Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Simple Good Life :-)

 Growing up at the beach meant you could go here anytime.
Living in the desert doesn't afford us this luxury,
or provide this as an everyday view,
my dear hubby is always happy to teach one of our kids to surf ;-)
 or this, 
 although we can drive there in just a little over an hour.
  However, my newest patio chairs have become a favorite place to sit, 
 and enjoy the simple view I have.
They need to be painted, but I'll get around to that.......one day. 
(I know, famous last words).
 If you're willing to pay a bit of a water bill,
you can even have a green lawn here :-)
  I've been sitting out here a lot lately,
which means my house is not being cleaned like it should be :-)
Pretty soon our days will be too hot for this,
but I'll let you in on a local secret......
the summer evenings in the high desert are just ♥ heavenly ♥.
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I hope you're all enjoying your week too.

*Jordan Update* posted yesterday on my brother's facebook page....Great News!!
"Just spoke with Jordan, he seemed in really good spirits. His legs are closed 100% & all skin grafts done & taking well, stitches removed from his right arm that had been broken. All wound vacs have been removed! He is on the mend! We love you Jordan!"
His address:
Naval Medical Center San Diego
34800 Bob Wilson Dr.
Bldg #1, Ward 4 East, Room #406
San Diego, Ca. 92101
Thanks for your continued support & prayers!


  1. Great news about Jordan!

    It is hard to believe that yard is in the desert. It is beautiful. I've never spent time in a desert....but I hope to visit one sometime.

  2. Your yard looks lovely! Pretty soon it will be too hot to sit outside in South Florida too. It's almost too hot now.

  3. I was just going to come here and ask you how he was! So glad to hear good news:)
    And your patio? I would love to sit out there....and leave the house. It will be there- tomorrow and the next day too:)))

  4. Bless his heart! And I love your home, very nice and I just lobe those kinds of chairs too..have fun sitting out! ;D

  5. We are totally beach people....
    Sun and warmth sound fantastic-

    They say it will be in the mid 60's here tomorrow...followed by several more days of rain and temps in the 50's....

    Your yard is beautiful.

    Great news about Jordan!

  6. So thankful to hear that Jordan is getting along so well, and is on the mend! That is fabulous news!! :)

    Your yard is beautiful! Enjoy your time outside, and the rest of your week.

  7. Okay-LOVE your new header-LOVE your pictures and your new chairs (which will be painted sometime-or not) and LOVE that Jordan is doing so much better- I will get a card out to him in the next day or so! Hugs- Diana

  8. Good news about your nephew. Will be sure to get a card out to him. I have been in the yard a lot too ignoring the house work. Tomorrow I plan to catch (some).

  9. You have a beautiful home and yard. Thanks for the update on Jordan. What a blessing. JB

  10. Your backyard looks so green and beautiful...I'd love to sit out there too. I'm glad to hear Jordan is doing well :)


  11. So thankful that Jordan is healing!

    Enjoy those heavenly nights! God bless you.

  12. Oh, I miss the beach! sigh!

    Your yard is so lovely and it would be fun to sit in those chairs on a summer evening and talk!

    Thanks for sharing Jordan's address -


  13. GREAT Jordan news! Keep up the good work on getting well! Enjoy this weather while it lasts. Before you know it it's going to be hot hot hot! Mimi

  14. hi just dropping by from a beach cottage linky party...i like your header!
    cheryl x

  15. The simple life is the best. How I wish my balconies could be clean and the plants could be fresh or that I was surrounded by such lush green grass. Everything is such a mess right now and more dust is predicted possibly for the weekend. It's never ending. Prayers and blessings for Jordan. Best wishes to all, Tammy

  16. Happy Good Life Wednesday from your newest follower! You have a lovely yard and the photos of the beach are dreamy.

    Hope you're having a lovely week ;O)

  17. Looks like a beutiful place to sit:-)

  18. Great news from Jordan !!,...and wowww what a lovely chairs...nice place to sit there......love Ria...xxx...

  19. dear marcia,
    great news from jordan!!!!
    what a lovely place to sit here.
    you have a wonderful home.
    love regina

  20. Thank you for the update on Jordan! I will send him another card:) Sounds like he is on the mend and hopefully will be getting better every day! Prayers working!

    Love the beach, any day, any time! Peaceful and wonderful place to visit! Your sweet patio is another peaceful place:) Enjoy while you can!

    Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  21. Thanks for the update on Jordan...I can't imagine living near the beach, but I can imagine how calming and peaceful it would be.

    Your chairs and outside are wonderful...I love being outside and this is the time to do it. I also have to paint my chairs...let's see, some bright colors for me!

  22. I would want to sit out and sip my coffee on those fun new chairs! The grass looks great, we have to water ours, too.

    Glad to hear Jordan is getting better and better.


  23. I love the desert after the sun goes down *s*

    So glad to hear that Jordan is doing well. Great news indeed!

  24. This time of year is my favorite and my home definitely suffers because I would prefer to be outside. Trying to find a balance is difficult. Beautiful photos BTW.

  25. Jordan's package ships tomorrow.
    Your home is lovely.
    And the ocean pictures are great. I have never seen the pacific ocean.

  26. that's great news about your son. he is our
    hero! sorry about your desert, but the
    evenings sound wonderful.


  27. Great news on Jordon!

    Isn't it great to have a comfortable outdoor space! Yours must look even prettier by the moonlight!

  28. Your view is very pretty! I love those lawn chairs. It gets hot here in the Summer too. We are enjoying this perfect Spring weather right now. I agree with you that when you live where it is very warm the evenings are the best!! We love sitting out on the deck looking at all the stars.

    Great news on Jordan. Continuing to pray for him (and his friend), for God to give them strength and healing. May God bless them!

    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day with your sweet family...:)


  29. I would love to sit in one of those chairs with you and sip on a Diet Coke. Looks lovely. So glad to hear your nephew is doing well. I will keep him in my prayers.

  30. hi marcia- lovely to hear the news of jordan!!

    these images today are just what i needed...i'm not feeling to well and to see that gorgeous boy, smiling broadly, learning to surf in that beautiful spot just made me smile...it reminds me of the beaches back at home in australia!

    enjoy your sunday...melissa xx

  31. I have to agree, the nights are heavenly! Glad Jordan is doing better!

  32. What JOY....we are about 30 mins from the ocean and that is where we spend all our time when the temp. rises.

    Did I tell you we are heading down your way in July...I can hardly wait...
    So glad to hear Jordan is doing so well...will continue to pray. xoxoxoxo hugs

  33. Stumbled upon your lovely blog tonite. If you don't, know that Jordon is at a wonderful hospital. Been there myself and the care given is beyond words. My husband is retired from the Navy and we are still here in San Diego. I will give him Jordon's address, as I am sure he will love to write him.

    blessings, jilly


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