Thursday, June 30, 2011

Picnic Time :) --- Update on Jordan

Are you planning a picnic this weekend? 
This is the season for picnic fun.
So grab your basket,
Find your favorite picnic spot, and bring on the treats :)
Betty Crocker had this sweet idea for your celebration,
 Don't they look yummy?

For Fun Printables see:

Sweet Straws are found at:

and no picnic would be complete without ideas from:
Fourth of July Bike Clip Art

Fourth of July Clip-Art Toothpick Flags

And now, a wonderful update from Jordan: 
(via his Facebook page)
hello all, thanks for all the support. as you see i am going strong and healing fast, Its really hard to keep up with everybody individually but once again i want to express my gratitude to everyone and i could not do it without you and of course my wonderful wife and my little helper jay.
Jordan and his son playing ball :)
We love you!

 Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!


  1. i love your picnic basket!! enjoy your celebrations!
    thanks for stopping by my blog : )
    cheryl x

  2. Happy July 4th, and I am glad Jordan is making such progress.

  3. The news from Jordan is Fabulous!

    Love the photos; the bike is my favorite.

  4. We are having a picnic with friends from church on Sunday. Warren is taking Mikey and his friends dirtbiking on Monday, so that will make it quiet around here.

    Jordan looks and sounds great! Thanks for being so faithful with the updates.

    Happy Fourth.
    I have a giveaway at my blog...hope you'll enter!

  5. We are heading across the state to get a pony for Rachel! We leave on Sunday afternoon and will come back on Monday sometime! We likely will eat out all day and have treats in the van...if we get back early enough, we may be able to do fireworks at home!

    Jordan seems to be doing well! What a miracle!

  6. What a precious picture of Jordan and his son!
    Sweet blessing!

  7. So glad to hear Jordan is doing well! YAY! Have a wonderful holiday weekend & enjoy your picnic :)

  8. I am so happy so his update. He sounds good and that is wonderful. Your post is so pretty. Full of so many cute things for the 4th. We are off on vacation today. Have a good holiday with your family.

  9. So glad Jordan is doing so well! He seems to have a great attitude which is half the battle, don't you think? Love that bike! It would look great in our little hometown parade. Have a wonderful 4th with your cute family. Mimi

  10. Enjoy a hapy weekend.......nice to see Jordan is doing great !!,....

  11. Beautiful 4th of July colors!

    Jordan touches my heart every time I see him! Sweet picture of him playing ball with his Son! I am so thankful that God is healing him!

    Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  12. You have everything needed for a fab picnik... I love the push up cupcakes. Blessings to you all.

  13. Thanks for the update...I'm so happy for Jordan and his family! Blessing to you all!

  14. Love the picnic basket and red, white and blue are my favorite decorating colors! :) So glad to see Jordan doing so well. Continuing to send my prayers to him and his family!

  15. What lovely images...Happy July 4th to you. xoxo

  16. A beautiful all your 4th of July decorations. Love the "picnic"!! I am so glad to see Jordan out and about with his son. Just think a few weeks ago we were praying just that he would survive! xo Diana

  17. Love the cupcake push-up idea! Great to see that Jordan is doing so well!! Happy 4th!

  18. Now I want a cupcake :-) Cute ideas to share, thank you!

    Wonderful to hear from Jordan. What a blessing!!


  19. I am so glad to hear of Jordan's progress. Love your picnic basket. hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July.

  20. We are staying home on the 4th, which is fine with me. Love all the images you posted. The push up cupcakes are so cute, and they do look yummy!

    So thankful that Jordan is progressing well. The video of him walking a couple posts back brought tears to my eyes. He is in my prayers.

    I hope you have a wonderful July 4th with your family! :)

  21. Push up cupcakes, now what a grand idea.
    I love the bicycle all decorated up. So reminds me of my days of bike riding my blue Schwinn.
    So good to hear from Jordan and see him playing ball with Jay.

  22. ჱܓOlá, amiga!

    Passei para deixar um abraço.
    Boa semana!


    ♫° 。✿ ✿ჱܓ

  23. Nice photo of Jordan, so sweet with his son. Happy 4th!

  24. What a heartwarming update on Jordan in his own words. The picture says it all...
    Great ideas for celebrating the 4th. Is that your picnic basket? Loved it!!! Makes me wish I was decorating and celebrating as we usually do instead of painting and traveling. But here's wishing you and your family a fun 4th of July celebration.

  25. Love all your picnic goodies, Marcia!
    Thanks for the update on Jordan~ his story is definitely a miracle from God.
    Hope you had a wonderful 4th!

  26. It is so good to see Jordan living his life and spending time with his son!
    All your celebration items look so much fun...I especially like the straws!!

  27. What wonderful 4 th of July photo's ! Love the cupcakes - popping up...;)

    Take care !


  28. Love the picnic baskets and cupckaes!! I hope your 4th of July was a very happy one full of celebrating God's blessings of goodness...:)

    Thanks for updating us on Jordan. I am praying for him and his family...For God to send them all comforting hugs, full of God's mercy and strength!


  29. What fun 4th stuff! I love the push up cupcake idea!!

    Now for Jordan:

    Dear Jordan, my family is so happy to hear that you are making such wonderful improvements. God is so good to heal you quickly. Have fun playing ball! Hugs from up north...Becky and family


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