Friday, May 6, 2011

Sprinkles :-)

 Asking 10 year old boys if they'd "like" to help me bake
is like asking them if they'd "like" to go to the dentist. 
They clear the room in no time flat.
However, when I mention the word *Sprinkles*
 (codeword for *Candy* in their minds) 
suddenly they're more than happy to help.
Since I love cupcakes, that's what we made.....
we'll I made, and they decorated :-)
 I think that more sprinkles may have gone in their tummies than on the cupcakes.
I can't get too mad when they do this though....
So sweet, and yes, their toys are never far away :-)

Oh, and did you know...the little Silver Dragees (beads) that are seen
on cupcakes and wedding cakes all over the world, are illegal here in California?
Only the metallic ones.
Seriously :-)
photo credit Fancy Flours, where you can order yours (if you don't live in California)
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Have a Wonderful Mother's Day :-)

For anyone who might not know, my nephew Jordan lost both of his legs
after stepping on an I.E.D. in Afghanistan in March.
I'm continuing updates from time to time here on my blog. This one is kind of long.
Jordan has had a rough couple of days.
*Jordan Update* taken from his facebook page, Wednesday.
Jordan is taking a couple of hits this week. First it was unbearable phantom pain. He was taken into the "pain clinic" where they more or less tortured him for 6 hours. They tried electric shock therapy, a Lidocaine (sp?) injection and acupuncture. He came back to his room in horrible pain and having trouble regaining control of it. In comes O.T. with this technique of tricking the brain into feeling someones else's leg and foot. It was incredible! This guy sits so his legs are along side where Jordan's would have been. Jordan then taps up and down this guys leg as if it were his own. The O.T. guy slowly moves his foot up and down, spreads his toes and swings his leg. After 15 minutes of this "treatment" Jordan was able to get on top of his pain. We can try this technique anytime with any leg available. Crazy!
However, on the heels of that success came disappointing news. Jordan will have surgery tomorrow on his elbow. His right elbow was basically shattered and had to be pieced together with screws and plates. It was originally thought that a skin graft would be done, however, the docs were able to pull the skin together and close the wound. The wound pulled a part and exposed an ever so small glimpse of the plate underneath. Tomorrow they will open the seam, pack the wound with antibiotic beads and close it up. Next week they will reopen the wound, flush out the beads and close the wound again. If everything goes well, that will be the end of it. The concern is that the plate has been exposed which compromises the integrity of the plate and wound. If this surgery does not work they will have to undo the whole elbow and replace the plates and screws and create a skin graft to close the wound. 
*Surgery update today*
The surgery on Jordan's elbow went well this A.M. They were able to scrub out the wound, pack it with the antibiotic beads and close it without a wound vac. He will undergo part II of this procedure in about 5-6 weeks. The next few weeks are crucial to how they proceed with permanent closure of the wound. Tomorrow Jordan goes in for another procedure for his pain. It's not technically a surgical procedure but it's handled as such. They would like to try an alternative nerve block procedure for his phantom pain until he can do the electric shock. We'll continue to do the mirror therapy in the mean time.
Thank  you so much for your continued prayers :-)


  1. Oh Marcia, My heart aches for Jordan every time he is in pain or has a set back. I cannot even fathom the trials they are undergoing. His family as well as Jordan are in my prayers. I think of Jordan quite often as a fellow soldier close to my husband was injured badly from a huge IED. He is finally back in the states but undergoing many surgeries and was basically broken all over. Heartbreaking.

    Thank you for the updates~

    p.s love the sprinkles. I didn't know that about the illegal sprinkles. Why is that?

  2. Thanks for the update.

    I'm so sorry that Jordan has to go through all that after he has already gone through so much already. I'm joining my prayers to everyone's prayers so that Jordan can have relief from his pain.

    Blessings. JB

  3. oh my. now i realize how important our
    prayers are and how dear your nephews
    life is.

    there are no words . . . only prayers for

  4. I am so sorry to hear the news about Jordan. I was so hoping he was coming back here and would be on the road to recovery. I will pray for him. One cannot imagine the pain he is having. Poor guy. Just heartbreaking. The pics of the boys is sweet though. My youngest just calls sprinkles "sugar". Can I have some sugar? She will say meaning sprinkles.

  5. So much to pray for!

    Your sprinkles are great on those yummy looking cupcakes.

    I think the dragees are probably known in to cause cancer in the state of California! :)

  6. Everything tastes better with sprinkles. I will be praying for Jordan.


  7. Ah man. That poor guy. Makes me so sad to think of what he's going through right now. My prayers are so totally with him. What a sad shame it is these soldiers are dealing with. I HATE this game called war. Hugs to him and his family.

    As for the cupcakes, only one work. Wow!!

  8. Those cupcakes look delish. Love the cupcake papers. Glad Jordan is doing well. I can't imagine what he must be going through. Miracles happen everyday. We're still praying for him. Mimi

  9. Thinking about the amount of pain Jordan is dealing with really makes my heart ache for him. I am praying for him.

  10. My boys never want to do the work it takes to bake, they just want to make a mess when it comes to decorating. Unless there are cookies involved and cookie cutters, then they are all over it.

    It is unimaginable what Jordan is going through. Continuing to pray that comfort and healing will come. Peace & blessings, Tammy

  11. Jordan has had to go through a lot for his few years. I pray each procedure will be successful and that Jordan will heal quickly and move far away from this time in his life. Thanks for keeping us 'in the loop'.

  12. Thanks for the update on I continue with others to pray for him.

    Love the five year old decorated some the other day...too much fun and always a memory maker.

  13. Sweet fellas helping with the cupcakes! They are handsome and quite creative!

    Thank you for the update on Jordan! I will continue to pray for him and his sweet family! I am so scared about my Nephew having to go back to Afghanistan! My Sister is just worried sick about it!

    Have a blessed weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

  14. I am so sorry Jordan is experiencing so much pain. I was unaware of that technique about the legs but that is wonderful. I will continue to pray for him.

  15. Marcia, thank you so much for the updates on Jordan. He has my prayers.It is hard to understand what all they go through on the road to recovery.
    Love the sprinkles and cupcakes, you had some handsome help with the sprinkles.

  16. °º♥ ·.Amiga!

    ♥ Bom fim de semana!
    Feliz Dia das Mães!!!


    º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.

  17. I'd love one of your cupcakes, Marcia, my 'sweet tooth' is cying out for sprinkles!

    Thanks for the news on Jordan, though it is heart-breaking to hear of such pain - I will hold him up in prayer that God will be pleased to help him cope.

  18. What sweet pictures of your little guys, Marcia! They remind me of my brother when he was that age. He loves to eat sprinkles and cake decorations just plain, and he was always walking around with some action figure in his hand! :)

    Those cupcakes look delicious by the way! Of course I like the 'mom' precious is that!!♥

    Thank you for the update on Jordan. Bless his heart, he's been through so much. We're still praying for him.

    Happy Mother's Day! (((hugs)))

  19. What a heart wrenching time for Jordan and his family. I can only imagine the helplessness you must all feel. I will pray for continued healing for Jordan and strength for his family to be the emotional help that he needs. Thank you for bringing us a face to the war and a reminder that these are real young men and women risking all for us.

  20. Your boys are so precious and the cupcakes look amazing! How interesting that the metal colored beads are illegal - I wonder why?

    Thanks for keeping us updated on Jordan, I will pray that his body will continue to heal and wisdom for the doctor's that are treating him.

    Happy Mother's Day Marcia!

  21. dear marcia,
    those cupcakes looks amazing!!!
    thank you for the update on jordan.
    i will continue to pray for him and his family.
    happy mother's day!!!
    blessings regina

  22. God Bless Jordan's sweet heart....I do not need to know him personally for this to bring me to tears! God will bring him through this one should have to suffer like this.
    Thank you for keeping us up to date. I will be praying for him, for complete healing and pain relief.
    The cupcakes are precious...I know yall had a lot of fun and made some great memories.
    Have a blessed Mothers Day!!

  23. Oh dear. I wish it did not have to be so hard for Jordan, and I will be praying that all goes as well as can be from here on out. I can't even imagine having to go through the terrible physical pain on top of the psychological losses.

    Thank heaven he has such a loving family supporting him.

  24. When I baked with my girls I had to pre measure everything or else I would get confused and forget things, we had hockey pucks a few times until I learned this trick LOL. I'm continuing to keep Jordan in prayer.

  25. Hello Marcia,

    Gosh my heart just ached for Jordan. I am SO THANKFUL that he knows the Lord and has the Great Physician to look after him. I am still praying for him and the whole family. I am also so thankful for those men and women who give up so much for our freedom.

    Boys! You 'sprinkles' post just cracked me up :)Hmmm 'sprinkles' = 'candy', love the toy too! Thanks for making me smile and and even more appreciative of all that our armed forces have sacrificed for us.

    Have a Blessed Mother's Day!

  26. Hi Marcia-
    I took what was meant to be a short break from blogging and it has turned into an extended absence. I had to check in on you and see how your sweet family and your nephew Jordan is doing. I will continue to pray for him and his precious family. We are so blessed as a country to have men like him who are willing to serve and protect. God bless him.

    Your cupcakes look delicious, my oldest daughter and I had a cupcake baking spree over Easter. I forgot how fun they are to make, and so pretty. I ususally take the easy way out and just make one big cake, but now I am hooked on cupcakes!

    I'm not sure what my plans are for blogging again, things have been so busy, that blogging has had to become one of the things that gets put least for now. Just wanted you to know that I have thought of you many times, you are such a sweet spirit and it shines through this precious blog!

    Will check in with you soon!

  27. Phantom pain...I've never heard of that and it sounds horrific. I've never known how someone survives such suffering. It is difficult to understand. My heart hurts for him.

    YOur cupcake making is so cute! What fun you had with your boys.

    AND your Good Life post is those ocean photos and your new adirondecks! Will they be white?

  28. The colors in your first picture make me very happy, sweet Marcia. Sending lots and lots of positive vibes Jason's way ~~~********~~~
    Sending you some extra love
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day xxxx

  29. Thanks for the update on Jordan. I'm so sorry he has to go through all of this. The brain tricking therapy is just amazing!

    Those cupcakes look so good! I'm all about lots of frosting on my cupcakes - I can skip the sprinkles etc. But my daughter is the same as your boys (and she's 19). Couldn't care less until I tell her she can add sprinkles, gummies etc!


  30. Dear Marcia,
    Thank you for the update on Jordan. So sorry to hear about all he is going through. My heart goes out to him. I've heard of phantom pain, though haven't known anyone who has gone through it. I'm continuing to pray for dear Jordan.

    The cupcakes your boy's decorated look delicious! Good job! You know, I've lived in California most of my life, and had never heard about Silver Dragees being illegal! How funny!

    I hope that you have a wonderful Mother's Day with your family!! :)

  31. Wow, you guys are ready for that show "Cupcake Wars". Thanks for the update on your hero. Sending prayer love his way.

    Take good care,


  32. Well, what wonderful pictures of your "boys" baking. Good blackmail for when they get girlfriends!;>) Enjoy every moment of the time they spend with you-because sons leave and come home to visit but not to "play". Daughters always come home to BE part of home again.

    Jordan- Oh my heart aches for him! Most people do not know what chronic pain is like...and they do not know that once it gets "out of the box" it is almost impossible to contain it again. That is why they keep people drugged up on such high dosages of pain meds sometime...because if they come is hard to get the pain under control again. It is not bad enough that he had to give all that he has given for us...but now he continues to suffer. God bless him and his family as they continue along the road of recovery....for the family's recovery is just as fraught with desperation as his own.

    Hugs to you and Happy Happy Mother's Day! xxoo Diana

  33. Oh yes, after reading this story, of course our thoughts are with Jordan... I feel very sorry for him and wish him all the best in the world for recovery of the pain and of course his elbow surgery.

    The cupcakes look delicious by the way :-)

    Have a lovely Sunday,

  34. First I got so happy reading about your cupcakes, and I wanted a cupcakes, too.... Lovely photos !

    Bur, then I got so sad for JOrdan, and all he has to through....

    I wish him all the best, and strengt to his family !

    Take care - ciao from Italy

  35. Love your cupcake pictures! My heart and prayers are with Jordan and all of your family. I'm glad the elbow surgery went well. I've had elbow surgery twice and know it's a very underappreciated joint until there's a problem. I will be praying very specifically for Jordan's elbow and for relief of pain.

    Wishes for a wonderful Mother's Day!

  36. dear friend.....

    this post is so special in so many ways - your boys' creative ways on the cupcakes and the update on jordan. thinking of you and jordan this day. prayers are so important and so heard.

    **peace and love this mother's day**


  37. My those cupcakes look daughter would be beside herself with glee if she saw the frosting and sprinkles. Thanks for the update on Jordan, he's in my prayers.


  38. Your update on Jordan was both sad and amazing too. So sorry he is having to go through so much pain, but amazing in that he is handling it and amazing technology in medicene to try to help him. I continue to pray for him thank you for the update as it helps to know how to pray. He is only one in thousands that need our prayers, but you have made it personal through your blog. I have nephews and would be heart broken to see them go through so much pain, so my prayers are with you too, Marcia and the rest of his family.

    On the lighter, sweeter side, your cupcakes looked yummy. I could always get my boys to help with the promise of frosting beaters to lick at the end (and licking along the way too) Did not know that about the silver beads though.

  39. Hallo!!

    I like your Cup cakes..with a lot of candy on the top!!...
    I have too wate two more weeks ....then we have mother´s day here in Sweden!!

    Have a nice evening!!


  40. Love your cupcakes and the decorations your boys did...very sweet.

    I'm continuing prayers for Jordan and glad to hear the elbow surgery at least went well.


  41. Jordan remains in our much for such a young man to go through...

    I also did not know that the silver sprinkles are illegal here...I thnk I have some in the cupboard still from years ago!

  42. What fun......a cupcake day is my way of having a great time and it looks like your boys did too.

    Sprinkles illegal??...hmmmmm that is interesting.

    Hugs my sweet prayers continue. xoxoxo

  43. Gosh, poor kid. Life just seems so unfair sometimes.

    I'm wondering why the silver sprinkles thingies are illegal in CA? Weird.

  44. Hi Marcia, thank you for your lovely reply over at creJJtion! The hook is indeed on the left, I am lefthanded that is probably why :-)
    Therefore I hope the toturial will work out for right-handed-readers!
    Love, Maaike

  45. I am so sorry to hear about your nephew. Please pass on our heartfelt sympathies for the loss of his legs, and let him know that someone in Canada is praying for him. God bless their family in the long road ahead! On the bright side...the pics of your cupcakes were gorgeous and they looked delish!

  46. So sorry to hear about Jordan. That is heartbreaking. Thankful for his service.

    Lovely looking cupcakes!

  47. Beautiful pictures, yummy indeed.

    Read your update. I have a son named Jordan.

    My heart just broke to read of his struggles. Bless his heart.

    I have a son in the military too.

    I'll pray for a complete healing on his elbow and for his pain to get under control.

    What a neat methond to help out.

    Please thank him for all of us for his service to us.

  48. oh, marcia,

    catching up on blog visits and i can barely catch my breath reading about jordan. i'm so sorry that all of this is happening to him. he sounds very strong. i wish him health and courage and strength and happiness.

    i have boys, too, and decorating often turns to science experiments (and messes). good, clean fun?

    keeping you in my thoughts.


  49. I'll have to remember that magic word the next time I make cupcakes. It might even get the oldest boy to participate.

  50. Well, first, that's weird about the dragees being illegal. I'm not sure you're supposed to really eat them, anyway, but then what's the point?
    I'm sorry to hear about what Jordan is going through. He is so handsome! A while back I read a wonderful book called "Phantoms in the Brain" and the author (Ramanchandran, I think) dedicated quite a bit to why this happens. It was very interesting but I sure wouldn't wish it on anyone. I'll say a prayer for Jordan that the new 'techniques' will be helpful to him!

  51. Hi Marcia! I am so sorry about Jordan. I am glad that they were able to find a way to manage his pain, but I just can't imagine what he is going through. I am so glad that the surgery went well and they were able to clean the wound up. My heart breaks for him and I hope that they can get him through this, please let him know that he is our prayers every night.
    Your cupcakes are so sweet and how fun with the sprinkles!! That word goes over well in my house too. :) Odd about the silver dragees too.
    I hope you enjoyed your Mothers Day and are having a good week.
    Blessings and hugs to you.

  52. Marcia, my heart just breaks for Jordan. :( I'm so terribly sorry that his recovery is not progressing without major setbacks along the way. He will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    As for your cupcakes, I think the twins did a wonderful job decorating! :) I've baked so many cupcakes in recent weeks (for every home softball game my daughter I had, I baked them for the entire team) that I'm pretty much cupcaked out right now! ;)

  53. My heart goes out to Jordan. Continuing to keep him in my prayers. Take care.

  54. Thank you for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again. You have a lovely family. I read the story of your marriage - so moving and uplifting.
    My best wishes go to your nephew to have courage, hope and patience.

  55. The cupcakes look cute and delicious! Your sons are getting big. Time flies! My grandson, Dylan & grandaughter, Zoe (even little Sophie), are just growing like weeds too!! I did not know the silver dragees were illegal here in California. I just knew I could never find them to buy anymore. I had heard that they were suppose to be for decoration and not for human consumption though...:/
    It was hard for me to even read about Jordan's phantom pain. Poor guy! :/ I can't even imagine! I have been remembering to pray for him, and shared with my husband what happened to him and his friend. We both prayed together for them. We will continue to uplift them in our daily prayers.

    Blessings to you and your family,


  56. How come those Silver Dragees (beads) are illegal here in California?

    Congrats and continued well wishes and prayers for Jordan.

    Love your beach pics. If it wasn't raining right now, I'd go over to the beach myself.

  57. Those cupcakes look so yummy! And how cute are those colored sprinkles!

    Kitchen Benchtops


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