Thursday, October 27, 2011

Harvest and Update on Jordan :)

 I'll bet you have a pumpkin patch around you somewhere. 
This one is just a few miles from our home.
See, we really can grow things here in the desert :) 
There is also a corn maze. I've never been successful
at growing corn myself, but it does grow around here, as you can see.
This is what the pumpkin sees :)

We're still harvesting. We have a late growing season here. 
I found a great "Any Kind of Squash" recipe this summer, 
and since I still have zucchini growing,
I've made it quite a few times. 
 You slice up your squash, and put a layer on the bottom of a baking dish.
Cover it with melted butter, 
salt and pepper to taste,
a little bit of cut up basil from the garden,
and then layer it with Parmesan cheese.
Repeat the steps with another layer (or two).
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. 

As you can see, different squashes work equally well.
I almost forgot to take a photo of the finished product. I got a corner of it, 
as the rest had already been gobbled up. It's delicious,
even my twins love it!
(I mean, with butter and Parmesan, how can you go wrong?)

I've also been harvesting my own seeds. 

These coriander seeds are about to be replanted. 
Last year I had cilantro growing late into the Fall,
and early in the Spring.

Our weather has finally cooled off a bit this week. 
It actually feels like Fall around here :)

We saw Jordan a few weeks ago too. 
He looks great, doesn't he? 

He had another surgery on Oct. 19th.
Here is and update from his Facebook Page :)

*So I wish to update all of you and let everybody know I am still very positive and motivated. I came in for surgery on wednesday the 19th to get a revision on my left leg. As the doctors cut me open they found that my femur was deteriorating. So they took a few tissue samples and closed it up. The doctors thought it was due to infection but after testing the tissue samples it was not infection. Yesterday the 22nd they cut me open again to take a small piece of bone for testing because their next theory is that the bone breakdown may be a type of osteoperosis. I will find out in the next few days what the source of the deterioration is and I will keep you all updated. Once again keep me in your thoughts and prayers.*

Thank you everyone for your prayers for Jordan

I know this post was a bit scattered. It's been a while since I've written anything,
so I just included a bit of this and that :) 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Jordan is looking so good. I'm sorry to hear about the problem with his leg and will pray for him.

    It looks like you and your family are really enjoying the fall! I just went to a pumpkin patch in California and had the pleasure of enjoying my first time in a corn maze with a very excited 7-year-old (my niece)! So much fun.
    That squash dish looks great, I will have to try it!

    Blessings & xo

  2. I will continue to pray for Jordan...thank you for the update.

    Looks like this time of year is treating you very well. I absolutely adore this time of year!

  3. thank you so much for the update on Jordan. he *does* look great, as does his wife and son. will continue praying in all the ways the Lord leads. <><

    *love* the layers of your desert vantage point: hills (like sleeping dinosaurs), corn fields and pumpkins. beauty!

    thanks for the squash recipe! yes indeed that looks yummy.

    good to see you post .. blessings.

  4. I am so glad you posted an update on Jordan but so sad to here he is having problems. Hope it doesn't amount to much for him and he moves past this patch as pain free as is possible. Where is that patch? I was just out there at my brothers and I would have loved to have went to it.

  5. Hi Marcia - always a treat to hear from you and good to know you are all well and especially Jordan. He still has so much to undergo and I really admire his resilience and courage.

  6. God bless Jordan and all of his loved ones! What a positive example he's setting for all of us!

    I enjoyed this post, Marcia. There's nothing like a little of this and a bit of that to keep me interested in what I'm reading.

  7. Thank you for the update on Jordan. Still sending prayers for his continued recovery and strength for him and his family!


  8. Jordan is amazing. Praying they will find the cause of the bone deterioration.

    Autumn is looking good there in the desert...we've had a lot of rain, the color is pretty but not amazing!

    I've missed you - sorry about not being better at keeping in touch!

    We used to go to the local drive in when I was a kid. It was fun! None around here.


  9. This was a fun post Marcia. Loved catching up with you. Your squash casserole looks so easy and yummy. I will try that one. We love parm! Prayers for Jordan. I hope he gets good news on the bone tissue sample.

  10. That squash casserole does sound yummy. My youngest doesn't like any kind of vegetables, though he will eat stuffed kousa (zucchini) cooked the Arab way (with rice and meat in either a yogurt or garlicky tomato sauce -- neither of which I know how to make. :/ Glad to hear all is well. Sending healing wishes to Jordan. Blessings for a wonderful weekend, Tammy

  11. Praying right now!!!

    Pumpkin patch and your harvest...oh wow, and what fun.

    We do have a drive through, but it is over an hour away...our sons have been some. Both of those movies are on our list to go see...looks like a fun time had by all.

    Isn't it different when you start to have nights out with just the younger ones? Our family of four now seems funny, but it is great...each season has its own blessings.

  12. Hi there my friend, it is good to hear from you and get an update on Jordan! I will continue to keep him in my prayers!

    Happy Harvesting! HUGS!

  13. Hi Marcia! I remember the drive-ins, they were a lot of fun, but there's not many around anymore. Looks like California grows lots of nice, healthy pumpkins! I didn't know!
    I will say prayers for Jordan that the doctors will determine quickly what is going on and for his healing.
    Happy Fall!

  14. Sooooo good to see you over at Always Nesting!!!!!!! Yes, missed blogging and it was a crazy winter/spring. Steve and I are co-piloting now because he was always there behind the scenes anyway. With the empty nest it's a fun hobby to do together and now he's not neglected :) The hard part was starting over, from scratch, even the blogs I formerly followed. I'll never make the mistake again thinking I will not need something. Your family photos are beautiful.

  15. I love this post Marcia. So, so many enjoyable things on it. Especially nice to see Jordan doing so very well. Have a great weekend.

  16. Jordan is always in our nice that he is so niece's husband has served two tours in Afghanistan and has been lucky enough to come back whole...although she says his nightmares are bad sometimes...I pray that we bring all our troops home the pumpkin patch...who knew!!Love the weather we've been having!!

  17. I will definitely send prayers Jordan's way!


    PS. What a beautiful pumpkin patch photo! And we love drive-ins, too.

  18. It is good to see Jordan doing well. Love the squash idea..I just can't get enough of it at this time of year. Looks like a fun family night too! :D

  19. The drive-in sounds like fun! We don't have one around here. My fifteen year old would get a kick out of going to one. I might have to find where the closest one is, thanks for the great family outing idea. :)

    I had no idea there were pumpkins growing in California. LOL!

    Prayers for Jordan.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. I love your photos. We just get them at the grocery store here -- no patches. Prayers to Jordan, such a strong young man and family.

  21. I am so glad to see a post from you. It looks like you have been having a good time all the way around.

    I am sorry to hear that Jordan is having problems with his healing process. I hope and pray that thye can figure out what is causing this to happen. Blessings to all of you-xo Diana

  22. My goodness, what a wonderful attitude. Bless his heart! I would love to include him and his family in my prayers.
    You asked about Pinterest. I love it when people put my blog pics on Pinterest. : )
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful squash dish with us.

  23. I've been wanting to go to that pumpkin patch and to that drive-in too! Your squash recipe looks very yummy! Will keep praying for Jordan.

  24. Squash with butter and cheese is always a treat with me! How fun for the family to hit the drive-in, Marcia. We still have a few in our area but it gets dark so late during the summer and you don't even see the first show until after 9! Sometimes, I fall asleep before the movie ends. Such a party pooper... Here's wishing Jordan some good luck with that leg issue. :-) Sue

  25. that pumpkin patch looks wonderful!!!
    I have not been to the drive in in YEARS....last movie we saw there, "Throw Mama from the Train"...lolololol, but it was nice because we could take our dog:)
    Happy Halloween!!!!

  26. Thank you for the Jordan update - think of him often. The squash recipe sounds *deelish*

  27. Thanks for a update, it is nice to see what has been going on. Your recipe looks really good. Our squash didn't do well at all.
    Nothing did like in a normal year. I am glad it is finally cooling off.
    Jordan looks so good. We don't have any drive-ins here anymore.It is so nice that you can take your boys and go.It sounds like fun.
    Take care and I hope you have a nice fall week.

  28. I like these kind of posts Marcia, it feels like catching up with an old friend!
    That first pics is just awesome and so glad to hear that Jordan continues to move forward, amazing young man!
    Glad to hear others had an active toddler too...just wish I had the energy I did when Katie was that active toddler!

  29. Hi Marcia,

    We have a drive-in not far from here and enjoyed it back in late summer! We had a really good time. I hope it stays around because it was fun!

    I loved your pic of "what the pumpkin sees". That was cute!

    Hope you have a great week!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  30. This was fun to see.:-) this is verry "not norwegian"...if you understand.:))

  31. Such a fun post....thanks for this and Happy Halloween!!!

  32. Hey Marcia,
    We just so happen to have a old time Drive Inn in our love it! I even worked in the concession stand when I was growing up!
    I can't believe your growing season! Wow....I'm a cilantro nut! I love it!
    I didn't even know what coriander looked like!
    Blessings to your absolutely wonderful of a story. A special man to keep such a strong outlook....Prayers a must!
    School going okay with all?

  33. What great pics of those pumpkins, and thanks for the update on Jordan, give him all the best from Australia - we need more heroes like him.

  34. Nice post thanks for sharing! God bless

  35. Thank you for the update on Jordan. It's so encouraging to see him doing well and staying positive!


  36. Soooo glad Jordan is doing well! If you see him again give him a big hug from me. So fun to go to the drive in. When my kids were little we went all the time. I don't think there's one open around here anymore. So sad. Mimi

  37. I must try your recipe for "Squash" it is so italian and looks very easy to do.

    Blessings to Jordan !

    Take care ;)

  38. Such pretty pictures, Marcia.
    That casserole looks delicious! I'm going to have to try that.
    Thank you for the update on Jordan. We'll keep praying for him and his family.

  39. I love pumpkin patches. Such a good photo opp with all that color and cuteness. Your squash looks delicious. I will try that. The parmesan makes my mouth water. LOL
    There aren't any Drive-in's around here, but we visited two of them when we were in the Riverside area. Took our grandkids to see Cars II. Such fun for kids...too bad there aren't many around anymore.
    Jordan looks great. Too bad he is having an unidentified bone problem. He will continue to be in my prayers.
    It's always good to catch up with you and your family.

  40. Hi Marcia,
    the pumkin field was great - the colors wonderful! It's amazing that you have such a warm weather, while we have qiut the oposit!

    I follow Jordan at FB and he really impresses me with his spirit! It's so good to see him with his son! I think of them and hope Jordan will soon be over the health issues and recovery!

    Thanks for the comment on "Snap Shot"! Yes, those buildings and that area are just beautiful, and I think I managed to take som pretty good photos! Even if my husband made it a bit difficult...!

    Hope you're all fine! Take care!

    Cathrine :-)

  41. Thank you for the update on Jordan my friend...
    What a sweet family you have...and just look at the sunshine...pure joy.

  42. Marcia- I couldn't find your email addy anywhere so I came back to your blog. Just so you know I am making a reference to Jordan on my blog tomorrow and I snagged the picture of him from your blog. I hope that is okay! xo Diana


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