Thursday, June 28, 2012

♥ Wedding Day ♥

The wedding was wonderful!! The bride was beautiful, the groom was giddy,
and we all had a great time. Their mutual love for God and each other was apparent to everyone that attended. I wish I'd taken more photos, but I'll share the few I did take. I'm glad they had a couple of professional photographers there to record their special day. This one is from McKenna Pendergrass Photography, a wonderful photographer and dear friend of our family. 
And in case you're wondering, 
yes, they really looked like this all day :) 

Randy and Sarah are planning to move
to So. Korea for a year to teach, so the wedding had a "travel" theme.

This was the table that greeted you as you walked up. Gifts were placed here,

along with a place to leave love letters for the bride and groom. 

They were married at 1000 Pines Christian Camp,
(where my older son works) :) It was such a beautiful setting, and the weather was perfect!

Sarah and her talented family created the tabletop decorations and all of the delicious food.

The sign that greeted you as you entered the chapel :)

The beautiful couple (I'm not a bit partial, either), lol.

Getting ready to cut the cake...which was delicious carrot cake. 

My oldest son and best man, making a toast to his brother and his new bride,
There were tears for this (yes, he made his mama cry)
there were even a few from the groom, I believe :)

I just had to share this photo because it was so cute. This is Sarah's niece with her
daddy. She and her sister were the flower girls. Isn't she adorable?

We were a little windblown, but very proud parents.
(and now you know why one son has dark hair and the other is blonde) .

We are so blessed to add Sarah to our family as our new daughter-in-love.
Many thanks to her wonderful family for all of the work they did
to make this day so special for the happy couple. 


  1. Oh congratulations...I only have one married, but that first son was such a wonderful blessing...and the new daughter-in-law. This is just wonderful from beginning to end...and blessings as you all transition to this new journey.

  2. Congratulations...I know exactly how you feel right now....looks like a beautiful wedding!

  3. Thanks you for letting me have a peek at such a special day. The decor was darling...and the couple so beautiful! What a marvelous celebration of love! Congratulations to all!

  4. Congratulations on your new daughter-in-law! Pictures look lovely...they look in love!

  5. Oh,Marcia- Congratulations! What a beautiful couple they make! They are both just beaming...and so are you and hubby! You are gorgeous, too!!!! The wedding looks like a wonderful affair. I love intimate weddings like this one- xo Diana

  6. Dtr in loves are a wonderful addition aren't they! What a beautiful and creative wedding.

    I love the blonde hair/dark hair. They take after both of you so you have the best of both you in your children. So sweet~


  7. Marcia!

    How wonderful! i love how personal the wedding was...everything was so neat.

    Beautiful couple and beautiful parents of the groom too. Looks like a very special day.

    My daughters have a friend who is teaching this year in So. Korea.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!


  8. Oh my what a beautiful couple!
    Such fun & creative couple! I wish them Gods many blessings as they start their new life together!

  9. They are a beautiful couple! Congratulations to all! Mimi

  10. What a precious time it must have been for all. Yes, I can see why one son is blonde and the other dark - yet both handsome.

  11. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am so glad to see you, Marcia!!!
    Wedding!!! They look so happy!!!

  12. I am so glad to see you, Marcia!!!
    THEY look so happy ))))))))))))))))))
    Congratulations to all!

  13. Many Congratulations to you and your family.
    May the new couple have a bright, prosperous and blessed beautiful future ahead.
    The wedding looks picture perfect.
    A sweet little token for the couple from my side shared here

    I hope the couple likes it.
    Once again many congratulations.
    Warmest regards,

  14. What a beautiful day! And a beautiful couple! I love that Sarah and her family used glass jars, bottles and cans for the table settings. And made all the food. So lovely and creative! Congrats and best wishes to everyone. Tammy

  15. What a great party !!...congratulations love love

  16. I love that your son was giddy. And the weather could not have cooperated more for all of the outdoor activities. Awesome!

    They are a lovely couple. Wishing them the very best.

  17. everything looks beautiful glad you captured so many wonderful is a great setting - simple and natural

    you two are a very young looking couple! I am sure that is from your positivity and faith!!
    Anne Marie

  18. It looks like a beautiful day. I am so happy that you have a daughter in love now.
    It is a new phase but one filled with such joy I think.
    You look beautiful too and you don't look old enough for a married son. :)
    I loved your pictures, It would be nice to see some more too.

  19. Congratulations, Maria! I'm so happy for your son and his new bride! The pictures are beautiful and everything looks like it was a perfect day for a wedding!

  20. Oh Marcia,
    It almost made me cry!
    A wedding to love...what tears of joy. Your son and his new bride look adorable together.

    Blessings to the beautiful couple, and to your beautiful family!

    Thank you for your visit, it means more than you know :)

  21. congratulations folks and have a wonderful life together. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,pa

  22. Beautiful family and wedding!!

    Congratulations to everyone...:) May God continue to guide their path with His love!!

    Happy Friday!!


  23. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. What a special day. I think everyone should be married on a sunny, Summer's day! Love it. They are a beautiful couple!! And you and your hubs looked wonderful too. Much happiness to the newlyweds and all the extended family!

  24. Hi Marcia,
    Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding, a beautiful couple and a beautiful day!
    Oh, and Mother of the groom looks beautiful too!
    I love the fact that there is such a unique look to this wedding, so fun!

  25. Such a beautiful wedding. I love the way they decorated everything. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  26. Beautiful wedding.
    Beautiful couple.
    Beautiful parents, too!


  27. What wonderful photos! They make a lovely couple. Congratulations to your whole family!! :)

  28. What fun....I adore weddings and this one looks amazing with some really sweet ideas. Hugs to you my friend. xoxo

  29. Oh my goodness... beautiful wedding! Loved the setting, a great place for a great start to a long marriage:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  30. I love weddings, and looking at these photo's made my heart melt! Congrats to the happy new Mr. & Mrs! Much happiness and love to both of them!

  31. This is a beautiful post! Everything looked so wonderful and unique! Congrats to the happy couple! So glad you shared this celebration with us. :)

  32. Everything looked gorgeous. I'm so happy for your growing family! xo

  33. Oh Marcia, congratulations! I am SO happy for your son and new daughter-in-law, and for you and the rest of your family! They are such a beautiful, sweet couple, and it is obvious how much they adore each other! Thank you for sharing a bit of this special day with us! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  34. what a lovely celebration ♥
    i adore every detail in the pictures and am so delighted for the happy couple and your families. precious in every way.


  35. Oh my! No wonder you have been missing lately. Beautiful couple indeed and they look so happy. The venue for the wedding is great. Loved looking at all the decorations. Certainly creative and one of a kind. I scrolled over and over not to miss a detail. Sweet little flower girl.
    The first of many weddings for you. You and hubby look so good.
    Great catching up with whats going on with you.

  36. What a beautiful couple and a beautiful day! Much happiness and good health. Thanks so much for sharing the photos. Love them!

  37. What a beautiful couple and beautiful wedding!

    Congratulations to you all! :)


  38. Such a blessing to see these photos. May God bless their marriage beyond measure.

  39. Congratulations to the bride and groom! What a blessing to be married and willing to go to the mission field to serve Christ so soon. I love their theme.

  40. beautiful! thanks for sharing blessings

  41. Congratulations, Marcia! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of your son's wedding! I love all the personal and creative decorative touches! I wish them all the best and many blessings!

  42. Yay! Looks like the perfect day. So happy for you and your family:)


  43. Awww congrats. Beautiful!

  44. Awww congrats. Beautiful!

  45. Oh Marcia! So so lovely!
    What a wonderful day for your family- truly they are a beautiful couple and may they know God's richest blessing in the new life together!

  46. Hello Mom! :) ( i like that! )

    Just read your post... :) It was nice to remember how wonderful that day was! Randy and i were talking this morning how crazy it was that we've only been married for 6 weeks... it seems like a lot longer than that! :)

    I'm blessed to be married to your wonderful son... and so thankful to be apart of the Murphey clan!

  47. Aww what a beautiful couple! Looks like it was a perfect day, with gorgeous weather too. Love the decorations and setting. Congrats on gaining a daughter-in-law and congrats to the happy couple :)

  48. Wow Marcia, what a milestone for you. It looks like it was a beautiful day, and I especially love the theme.x

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  50. Belated CONGRATULATIONS! What a precious couple. Don't you love it when couples like this get married and you just know they are starting out on the right foot? I can tell they did just that. My daughter got married last year and their marriage has blessed us all as well. Again, congratulations. By the way, you and your hubby look like you could be newlyweds!


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