Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lazy...um..Busy Summer Days :)

It's been a busy month here in So.Cal. so I just thought I'd share this calming 
sunset shot for the first photo...you know me and the beach ;)

Thank  you all for the sweet comments on the wedding and well wishes for
the newlyweds. You are all so kind!
The twins headed to camp the week after the wedding.
I'm not sure if he's hiding or trying to sleep...but evidence of them 
having fun showed up on my oldest son's Facebook page :) 
(He works at the camp)

They arrived home and a couple of days later, Micaela left for Hawaii
to once again spend a week working with the homeless and 

Then we attended a wedding in Long Beach and got to see my cousins
and their families. 

We celebrated Randy and Sarah's birthdays the night before they left for
So. Korea. Sarah's was the next day, and Randy's was a week later.

Micaela returned from Hawaii on the redeye flight, arriving at LAX
around 6 am. The whole group arrived back here in the desert around
8 am, and after picking her up at the church, we headed BACK
down to LAX to see Randy and Sarah off to So. Korea. 
Yep, same day :)
Micaela was a trooper...she could've stayed home, but wanted to
go with us.
Waiting for their flight at LAX International Airport.
That's Sarah's parents with us.
There were hugs...

Lots of hugs...

Smiles :)

And even a few tears, lol... Mom's are allowed to cry, aren't we? :)

My hubby and I have been walking...alot. He's lost 20 pounds :)
I've been able to keep off the weight I lost last year, 
and we're enjoying spending our evenings together,
walking around the neighborhood.

We get to see alot of these too :)
desert sunsets are beautiful...

This was the sunset we saw recently as we turned back onto our little street.
Aren't we blessed?

We've had another birthday too...my twins turned 12!
How can that be?

Life is busy in our household, lol.

I hope you're all enjoying your summer too my blogging friends!
I'm starting to visit all of you again. I think things have finally slowed down.
Glad to be back in blogland. Say 'hi' if you get a chance :)


  1. You have had a very busy summer. It's all good though. :) I can't believe your twins turned 12!! Time goes by so fast and this summer has been one of those.
    It is nice to see you. :) I have one more year of home schooling. This is my last year. I should have kept having babies. :) My grands start school this year though and the mommas will be teaching them at home. :) Life marches on.

  2. Oh-Marcia- I wondered where you were and then figured you were busy. I can see that I am right. You certainly have a beautiful family AND beautiful sunsets! Enjoy every last minute of your summer. Congrats on you and hubster walking every night- Great job! xo Diana

  3. Boy, you have been a busy lady and a busy family. Loved seeing your pictures and reading what's going on in your life. Blessings to you.

  4. Wow! I have missed so much of what's going on with you! The wedding was positively beautiful. :) And what a lovely couple!
    Both of us have had busy summers but I think that momentous event tops anything I've experienced this summer, without a doubt. :)
    Love your sunset pics, too. And happy birthday to your twins! Such handsome young men. :)

  5. I loved catching up with you Marcia! Such wonderful family and wonderful happenings! And my what a beautiful sunset! We are enjoying sunsets every evening with our bike rides, but my those are beautiful!!!


  6. WOW!!
    You have been busy...
    Lovely pics of everybody and how neat to read she went to Hawaii...My Grandpa fought there and he was able to go on a trip 3 years ago...When he turned 80 last fall...just take a geuss at what his theme was??:):):)
    Such pretty sunsets>>How is Jordan?
    God bless~

  7. Enjoy life darling...beautiful heartwarming post ...love love love Ria...xxx...

  8. Hi from Georgia! Love seeing all of the pictures from your Summer goings and comings:) GORGEOUS skies! I have a huge LOVE for the pretty skies! Have a blessed day and welcome back! HUGS!

  9. It sounds like you've barely been able to sit!
    All in a good way though!
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!
    God bless

  10. ... and in the midst of your busy summer, blessings abounded. lovely pictures of sunsets, faces, and love. :o)

  11. I have missed you!

    Your beautiful family has had quite the summer!

    Your beach photo and the sunset photo are stunning! Those are the things I miss about California.

    Have a great day, Marcia!


  12. Lovely family. Lovely sunsets. And life sure sounds busy for you. Just like it does for mothers. Doing this and then doing that and doing everything.

  13. It's been great to see your wonderful photos of your beautiful family! I can see you've been very busy.
    I never tire of seeing sunset photos, yours is awesome! And, I must add that you are a beauty even with tears!!
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  14. Your blog revamp looks fantastic and it looks like your life is busier than ever! Congrats on the weddings and your photos are beautiful. With your family how could they not be!?

  15. Hi Marcia, I can see why you've been so busy. Lots going on and lots of life changes. Best wishes to Sarah and Randy. Teaching in So. Korea should be a wonderful experience for them. You still have those 12 year old boys to keep you on your toes. My boys will be 17 and 14 in October -- hard for me to believe. Where does the time go? Gorgeous sunsets where you are! I've started walking a little bit each day -- hot as heck out there, but I do what I can. You look great and congrats to hubby on losing weight. Take care! Best wishes, Tammy

  16. You've been so busy! Enjoy it because soon they'll all have flown the nest and things slow down a bit til they bring home the grandchildren! Beautiful sunset! Mimi

  17. What a gorgeous sunset photo!

    My goodness you have been busy! I don't think I could have made two trips to the airport in the same day!

  18. These are lovely pics of your family! I can understand those tears at the airport. It does look like you've had a busy summer and a lot of fun with your family. I remember my baby boy turning twelve. :) He just turned sixteen this past June and now he's driving himself around. :(
    You are your hubby are such a beautiful couple. Hubby and I have been walking daily together and I so love it! Your sunsets are made up of the most beautiful colors! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Wow! You have had a busy summer. But it looks like a very nice on making wonderful memories. Happy Birthday to those kiddos!

  20. LOVE the sunset!! We miss the beaches in Cali and the mountains :-)

    What a beautiful family you have. And YES Mama's are allowed to cry ANY TIME THEY WANT "-) haha!

    Glad you're back~


  21. How do I miss all of those desert sunsets? I think our house must face the wrong way! ::Jill

  22. Wow...you have had a very busy summer..you family is so darling. Why are the sunsets so amazing in California? Us moms are all alike...my tears flow very easily. xoxoxo Hugs

  23. Ohh! I miss my family. We only have a chance to complete and get together during Christmas holiday because of busy working everyone.
    It's a great feeling being together with the family :)

  24. Hi Marcia,
    Your life has been busy! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful photos. My husband and I plan to start walking in the evenings once the weather gets a bit cooler. Enjoy the rest of the summer. So thankful you are all doing well! :)

  25. Happy to hear you're having such a wonderful summer. Busy with a bit of lazy mixed in sounds perfect. You ARE very blessed to live near the ocean ~ gorgeous pictures!


  26. Wow you really have had a lot going on. You look like you have such a sweet family!

  27. Wowee what a busy, blessed summer you have had. It all looks good. Lots of love and laughter and sweet tears too, and yes you are definitely allowed. Have a great weekend.

  28. After seeing your son's beautiful wedding post, I figured you must be busy. Thought you might have gone on a trip afterwards. Wow, you and your sweet family have been busy. Many prayers for your son and DIL as they start their life serving in Korea. Your boys are twelve already.
    We were in Adelanto for two weeks sometime after your wedding. I e-mailed you, but since I didn't hear back figured you were out of town. Didn't see a sunset like that while we were in the desert, but then I didn't poke my head outside more than necessary. It was 113 the day we got there.
    As you settle in to fall, hope to find you posting again. Love seeing and keeping up with your sweet family.

  29. Hello dear, how long!
    I just came to leave a hug and say I miss.
    Have a blessed weekend.


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