Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Singing the "SO MUCH" blues :)

Sometimes you have "those kind of " days. You know the ones. Where
you take the kids to the dentist and while you're waiting you casually mention
that there might be "something wrong" with one of your own teeth,
so they decide to take an x-ray...and it's NOT good news. It's the "You'll be
coming back for at least two more visits" kind of news. 

And of course you have an abnormal fear of sitting in the dental chair yourself
because you've spent "SO MUCH TIME" in that chair already in your life,
so now it's a "wondering if the time will come when they'll want to rip 
all the teeth out of your head, because you feel like you've been 
chewing on borrowed time already".... kind of day.

So you go home and decide to take some photos of the decorating
you've been doing to take your mind off of your fears, 
but for some reason your camera doesn't want to cooperate with you,
(maybe because it's been dropped a zillion times by the twins 
while making silly videos) 
so you borrow your daughter's camera, and you realize
that her's is "SO MUCH CLEARER" than yours, but you still can't seem 
to get the photos right, because you can't find your glasses and you
need them to see the photos. So now it's an "Oh no, does this mean cataract surgery
is in your future too?" kind of day

But then something unexpected happens! 
You realize that the jeans you put on belong to your teenage daughter, 
and now you feel "SO MUCH BETTER".
Suddenly it's an "all is right in your world" kind of day!!
(and your motivation to keep those extra pounds off just became crystal clear)

Yep, I have those kind of days too....
Aren't they wonderful? :)


  1. All of these feelings are familiar to me, except the one where I am delighted to find that I am wearing my daughter's jeans.

    Never gonna happen, I'm afraid!


  2. I'm glad your day ended on a good note! : )
    Your pictures are beautiful Marcia! I love your blue and white mantle!

  3. Hi Marcia,
    Well at least one of those days turned into a good one of those days.
    We all have them. LOL!

    Love your mantle. It's so sparkling beautiful.


  4. Your decorations are gorgeous, Marcia!

    I had one of those dental visits and I had a nurse anesthetist come in and put me on an IV so I wouldn't remember the pain. Yes, I did!

    The jeans thing? Muy excellente!!!!

  5. Sounds like a great day to me!


  6. Oh yes, I have those kinda days:) Mine yesterday was thermostat/heater issues! Seeing beyond the troubles is a true gift!

    Love ALL of your gorgeous decorations! Beautiful! Have a blessed day dear Marcia, HUGS!

  7. What a great blog you have....I just became a follower - love your style!

  8. Oh my goodness...that is sooooo me! SO dislike the dentist...SO can't see without my glasses to take photos...I can SO relate to your kind of day.
    Now my friend your home is looking amazing..love love your sweet colours. Hugs for a happy mid week day...mine is starting out so far so good...HUGs xoxoxo

  9. poor thing you .. seriously.
    on the adverse things anyway.
    the perk things make every
    little thing so much better!

    dental work.
    i'm up for another crown.
    making a total of 6 to date.
    need 2 more after that one.
    oh. joy. ... not.
    hm. i'm becoming oh so
    much more **royal** now.

    have a delightful day,

  10. A great post - I know where you're coming from!! I haven't been good at keeping off those ponds though!!
    Beautiful pictures - and as the last pic says 'PEACE'.
    Best wishes

  11. I've always had an irrational fear of dentists, so I don't go as often as I should. I had to go so often when I was young and one dentist really hurt me and I ended up with a locked jaw for a couple of months. So I completely understand how you feel.
    Love your Christmas decorations, they're beautiful!
    Have a great day!

  12. Your Christmas decorations are so beautiful! The colors are so peaceful and relaxing.
    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  13. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! And fitting into your daughter's jeans should make up for everything else that went wrong!!!

  14. Wonderful post! The pictures are beautiful...I have been seeing quite a bit of blue in Christmas this year...love it!!

  15. Lovely posts :) Lovely decorations :)

  16. Oh a good jeans fitting day puts everything in a jolly-er mood! I hate the dentist, so I do understand!!

  17. This is GORGEOUS, Marcia. I have to copy some of this for my beach room. Simply gorgeous.
    By the way, you had me 'til the jeans. ;)
    Much love!

  18. I wish I could fit in my girl's jeans. Size three though never fit even in highschool. But oh ya yeah for you and that would make my day totally.

  19. haha, I feel the same way about going to the dentist too. Okay, I agree, that no matter what happened in the day if I could get into my teenagers jeans the day would be the best ever. Way to go, that is so awesome!!!
    Well, I think all of your decorating is beautiful. We are supposed to have
    have a storm of the decade tomorrow. Do you think we will?
    We are having so much fog all day I am ready for it to be blown away.
    If it hits you hang on. It is pretty still here today.

  20. Sorry it wasn't a perfect day for you but at least one thing made you smile right? Your decorations are very pretty.


  21. I'll pass on the dentist kind of day but I'll definitely take the day where I can wear my teen daughters clothes!

  22. I don't much like dentists and I hate the bill even more.

    Congratulations on fitting in your daughter's jeans. I'm so small, I think that my daughters would love fitting in my jeans. lol.. JB

  23. Oh Marcia what a collection of serene snappies...with a scary story...giggle. I feel your pain...literally...had the last of three nasty fillings(massive, with posts)finished TODAY. I was frozen up to my eyebrow. But, I L I V E D through.Oh, I have put this visit off for far too long.
    You will too :)...Live through, that is.
    Yippee...doing the happy jean dance for you!
    Thanks for the chat...Rosie

  24. Yes, I definatly have those days, and I do realize that that some surprises are good, some are not! That is life in a nutshell!

    But your lovely pictures lights up any bad news, and I'm sure your teeth story ends well! :-)

    How nice that you enjoy my advent calendar!

    Have a lovely 1 December all of you!

    Cathrine :-)

  25. Beautiful, beautiful...you have such a touch with your decorating and then when you photograph them
    Enjoy the season with all of yours

  26. oh my I feel your pain....I have had the worst times at the dentist and have a horrible fear of that chair!!! I pray it all goes well for you and isnt too bad! the pictures are stunning!!!!!! LOVE the blue!!!! Is it windy up there, its the worst here I can ever remember!!!!

  27. Hi Marcia,
    Your Christmas decorating is gorgeous! Somehow it would make the dental pain fade in the background to be looking at this all day...:)

    I hope the dentist visits will pass quickly for you. I can totally relate, I have had a couple of gum surgeries already..:/ And my vision sure isn't 20/20 anymore. Aging isn't for sissies, and I am young by many standards!! :) Congrats on your weight loss!! I think as women, we are always beating our selves up on that issue. I hope you can enjoy the holidays, enjoy those sweets in moderation...and have some peace in the process of it all. Enjoy the Season, dear friend!!


  28. Hi Marcia,
    I'm with you about the going to the dentist! Not my favorite place to be...even though we have a great dentist.

    I love your photos, your Christmas decorations are beautiful! I enjoyed them so much. Thank you for sharing them.

    Have a lovely evening. :)

  29. I totally understand sometimes it can be like the weather four changers in one day. I have just found your lovely blog and now following you in hope that we can keep in touch, if you find a spare minute come and visit me one day and follow if you like, nice to find new friends. I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Always Wendy

  30. First, the photos are beautiful, pinning for sure!

    Second, I've had similar days, just never one that ended with the jean thing! Maybe one day though!

  31. Lovely photos, love the blue and silver decorations, love the mantle
    really really do not like the dentist!

    Best wishes


  32. Great post, Marcia! Love your photos! I'm really loving blue and silver right now! Congrats on losing some weight!

  33. I smiled , I laughed, I giggled!
    Great one!

  34. I love your blog!! So beautiful, thanks for stopping by and following!! I have these kinda days all the time!!!

  35. Marcia...if I could fit into my daughter's jeans I would be singing hallelujiah all day long
    (did I spell that right?)

  36. Oh dear Marcia! What a day. It's funny how we panic over the dentist. We go to extreme measures to 'avoid' the dentist! But your decorations are wonderful! So beautiful..all that white! I love it. Everything looks so pretty!

  37. The blue and white is elegant and just lovely! I am hosting my first ever link party this weekend and I would love it if you popped over to link up some of your cutie stuff!

    Thanks, Kim


  38. No way!!!! Your daughter's jeans....???? Seriously???? Are you going to share your diet secrets, Marcia...??? Please??? :) I'm loving your white and blue Christmas decor, sweetie. Sooooo pretty! Oh, and I pray that your dental issues end up being no issue at all. :)

    xoxo laurie

  39. You've a bit of "sweet" and a bit of "salty" on this particular day.
    But fitting into your daughter's jeans trumps most bad things. No one hates dental work more than I do, so "I feel your pain". Hope it's an easier fix than you're thinking it will be. Good luck!


  40. Wow what a display! and loved the story of your day.....I think we all experience the highs and lows all in a 24 hr span.
    Congrats on the weight loss.


  41. Hi! I'm a new follower from the mantel party. I just love your color scheme and adore anything with a nod towards the ocean. This is ao pretty! Thank you for the inspiration! Merry Christmas! xo, Leena

  42. Very pretty and festive. Love how calming your mantel looks. So glad your day got better & congrats on the weight loss, that always makes us ladies feel better.
    I found your blog from the mantel link party and am a new follower.

  43. how funny! it's amazing what a skinny day can do for you, lol. love the color combo you used!

  44. heehee I suppose you've been to the dentist by now? Hope the news wasn't as bad as you expected! ::Jill

  45. What a beautiful post. Adore your photos, and your blog.


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