Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow Arrives in Southern California :-)

  Yes, the little flowers I showed you just a few days ago 
are now covered in a blanket of the white stuff.
 We're so thrilled! We don't get lots of snow around here 
so we're pretty excited whenever it arrives.
 It's snowing still :-)
We haven't even taken down our outdoor decorations. 
Tomorrow will definitely be a snow day around here. It arrived in early evening, 
so the kids didn't get to do much playing in it. 
My daughter got creative though :-)
Now I'm off to bed....because my twins will be up bright and early!


  1. hi.
    so beautiful,
    we will have 40cm with snow this week,Im not happy, we got enough snow.
    have a beautiful 1 week in 2011.
    hug from sylvia

  2. Hi Marcia,
    how wonderful and fun for you! Happy New Year - hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Now we have a brand new year a head of us, and it will be exiting to see how it turns out! I love to follow you in the new year and are greatful for our friendship!

    Cathrine :-)

    Ps. As Sylvia says we have a lot of snow these days and more are expected in the week to come!

  3. Everything looks so pretty!! enjoy and I LOVE the name in the clever...I might have to steal that idea! ha we're waiting for our snow to come!have a great week!

  4. I have sent a bit of snow your way! I see it has arrived!

    Happy New Year, Marcia

  5. Happy New Year, Marcia!!! Thank you so much for your friendship and encouragement during this year. I have experienced, through this first blog year, and outpouring of so much love and encouragement. An unexpected Blessing!!!
    Have a Bright and Hopeful new Beginning in this New Year!!!

  6. Finally! I am sure your twins are raring to go!


  7. Oh Marcia, I'm so glad you finally got some snow!! It is very beautiful... bundle up and head out in it for some fun!!
    (Don't forget to make some snow cream! YUMMY)

  8. Yay, I'm so glad you got snow! It's so pretty!! Nice way for you to start the New Year!!

  9. I've been seeing pictures from family there. Amazing isn't it :-)

    So beautiful! Have fun with your snow day :-)


  10. We're still waiting for snow here in S. Arkansas! Love your photos! Have find in the snow!

  11. See...wishes do come true!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  12. Snow is such a lovely gift of winter! Glad you have some too! We still have snow on the ground from our squall last week, it's been so pretty, very cold but sunny and beautiful! Enjoy!

  13. How exciting! That is so awesome. Care to send some up here? :)

  14. Oh the flowers! The snow does look really pretty though. You have more than we do here in Michigan, it all melted last week! Have a wonderful snow day!!!! Stay warm! :)

  15. Snow, snow... wonderful snow! I love seeing snow pictures! We only get snow here about every 10-15 years... we're about due, but no luck. Every winter, my kids wonder if this will be the year we get snow. The last time was when my oldest was 2 (she's 13 now).
    Have a great day playing in the snow, my friend!
    Jo :)

  16. I just heard that today on the news. Weird we have only mud now.....aren't we suppose to get all the snow???lol
    Enjoy it! and don't forget to make snow angels!

  17. Marcia, I haven't visited in a while and can't believe that you have snow. I'm socked in here with -21C (feels like -30 C) weather and the snow is all around. I always imagine California with palm trees and beaches. Guess you're just like us up North - snowed in. Hope you all enjoyed your day and hope that the snow doesn't last too long. You do get tired of it after awhile. (I know hard to believe).

  18. So glad you got snow! It snowed all around us but not here. It was cold enough I am sure. Today is gorgeous though. I do like sunshine. So glad your boys got to play in some anyway.

  19. How fun for you--- NOT so fun for us in the Midwest. Should you want MORE snow just say the word and I will start the semi-trailer rolling your way.

    Have fun playing in the snow with the kids tomorrow- Hugs- Diana


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