Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunny Day Favorites....and Wonderful News :-)

 Sunshine, iced tea, and a good book. Just a few of my favorite things :-)
 We have close to 300 sunny days on average here.
Last week, we thought the warm days were here to last 
and summer had actually arrived. It was in the mid 80's.
However, the cold winds blowing this week 
mean I have a fire going in our fireplace tonight!
Who knew we'd be bundling up again?
 I guess we won't be putting these away just yet :-)

I have a wonderful update on my nephew Jordan. 
He will be moving into a house with his wife and son on Wednesday 
& just going to the hospital as an outpatient!
It's been less than 2 months since his terrible injuries, so this is truly amazing.
Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

How's that for Good Life Wednesday news? :-)
Thank you so much to Sarah at A Beach Cottage for 
hosting this wonderful linky party.
Thank you all too, for your sweet birthday wishes for my daughter.
Blessings to All of you,


  1. Beautiful photos, Marcia!

    So wonderful about Jordan!

  2. My all time favorite book! Channeled Whelk just messes me up everytime I read it. She was staying on Captiva Island when she wrote it. It started adjust some journaling.

    Take good care,


  3. Good news for Jordan, I am so happy for him. It's cold here too, we had snow this morning and the weather next week is to be more of the same! ;D

  4. What a great news darling,...owww i am so glad for him and his familly.....best news of this week !!...love love Ria...xxx...

  5. Hi Marcia,
    I'm so happy to hear the good news about Jordan. May God bless him and his family.

    I love the beautiful photos of your book. Nothing better than a glass of iced tea and a good book in the sunshine. That's what I love about spring....warm and cold!


  6. I love it when I have the time to sit down with a cup of tea and read a good book.♥
    Such great news about Jordan! :)

  7. dear marcia
    good news about jordan. may god bless him and his family.
    lovely photos!!! i love also reading a good book .
    have a wonderful rest week,
    love regina

  8. Good news about Jordan! It will be a long road for him, but one that he will travel with lots of help and support. :-)
    The weather has turned rainy and cold here in Ohio. We had about a week of warm weather where we had to turn on the
    ac, but now the heat is back on. What strange weather we are all having!
    ~ Sue

  9. What awesome answer to pray..thanks for keeping us update, I know the road ahead is still long, but Our God is faithful! May the Lord be with you all as he continues in his new way of life and healing.

    Great pictures of summer...we too have had some unseasonal cools days, but hey, I have open windows and not A/C on!

  10. Such wonderful news about Jordan....we will continue with the prayers for Jordan, ALL his family and caregivers!!

  11. That's such great news about Jordan! Wishing him the best as he moves onto the next phase in his recovery.

  12. That is truly amazing news! God is wonderful! I can only imagine how relieved he is to begin his life at home!
    Weather is the same here in heart of Illinois. Cloudy and cool here again today. Is there sun?

  13. What an answer to prayer. Your photos are so calming. We are having another cold and rainy day here, too. Oh Spring, where are you?

  14. You have over 300 sunny days a year? Oh, I can't imagine such a thing. It would be wonderful.

    That is such great news about Jordan :)

  15. Fantastic news about Jordan....what an answer to prayer.

  16. such good news about your nephew and family. praise God! i'll continue in prayer, most certainly. :o)

    pretty pictures - love your hat and the iced tea.


  17. Lovely pictures and I love that book too. If I had had one more girl she would have been named Morrow.
    I guess that is why God gave us a boy. :)I am so glad your nephew is already to be with his family and that is really such a huge miracle.
    We woke up to rain this morning. It is dark and windy, more like April or late March. I put all my winter clothes away too.
    Everything is staying green longer though.
    My kids are complaining because they can't go swimming.
    Lovely photographs.
    Have a lovely week.

  18. Great news about Jordan. That will help him heal even faster!

    And I love "Gift from the Sea." That is an especially pretty edition, too.


  19. Praise God Jordan is coming home! Continued prayers all around.

    Your pics are beautiful, you blog is looking fantastic. We were also experiencing 80 degree days and loving every second of beachy days, starting good books with a glass of tea, sitting in a beach chair. Then for the past two days. RAIN. Come back sunshine!

  20. I'm so pleased for Jordan and his family! Great news!
    Glad you had some relaxing time too!
    Best wishes

  21. Great news about Jordan - prayer is powerful indeed!

    We've been cool and rainy here - highs in the upper 50's all week!

  22. wonderful news about jordan, marcia! so happy for your family.

    love 'gift from the sea', such an inspring book. your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, as always.

    have an excellent week.

  23. Awesome news about Jordan.
    Your pictures on your blog are just beautiful. Great job.

  24. That book looks inviting! And, I am so happy about the good news on your nephews progress!

  25. Hi Marcia, it's been raining here too in this part of Cali, but I don't mind. We've had 70's and below, and a nice change as it starts to get really hot in May, then settles down a bit in June, then back up to the 3 digits in July, Aug. So, I'm quite enjoying the cool weather while I can. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, xxx

  26. Wonderful news! So happy for your family. We are freezing here too. Bundled up in Uggs and sweatshirt. Mimi

  27. So glad about the news of Jordan.

    Please send some sun our way, we are having rain every day. Today we had a little bit of sunshine but it's raining again tonight. JB

  28. Hi Marcia,
    Thought I'd check out my fellow beach lover and here you are also talking about cups of tea and a good book, my 2nd and 3rd favourite things....that book looks like something I would enjoy - what's it about?


  29. Yay for Jordan!! That is pretty amazing, given how extreme his injuries were. He must be a very determined and strong young man.

    Your photos are great. I especially love the pillow and blanket. So lovely.

  30. Oh dear Marcia, it is cool here too but the heat is on it's way back in!

    I am so happy for Jordan and his family! Let me know when you have an address for the house where they will be staying, I want to send them something!

    BIG HUGS and continued prayers!!!!!

  31. Thanks for sharing the great news about Jordan! Continued prayers to him and his family!

  32. O so glad to hear he is doing this well. Bless his heart.

    Thanks so much for coming by. I love your visits. I need to ck to see if I am a follower. I lose who I follow and who I don't...:))
    hugs, bj

  33. Hola Marcia, so good to know Jordan is coming back home and feeling much better.

    I have just red your profile and was so surprised to know you are a mother of six, gosh, you do such a great job in everything and have a wonderful blog where you spread love and magic around!!!
    sending you lots of hugs
    p.s. we are supposed to be in autumn time and have stil lots of hot weather...

  34. That is amazing about Jordan. He must be thrilled to be getting out of the hospital and into something more relaxing. Praise the Lord. I have been praying for his healing as well as God's plan for his life.

    Thank you for the update!


  35. Marcia that is amazing news about Jordan. I just can't believe it. Hope it warms up there again soon for you!

  36. That really is great news! Nothing like being at home to really begin the healing! I'm so happy to hear this *s*

  37. That is wonderful news Marcia! I bet he is so happy to get out the hospital and able to be with his family.
    I love your photos and we had a fire in our fireplace last night, it was cool here! I hope summer comes soon. :)
    Hugs to you!

  38. That is fabulous news about Jordan ~ I'm so happy for him & the family.

  39. What a blessing about Jordan...it is truly amazing.

    You my dear are soooo cute...I think we need some of your weather...your chilly weather is probably our warmer weather. Hugs and love for a great weekend. xo

  40. Great news about Jordan, but I hope people don't stop praying. Some of his biggest challenges will be mental and emotional, adjusting to his new reality at home with his family.

  41. This is really wonderful news about Jordan! I am so happy to find you through Sarah's blog. I will be checking back, I love your blog!

  42. All things I love too, Marcia. Both the warm weather ones and the fireplace and snuggly quilts for the cooler weather. Just funny to need both this time of year.
    So happy about the news of your nephew. God is so good.
    Lovely pictures.

  43. Great news about Jordan. Prayers are working!

  44. I think the warm weather is back again...will it last?

    Wonderful news about Jordan...he remains in our prayers.

  45. Oh Marcia, that is truly wonderful news. Congrats. xx

  46. A warm welcome home to Jordan, such great news!

    Your pictures are very sweet and soft, I love it, Marcia!

    Have a happy weekend and a happy belated birthday to your sweet daughter o xx o

  47. Fabulous news about Jordan, Marcia!! I'm so glad to hear he is doing so well. How wonderful for his family. (Continuing to pray.) Love all your photos too!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter!! She is a beautiful young lady.

    I hope you all have a enjoyable weekend! Take care. :)

  48. Oh Marica!
    That Excellent news about Jordan! I'm so happy and excited for him and his family! Praise God! Wonderful wonderful News indeed!
    Love your photos!
    Love your Blog!

  49. Hi Marcia, so glad to hear that Jordan is doing so well. That is wonderful news indeed! Sure wish we had some cold winds blowing over here. Hope you've had a great weekend. Tammy

  50. Hello Marcia,thank you for your sweet comment on my blog,just say that I love your blog too and you have beautiful pictures.....greetings from Belgium

  51. Wonderful new about Jordan! Great post and photos. Have a good week.

  52. How did I miss this one? Oh that is the most wonderful news. Thanks for letting us know and for sharing his journey with us.

  53. I adore this book! I found a beautiful edition of this book in a Thrift Store (with it's original dust jacket), the cover of the book is linen with gold seashells embossed in it. I love this sweet book!! It is the perfect Summer Read! :)

  54. lucky lucky lucky! It's freezing in Tasmania!

  55. I'm enjoying your photography! Your header is really wonderful. It's nice to see one of my favorite books here. I also peeked at your garden goodies just posted. Awesome!

  56. perfect - 300 sunny days a year- a perfect place for me:)

  57. I love your photos, and love that book.

  58. Awesome news on Jordan! God is wonderful!


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