Thursday, November 10, 2011

♥ Tea, Marshmallow Cookies, and Memories ♥

Cold weather has come to the desert, so my morning glass of iced tea 
is now a cup of hot tea. 

You might notice the little tea bag that says "Good Earth" tea. 
I'm sure there are plenty of you that enjoy this sweet treat,
but it means a little more to me than just a delicious cup of tea.

You see, it was nearly 28 years ago that I first met my hubby 
at "The Good Earth", a health food restaurant, popular in the 80's.
Yes, he was a cook and I was a waitress.
We were meant to be together, don't you think?
This was the tea that we served there.

Most of these restaurants were later changed over to "The Olive Garden"
(a completely different type of restaurant, but also a tasty favorite of ours), 
however, the delicious "Good Earth" tea is still sold.
It's a sentimental favorite around here :)
The aroma is *heavenly*. It always reminds me of when we were dating.

It tastes delicious with Marshmallow Coconut Cookies too :)

Have a blessed weekend!

An Update on Jordan:
Thank you all for your thoughtful comments for Jordan in my last post. 
They discovered that he had some type of infection (perhaps a fungus) 
so he had another surgery on Nov. 5th to take tissue and bone samples 
and put in antibiotic beads.
He's going into surgery again tomorrow. They will put a rod
coated with antibiotics into his femur bone. Then, in about 
8 weeks they will be taking the rod out. Hopefully that
will be his last surgery. He's been in quite a bit of pain, 
so please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Veterans Day has a more personal meaning to our family this year.
Thank you to all of those who have made freedom possible,
and thank you especially, Jordan.
We love you ♥


  1. Oh my gosh, Marcia, you know what is so funny? I just left a comment for someone and referred to the Good Earth. We have those restaurants here, but they're not anything like the Olive Garden. Their menu is super natural and really healthy foods...things that are quite different too. I love it there since I'm a vegetarian and they offer a lot of choices. Is that how it was when you worked there?

    My prayers go out to Jordan in hopes that his pain will resolve and that he'll continue to improve.

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend.

  2. Poor Jordan, he has been through so much, I hope this will get him on his way! I LOVE these there a recipe for them my friend? ;D

  3. I love Good Earth tea! My husband and I use to eat there all the time when we were first married. I think I always had the earth burger and of course, the iced tea! I'll be praying for Jordan.

  4. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.

  5. A great story, its nice how an everyday items has such sweet memories. Good news on Jordan, yes Vererans Day must mean more this year.

  6. looks so delicious!! what a great post :-) prayers for Jordan!!

  7. Nydelige bilder Marcia! Elsker te-koppen din :)¨

    Vil bare si at jeg følger med her på bloggen din, men får ikke alltid tid til å legge igjen kommentarer ;)

    Ha en fin weekend!

    Klemmer fra Merethe

  8. Marcia, I want you to thank Jordan for me! I will never meet him in person, but thank him and so many others for giving their time, lives, and their families for us. God bless him and his family.

  9. Yummy tea and OH so yummy cookies! My favorites:) Hope and pray that Jordan will get some relief from the pain and that the infection goes AWAY! Thank you Jordan for your sacrifice for our freedom!

    Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS and PRAYERS!

  10. * continuing in prayer for Jordan

    * The Good Earth .. been there
    plenty of times way back then. :o) and you're right, Good Earth tea is soo aromatic and delish. love that it brings sweet memories for you.

    * never heard of marshmallow coconut cookies! they're beautiful.

  11. I remember that restaurant, it was so good and what sweet memories indeed for you. :)
    I will be praying for Jordan and I hope that this is the last surgery for him too. Bless him and his and your family.

  12. My heart goes out to Jordan and your family, Marcia. I pray that the Lord will give grace and strength to get through.
    I'm thankful God gave us a sense of smell and taste to enjoy the memories they bring back!

  13. Lovely photos...the cookies look yummy! Praying for Jordan and that this last operation will be the key to his recovery. I thank him so much for his sacrifices and service to our country. God bless him and his family and you, Marcia, and your sweet family! Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Praying for Jordan and our veterans today.


    PS. I love Good Earth tea. And I think I would like it even more in that teacup!

  15. Hi Marcia, beautiful images to go with such lovely memories. I certainly don't mind visiting an Olive Garden when we are in the States, but I think I would like The Good Earth even more. Today I had ginger & mandarin tea and white tea. Our temps have also cooled down -- in fact, it was quite a shock when we stepped off the plane yesterday evening to find it breezy and cool. Sending healing wishes and blessings Jordan's way. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  16. Oh- We had a Good Earth restuarant here, too, but it was nothing like that one. It was all organic foods and was here in the 1980's also! Crazy, huh? I'd say you two were meant to be together. Now you are the waitress at the hubby's big banquet of life (yeah- I got one of those, too).

    Still praying for Jordan. I am so sorry that he has to keep suffering and that his healing has not been a smooth one. Give him a big old Nana hug for me when you see him! xo Diana

  17. What a sweet memory for you and your Russ, Marcia!

    And please also thank Jordan and his family for our family! We are so grateful for him and others that serve our country! Bless his heart....I will pray for him regarding this infection!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  18. What a sweet love story of you and your husband. Thanks for sharing with us. I've never tried that tea, but it sounds yummy. And the cookies look delicious!

    I hope all works out well for Jordan. I've thought of him often after reading your post.

    Have you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Praying for Jordan right now. Thanks to him for the sacrifices he has made for all of our Freedom!

    Your cookies, and tea, look delicious. Beautiful photos!!

    Enjoy the season, dear friend.


  20. Poor Jordan, he's been on quite a journey. I hope and pray that he will heal and that his pain will go away.

    The tea and marshmallow cookies makes a nice picture but I bet that they taste even better. Hugs, JB

  21. I enjoyed hearing how you and your hubby met. Your post is so pretty with the lovely teacup and the marshmallow cookies.
    I have a Jordan too. Sounds like your Jordan has had it pretty tough lately. I'll be praying for yours. Take care.


  22. I'll be over for a cup of tea and one of those delicious cookies. Jordan is in my prayers daily. Asking blessings on him and those who serve our country.

  23. The tea cup and tea photos are just great...the story behind it just priceless.

    All your photos are great

    Thanks for the update on Jordan...will remember him in our prayers...remember as in long term I know God is working, but the day to day is still journey.

  24. A friend recently gave me a box of Good Earth tea...I haven't tried it yet.

    Thanks for the update on Jordan...will pray this will be the last surgery.


  25. The food looks scrumptious! I think I may have to get up and bake something now. I think of Jordan often.

  26. Your tea cup is so pretty! It's amazing what smells do to our memories. Those cookies look yummy! We'll be praying for Jordan's recovery. Mimi

  27. Lovely teacup and cookies, beautiful photos too. Memories are sweet -- glad they still make the tea. Good to hear that Jordan has some answers and hopefully a remedy that will speed his recovery.

  28. I love your tea cup....and a nice hot cup of tea :-)

    Thank you for the update on Jordan! I'm praying for his full recovery, and for relief from his pain.

    We too, look at Veterans day in a whole new way, with much Thankfulness!


  29. That cup of tea with treats looks so lovely and even more special because of the memories!

    Thanks for the update on Jordan. Praying for his continuing recovery and truly hope that this will be his last surgery as well.

  30. I still have Jordan in my prayers. Yes, I think that you and your husband were meant to be together. What a wonderful story of your meeting. laurie


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