write things down in a book to save the memory?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. *LOL* Oh, Marcia- I'll bet there is never a dull moment around your house!! That is definitely "a pearl"!

  7. That is so funny, Marcia!
    I'm sure 'unnamed older brother' enjoyed every minute of it! :)

  8. that is a great story...our son just turned 10 on the weekend & his sisters made me eventually tell him that he doesn't wear *short-boards* but *board shorts*!!

    visiting from sarah @ a beach cottage...

    melissa x

  9. Great story. That will be one told many times over the years. :o)

  10. Marcia, I got such a chuckle out of that.

  11. Love it! :) I cringe each and every time Tucker figures out how to correctly say something he has always mispronounced in a cute way. Just rubs it in my face that he's growing up. :( But I still have 'ambulance'. He calls it 'am-blants'. ;)

  12. Thanks Big Brother! :)

    That reminds me of when my grandma tried to pronounce "fajita's". Too funny!

  13. How funny! I love that ... we are a very real family, too! (You just never know sometimes! haha)

  14. Oh gosh, that is so cute. I just love that things kids say. I keep thinking I need to start writing down all the funny little things that come out of my kids' mouths.

  15. So funny! My sis in law is always telling me to write down the things my kids say- but, of course, I forget to. What treasures...I mean "pearls"!

  16. Hi Marcia! Oh, this is cute! Out of the mouths of babes with older siblings! :)
    I miss these kinds of conversations! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. That is the cutest story. I learned to correct the kids early when my oldest was mispronouncing words and I thought it was cute and when other kids corrected her she was so mad at me for not telling her the right way. Kids are so funny.

  18. That is so funny!! I would still be laughing and those commercials would never be the same! :) I love it when they say unexpected things like that, it just makes my day!

    Have a blessed day!!

  19. Very cute! Those little sayings keep life at home fun!

  20. Oh tooooooo much like our household. The older ones always takes advantage of the younger one not being able to say their "l's"....so they have them say.."I wove women"...meaning "I love lemon!!"
    Too, too funny!!

  21. Just priceless!

    When my daughter was little she used to say when she grew up she wanted to work in an aminal hopistal.

    She is 21 and to this day still calls her morning meal breakfrast!

  22. That's so funny! Those older brothers...I'm off to enter your giveaway. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments! Jennifer:)

  23. Marcia,
    That is too cute! Start a memory book NOW or you will forget all those cute sayings!!
    My sis in law PBKisses posted earlier and I AM, as she said, always hounding her to write down her kids "funnies". They get some great ones and we just crack up! I think she should write a book with them!
    Thanks for sharing! Aren't older siblings just precious! HA!

  24. just found your blog...it is lovely!!!
    will bookmark and return again very soon!!!!

  25. What a cute story! Gotta remember to tell him that when he is, say, in his twenties and getting married. You might suggest they go to "Viagara Falls" on their Honeymoon!! Oh...hahahahahaha! ..I made myself fall of the chair! :)

    I have to tell my kids this one...:):)

  26. P.S. From this night on...Niagara Falls will here after forever be Viagara Falls!! :)

  27. ROTFL - LOL - almost choked on my dinner!! HILARIOUS!!

  28. Awwww...that is just too cute! :)

  29. Hi Marcia,

    I speak Dutch, Luxembourgish, German, French and English (for what it's worth!). Holland and Luxembourg are such small countries, you just have to speak all these languages.

    Viagra Falls! LOL!!!

    Wishing you a beautiful Thursday!


  30. LOL... that could be right out of a sitcom TV show... loved it!! It's all real over at my place,
    too... less siblings though... lol! ;-)

    Hope you have a wonderful day, my friend!
    Jo :)

  31. That is classic. You couldn't make that stuff up. I hope you had a great week.

  32. So funny! Love the little pearls from youngsters that you can tell over and over and over again for their entire lives!

  33. Ha! Ha!...;) Very cute! And...so are those older kids too! lol

    Beautiful photographs to match your sweet family story...:)

    Have a "pretty" Friday, and weekend my dear friend!

    XOXO Gloria

  34. Great story! Sure made me laugh and I enjoyed it. I teach 3rd grade so I can see it clearly. :)

  35. That is hilarious!!!!!

  36. That's hysterical!
    So...tell us...how old is "unnamed older brother"? Old enough that he KNEW what he was doing by inserting a "V" or innocently oblivious and just as "in the dark" as younger brother? ::SMILE:: Too funny.

  37. This is a sweet story reminding us that very little is needed to make a happy life ...Thank you for beeing my folloer.I am happy to meet you !


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