Wednesday, May 25, 2011

California Dreaming...

 Are you planning and dreaming about all of the things you're going to do this summer? 

Realizing that it's getting close, and those extra winter pounds will not look good on the beach, in summer clothes, as if anyone will be noticing this middle-aged woman, I decided I needed to start exercising more, and maybe NOT eat quite as many fattening tasty treats.  

*Beach vanity* is a bit of an obsession here in southern California. ;-)

Oh, the best laid plans, my friends!

Today while shopping at Target with my girls, my daughter mentioned that she had a Starbucks card and offered to treat us all to something there. We conveniently have a Starbucks in our local Target store, btw.

I'm not a coffee drinker, so I'm no expert on Starbucks, but when we came out both of my girls were sporting a nice Iced Passion Tea, very few calories, I might add....

and what did I get?
A Strawberry Frappuccino..... 
with creme!
We won't talk about all the calories in this baby :-)

They really need to take all of those photos of their sweet drinks down off the walls,
because novices like me are gullible suckers for a pretty picture!
 Do you have any idea how much walking I'm going to have to do to pay for this?

*The last two photos are from the Starbucks website because you really don't think
I took the time to get a photo before I drank this down, do you?* 

And in case you're wondering, no, that isn't my pretty blue sailboat...
Just another "California dreaming" moment, I guess :-)


  1. Thank you, for your sweet comment. I love this flowers, too. They are so beautiful.
    And I love strawberrys!!!!
    Have a nice day.
    Hugs Tanja

  2. hi.
    looks so beautiful at you picture,
    oh soo good with strawberry..
    from sylvia

  3. When i read your post i sit here with a capucinno and a bad.....hmmm......i must walk a long time today too shall we walk together ?? and kisses from me

  4. Oh Marcia , I'm drooling at the pic of your frappacino WITH CREME!! Yum!
    And yes, I'm trying to shift those extra pounds for summer. Help! I'm running out of time! LOL!
    Enjoy yourself come what may!

  5. LOL! This is funny! My husband and I already started a diet, we both want to lose 5 kg. I made a photo of myself in my underwear in the mirror and I can tell you...that helped! A lot!

    Have a nice day Marcia.

  6. I know you won't believe me, but I have 5 windows of them another friend's blog....and that one is playing California Dreaming, by the Mamas and the Papas right now....this very minute.....I had to laugh out loud!!!

  7. A girl sure can dream!!!!! And sometimes a frappacino is just what the day calls for:)

  8. A girl sure can dream!!!!! And sometimes a frappacino is just what the day calls for:)

  9. You come on over to my house, darlin', and I will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about Starbucks. I will make a Starbucks addict out of you. You will be sitting at their doorstep at 5:27AM waiting for the to open-sometimes they DO let me order at 5:27AM. I know..sad, isn't it? I don't do the sugar-y drinks though. I am a straight up coffee gal all the way!

    Love your DREAM-y boat! xxoo Diana

  10. Oh my... the bathing suit season is tragic for me, too many winter pounds added on! But the bathing suits still fit... they just don't look so good:)

    I have never had anything from Starbucks, too expensive for me! I am happy with my Maxwell House coffee, ALTHOUGH those cool drinks just might make me have to have one:)

    Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

  11. You get your sailboat and I will get my convertible and we will both enjoy the summer! LOL
    Oh with you on the drinks and must try both of the ones you mentions...I am a Starbucks Chia Tea drinker.

    Enjoy your summer...I found out we are moving so I am packing..UGH!

  12. Marcia ~
    You are so cute!! I am loving both of those Starbucks drinks ~ they look so yummy!!
    It is a good thing being a California Dreamer ~


  13. Hi Marcia, California Dreaming was a popular song back in my day...loved it! Oh yeah, we all have dreams. If I could have any dream, right now I'd be able to wrinkle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched and turn my messy and dirty house into a spotless one! Oh and I'd be standing in a cute little outfit with a trim little figure ready to walk out the door to hop into my cute little convertible to go grab one of those delicious looking frappuccinos. How's that for a dream? LOL Did I just hear a loud THUD? Oh, that was me...falling back down to reality. But, dreaming is fun anyway. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  14. Now that they post the calorie count on the menu board, I have a whole new outlook on ordering at Starbucks *s* That strawberry drink looks yummy for sure!

  15. Oh Marcia, we are kindred spirits :) Given the opportunity, I fear I would have made the same decision ... I can only imagine you enjoyed it immensely and that it was worth every extra step you have to take! ;) BTW, I'm a sucker for a sailboat as well. Blessings to you & your sweet family my friend!

  16. Well I like days like that and I am so glad that we have days when we can dream. :)

  17. Love your post
    love shopping with my daughter at target too
    I think you need that sailboat its too cute with your name on it

  18. a sweet post, marcia. i know exactly what you mean about 'beach ready'. i've been pleased the past few days were cold, and i needed to 'cover' up with a favorite fleece.

    love the pretty blue sailboat.

  19. Hi Marcia,
    You have me laughing here...:) My oldest daughter works at Starbucks (NOT in a Tarjaaaaay,,i love that place too)! Let me tell you... We are coffee drinkers. My daughter gets to choose coffee bags for mark-outs once a week, as part of her pay. But we have been using a Keurig machine instead, to her dismay. We are so lazy! ha! ha!
    We have a couple of trips planned already for the Summer. I am trying my best, being the middle-aged woman that I am, to try and keep up the exercising!! I have to keep moving!!! :)
    The boat photo is cute with your name on the side!
    I hope your weekend is full of fun walks & enjoyable moments with your sweet family.

  20. Aw how fun that you got to enjoy a nice treat with your daughters. I work at Starbucks (it pays the bills for now) and with the free drinks we get, I do ingest too much sugar but I have to say I enjoy every sip...:)

    Hope you're enjoying nice Spring weather at the moment. I'm with you in dreaming about a boat, some days that would just be the perfect way to spend the day.

  21. Will is making me walk 30 minutes a day with him. I wish it was as simple as that though - I'm also going to have to eat less if I want to have a thin silhouette this summer! ::Jill

  22. Amiga,

    Bom fim de semana!

    º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.

  23. a strawberry frapuccino looks delicious, let's forget for a while about calories and have fun:)

  24. Those drinks sure look good, Marcia! I like frappuccinos, but I don't drink them often because I know they're loaded with calories. Sometimes you just have to have one, though!!

    Our last day of school is June 3rd, and I'm so looking forward to a break!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!♥

  25. oh yum!! i will dream with you :-)

  26. Ooo boy! You know, I have resorted to the plain and simple fact that the days of a two piece are wayyyyyyyyyyy long ago. No pressure at all living in Cali, huh?

    LOVE the boat! Doesn't hurt one tiny bit to dream.


  27. Love the sailboat, that would be so amazing to go sailing! Oohh Starbucks! YUM!!! Those drinks look so good and I am pretty sure that if you don't think about the calories, they don't exist! :) At least that is what I tell myself every morning when I order a Chai latte. :)

  28. Remember that song that said California girls are the sweetest in the world...each one is a song in the making...
    I used to feel so awful because I wasn't a California girl!
    I want a boat so being around water :)


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